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03 November 2007 @ 02:19 pm
Heroes Theories: Adam Monroe, the Virus and Series of Eight  
More Heroes theories, but really is anyone surprised at all? Didn't think so. Spoilers up to "The Line", and no further spoilerage for anything of upcoming episodes.

Adam Monroe, Peter Petrelli and The Company Connection

From the last episode we'd gotten a new name, Adam Monroe. This Adam Monroe obviously poses a threat to the Company, as Bob had mentioned to Mohinder about why they're using the virus for their own purposes. There's also the mysterious connection between Adam and Peter from the note he left him inside the Montreal warehouse.

Judging from the note Adam left Peter, saying: "We were right about The Company. The World is in danger. It's up to Us" suggests that they knew each other before, possibly during those passed four months. Again adding more convincing evidence to my previous theory that Peter was taken into the Company after he exploded, and another reason why he's still alive; presumed dead, nobody would ever think to look into them with Peter in their hands. But I also think that perhaps Adam and Peter were either there together or Adam was part of the Company before turning on them. Either way, Adam is considered a threat to that organization and apparently knows Peter and wants to join together to basically "save the world". Adam could be that kind of vigilante who knows what the Company is capable of and wants to stop them at any cost. Though this is confusing because of what happened to Peter, his memory being lost and being shipped cargo. Either the Company did this or Adam did, hence the connection with the painting, the note and Peter discovering what's going to happen in the future if they don't stop it.

Of course, this could also be turned the opposite way, that Adam is one of the baddies this season and has alternative plans for the future. Tempting Peter with this "us against them" notice, leading him to think he's doing something good. With the memory loss he holds no threat, to either Adam's intentions or the Company's. Right now, everything is up for speculation which may seem farfetched.

The Virus and Possible Pandemic Outbreak

Last season we were introduced to the virus known as the Shanti Virus, named after Mohinder's sister since she was the only person with abilities to have been infected and recorded with such a deadly disease. We know that the virus is the biggest plotpoints of this season, aside from the Older Generation plotline, and how it works regarding it infecting those with special abilities and, given the Company's vague intentions regarding it, they seem to want to use an alternation version of this virus for their own purposes. And apparently, from the vision of the possible future seen, an outbreak of this potential virus may start to spread.

So far the virus can only affect individuals with the specific genetic marker, being those who have special abilities. But if the Company can create an alternation of the virus, stripping people of their abilities or experimenting on others with it, who knows what other possibilities are in store. Some people have theorized that because of Mohinder smashing the cabinet with the different variations of the alternated virus that he might've created that possible outbreak seen, but I don't think that's the case here. The virus has not been considered to be airbourne, if it were such a threat it would've been contained inside a better secured facility for protection. No, I believe it has to be injected or within a person's body/bloodstream in order to take effect. However, the Company seems to have very high plans for this variation of the virus. Mohinder's words to Bob when he was objecting to the idea of using Monica as a test subject for it, he mentioned that using such a variation could lead to disasterous consequences, that it could eventually spread to others besides those with abilities and create a pandemic that would be considered not curable.

I do have a theory that perhaps the Company had created the virus in the first place. It would make sense considering the Group of Twelve had their personal agendas for saving the world, making a difference, and perhaps something they experimented with went incredibly wrong and thus the virus was born, possibly the motive for splitting up the group. If according to sources are correct, Shanti was the first case recorded to have developed this virus -- meaning that otherwise, no other person had it. So she could've been the first one they experimented on. I don't know how accurate the timeline would be to consist with the Group splitting up, but it does make me wonder how the Company knows about Shanti's illness and how she died (aside from the fact that they know possibly everything, only to an extent of course).

Either the virus is just a natural progression of evolution or man-created, it's potentially a threat that could cause the fate of the world much harm. Especially if there are different variations created that could not only infect those with abilities, but spread to those unspecials too, causing a worldwide pandemic.

