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Heroes Theories: Adam Monroe, the Virus and Series of Eight

More Heroes theories, but really is anyone surprised at all? Didn't think so. Spoilers up to "The Line", and no further spoilerage for anything of upcoming episodes.

Adam Monroe, Peter Petrelli and The Company Connection

From the last episode we'd gotten a new name, Adam Monroe. This Adam Monroe obviously poses a threat to the Company, as Bob had mentioned to Mohinder about why they're using the virus for their own purposes. There's also the mysterious connection between Adam and Peter from the note he left him inside the Montreal warehouse.

Judging from the note Adam left Peter, saying: "We were right about The Company. The World is in danger. It's up to Us" suggests that they knew each other before, possibly during those passed four months. Again adding more convincing evidence to my previous theory that Peter was taken into the Company after he exploded, and another reason why he's still alive; presumed dead, nobody would ever think to look into them with Peter in their hands. But I also think that perhaps Adam and Peter were either there together or Adam was part of the Company before turning on them. Either way, Adam is considered a threat to that organization and apparently knows Peter and wants to join together to basically "save the world". Adam could be that kind of vigilante who knows what the Company is capable of and wants to stop them at any cost. Though this is confusing because of what happened to Peter, his memory being lost and being shipped cargo. Either the Company did this or Adam did, hence the connection with the painting, the note and Peter discovering what's going to happen in the future if they don't stop it.

Of course, this could also be turned the opposite way, that Adam is one of the baddies this season and has alternative plans for the future. Tempting Peter with this "us against them" notice, leading him to think he's doing something good. With the memory loss he holds no threat, to either Adam's intentions or the Company's. Right now, everything is up for speculation which may seem farfetched.

The Virus and Possible Pandemic Outbreak

Last season we were introduced to the virus known as the Shanti Virus, named after Mohinder's sister since she was the only person with abilities to have been infected and recorded with such a deadly disease. We know that the virus is the biggest plotpoints of this season, aside from the Older Generation plotline, and how it works regarding it infecting those with special abilities and, given the Company's vague intentions regarding it, they seem to want to use an alternation version of this virus for their own purposes. And apparently, from the vision of the possible future seen, an outbreak of this potential virus may start to spread.

So far the virus can only affect individuals with the specific genetic marker, being those who have special abilities. But if the Company can create an alternation of the virus, stripping people of their abilities or experimenting on others with it, who knows what other possibilities are in store. Some people have theorized that because of Mohinder smashing the cabinet with the different variations of the alternated virus that he might've created that possible outbreak seen, but I don't think that's the case here. The virus has not been considered to be airbourne, if it were such a threat it would've been contained inside a better secured facility for protection. No, I believe it has to be injected or within a person's body/bloodstream in order to take effect. However, the Company seems to have very high plans for this variation of the virus. Mohinder's words to Bob when he was objecting to the idea of using Monica as a test subject for it, he mentioned that using such a variation could lead to disasterous consequences, that it could eventually spread to others besides those with abilities and create a pandemic that would be considered not curable.

I do have a theory that perhaps the Company had created the virus in the first place. It would make sense considering the Group of Twelve had their personal agendas for saving the world, making a difference, and perhaps something they experimented with went incredibly wrong and thus the virus was born, possibly the motive for splitting up the group. If according to sources are correct, Shanti was the first case recorded to have developed this virus -- meaning that otherwise, no other person had it. So she could've been the first one they experimented on. I don't know how accurate the timeline would be to consist with the Group splitting up, but it does make me wonder how the Company knows about Shanti's illness and how she died (aside from the fact that they know possibly everything, only to an extent of course).

Either the virus is just a natural progression of evolution or man-created, it's potentially a threat that could cause the fate of the world much harm. Especially if there are different variations created that could not only infect those with abilities, but spread to those unspecials too, causing a worldwide pandemic.

HRG may not have the faintest idea what the remaining series of eight paintings mean, and neither do we obviously. But I have some theories regarding what they show and what the future possibly holds if these come true or how they can be prevented. Let's break it down, picture-by-picture shall we?

Painting 3/8

This could be the handling of the virus, not from the previous episode but someone else experimenting with it. Bob possibly on another patient, which judging from his intentions he seems to want to use it and why ask Mohinder to do it on Monica himself is kind of sketchy to me. Without much context in the painting there really isn't much to go on it.

Painting 4/8

Pictured here is a blonde banging on a door/wall. Again, not much context and I'm trying to decipher which particular blonde this could be: Elle, Claire, or Niki/Jessica. I have my suspicions it might be Niki/Jessica, one or the other trapped behind either the mirror image or perhaps just trapped -- or not trapped at all, maybe it's the superstrength and we're just seeing the beginning. There's also the possibility of it being Claire, that after all her naive trusting in West might lead her down a dangerous path. Elle is still possible too, though why would she be pounding if she could just electrically zap her way out? Hmmm, another one that's leaving me going in different directions.

Painting 5/8

Obviously not a clear wide shot but that's no doubt Peter looking either worried or puzzled, and the other guy next to him is someone undistinguishable, but looks dark and possibly sinister. I predict this could be for the next episode, when he and Caitlin had transported themselves to the Pandemic Future.

Painting 6/8

Here's an obvious one: Hiro and Kensei are duking it out.

Painting 7/8

Mohinder, with a gun. And yes, that's him with a patched up broken nose and I shall say this: OMG, POOR MO'S NOSE! They motherfucking BROKE MOHINDER'S NOSE those BASTARDS! *ahem* Sorry, but nobody breaks that gorgeous face of his, nobody! Rough him up a little, sure. Have him become someone's buttmonkey pet bitch, certainly. But to damage anything on that man, nose or not, is clearly unacceptable. So, what were we talking about? Oh that's right, the meaning of the paintings.

Judging from the expression on his face, he looks awfully ticked and I mean, pissed off. Obviously he had to be after just freshly shooting off a gun like that, but whatever the conext is, I'm sure it's not this....

Painting 8/8

HRG's supposed death. Some have speculated already that from the Mohinder shooting the gun from the seventh painting will automatically lead to this final one. But from what we know of Isaac's paintings, although they do tell the story, they aren't connected from one to another like his comics. Instead these paintings are detailing what is going to happen without it going in direct order. Mohinder wouldn't be shooting HRG, it doesn't make any sense.

Again with this 8/8 painting, that's Claire quite clearly, either smooching off of West or trying to get to her daddy but West (or some dark-cladded stranger) is stopping her. But of course, we know that these paintings can be highly misleading. Remember the one with Peter in front of Claire's school in S1, when it predicted he was going to die, and he did but...didn't? Well, this could be the same thing. And the explosion in NYC that Isaac had predicted several times had been prevented, so there's a possibility that this painting is either twisting of the truth or can be preventable. Either way all I know is this: HRG better NOT die though, that's all I know or else I'LL have to shoot a bitch down myself.

So that's about it for me and this section. More to come after this upcoming Monday's episode, you can count on it. Now due to being somewhat catching a slight cold I now have to go eat some warm soup, possibly place some heat in the fireplace because it's getting colder up in here, and just lounge on this incredibly slow-going Saturday. Even more slow-going in LJ world because almost everyone is either doing their RL business or doing the NaNoWriMo. Which means it'll be quiet for nearly a month and some, if my predictions are right.
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