HRG may not have the faintest idea what the remaining series of eight paintings mean, and neither do we obviously. But I have some theories regarding what they show and what the future possibly holds if these come true or how they can be prevented. Let's break it down, picture-by-picture shall we?

Painting 3/8

This could be the handling of the virus, not from the previous episode but someone else experimenting with it. Bob possibly on another patient, which judging from his intentions he seems to want to use it and why ask Mohinder to do it on Monica himself is kind of sketchy to me. Without much context in the painting there really isn't much to go on it.

Painting 4/8

Pictured here is a blonde banging on a door/wall. Again, not much context and I'm trying to decipher which particular blonde this could be: Elle, Claire, or Niki/Jessica. I have my suspicions it might be Niki/Jessica, one or the other trapped behind either the mirror image or perhaps just trapped -- or not trapped at all, maybe it's the superstrength and we're just seeing the beginning. There's also the possibility of it being Claire, that after all her naive trusting in West might lead her down a dangerous path. Elle is still possible too, though why would she be pounding if she could just electrically zap her way out? Hmmm, another one that's leaving me going in different directions.

Painting 5/8

Obviously not a clear wide shot but that's no doubt Peter looking either worried or puzzled, and the other guy next to him is someone undistinguishable, but looks dark and possibly sinister. I predict this could be for the next episode, when he and Caitlin had transported themselves to the Pandemic Future.

Painting 6/8

Here's an obvious one: Hiro and Kensei are duking it out.

Painting 7/8

Mohinder, with a gun. And yes, that's him with a patched up broken nose and I shall say this: OMG, POOR MO'S NOSE! They motherfucking BROKE MOHINDER'S NOSE those BASTARDS! *ahem* Sorry, but nobody breaks that gorgeous face of his, nobody! Rough him up a little, sure. Have him become someone's buttmonkey pet bitch, certainly. But to damage anything on that man, nose or not, is clearly unacceptable. So, what were we talking about? Oh that's right, the meaning of the paintings.

Judging from the expression on his face, he looks awfully ticked and I mean, pissed off. Obviously he had to be after just freshly shooting off a gun like that, but whatever the conext is, I'm sure it's not this....

Painting 8/8

HRG's supposed death. Some have speculated already that from the Mohinder shooting the gun from the seventh painting will automatically lead to this final one. But from what we know of Isaac's paintings, although they do tell the story, they aren't connected from one to another like his comics. Instead these paintings are detailing what is going to happen without it going in direct order. Mohinder wouldn't be shooting HRG, it doesn't make any sense.

Again with this 8/8 painting, that's Claire quite clearly, either smooching off of West or trying to get to her daddy but West (or some dark-cladded stranger) is stopping her. But of course, we know that these paintings can be highly misleading. Remember the one with Peter in front of Claire's school in S1, when it predicted he was going to die, and he did but...didn't? Well, this could be the same thing. And the explosion in NYC that Isaac had predicted several times had been prevented, so there's a possibility that this painting is either twisting of the truth or can be preventable. Either way all I know is this: HRG better NOT die though, that's all I know or else I'LL have to shoot a bitch down myself.

So that's about it for me and this section. More to come after this upcoming Monday's episode, you can count on it. Now due to being somewhat catching a slight cold I now have to go eat some warm soup, possibly place some heat in the fireplace because it's getting colder up in here, and just lounge on this incredibly slow-going Saturday. Even more slow-going in LJ world because almost everyone is either doing their RL business or doing the NaNoWriMo. Which means it'll be quiet for nearly a month and some, if my predictions are right.
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xwingace: Tennantxwingace on November 4th, 2007 08:03 pm (UTC)
The guy with the gun looks like Nathan to me. And taken together with the last painting, I don't think it's entirely unlikely that Claire's two fathers are going head-to-head...

Renéerogueslayer452 on November 4th, 2007 08:33 pm (UTC)
It's not Nathan. Given the drawn appearance and clothing choices, it's definitely Mohinder. Of course if it were Nathan, why would be be shooting HRG? There's no particular reason for him to do so, given the knowledge we know so far (besides although he his Claire's bio-father, they aren't exactly a "family" like she and HRG are despite the lies they've been telling each other all season).
xwingacexwingace on November 4th, 2007 09:02 pm (UTC)
I don't think the clothing as shown is something that defines either Nathan or Mohinder. The facial shape to me points more to Nathan, slightly curly hair and a five-o'clock shadow also don't really provide much material to decide who it is.

And we seem to have very different interpretations of the facial expressions, too. You see anger; I see fear and shock, a gun fired in apparent self-defense, maybe?

I'll agree on there being little reason for him to be shooting HRG, but then that's sort of the point, isn't it? Nathan is also involved through his mother and Matt, not just through Claire. Might even come from there.

Renée: Nathan. Shotgun.rogueslayer452 on November 4th, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)
You do make good points there, the vagueness of the paintings do make you guess on not only who it is but what's happening. Although I did read something a while back concerning Mohinder and a broken nose so, I'm more convinced it's him than Nathan at this point. But I guess we'll see.

The expression seems a mixture of all those emotions, now that I look at it more clearly.

True. It could all lead to some confrontation if it is Nathan that's facing HRG in the final painting -- and HRG did try to capture Nathan way back in S1, so there's one particular motive. But other than that, I don't see how Angela Petrelli or Matt could possibly lead back to HRG at this point, unless it has something to do with the Big Plot or the Company/Group of Twelve or whatever, which I doubt. But then again, this show is full of surprises, so you never know. *shrugs*
Reckless Endangerment to Youth: heroes//firelotuseyes on November 5th, 2007 12:29 am (UTC)
up until that shot of the last picture I had assumed that was Claire looking in on her father in shock (I thought her eyes were open) and she was leaning in (either to hide or whatever).

but now it makes sense why her dad told her to NOT date. if she's not making out with someone let it be peter let it be peter then he might not die. of course my favorite theory is that its WEST that shot him, after finding out who Claire's daddy is (which btw way how long did she think she could hide that from West exactly?).

I agree that its looks more like Mohinder. Even if with the way some of the characters look similiar (for example who the blond is), Mohinder is by in large thinner then Nathan is. Nathan also has a squarer jaw then Mohinder. And if those previews are right, he cleans up his face from the grub fairly soon.

I just realized after typing out my entire opinion on Adam that I was thinking off not only aired episodes, but also spoilers for future episodes. As I don't know if you've read the future spoilers, nor if you like hearing about them I had to delete it all...
Renée: Mohinder. Hot in Haiti.rogueslayer452 on November 5th, 2007 12:44 am (UTC)
I do like your theory about West possibly being HRG's shooter, because he IS deathly afraid of the "man in horn-rimmed glasses" from his conversation with Claire before. But I kind of assumed he either was told to say that or was lying because I think he's evil or taking advantage of Claire for other alternative reasons never will let that go, never liked the guy. I don't know how long Claire was thinking of hiding the fact that he is her father, maybe she thought it wouldn't come to that? That their lying antics would continue, but that's highly unlikely.

Definitely. I always thought the paintings were very distinguishable for each known character, and that is unmistakenly Mohinder's profile.

Thank you for saving the spoilerage concerning Adam. I haven't read any future spoilers for any upcoming episodes. I'm a complete spoilerphobe for this show, like whoa. I do like hearing theories, just not ones based off of spoilers for unaired episodes. XD
Reckless Endangerment to Youth: heroes//firelotuseyes on November 5th, 2007 01:00 am (UTC)
I will definately keep the thoughts to myself then, till at least that one spoiler is revealed. its really only a two second thing, but yeah. that's how spoilers are you know? one little sentence here and suddenly the couple with the hottest chemistry in the entire show is related and fans of the ship are desperately coming up with theories how its OKAY for them to be together...tnot that I'm one of those or anything lalalala

I think that West is, if not being completely truthful('cause let's face it he's a shady little creep there's no two ways about THAT at least) is being honest about how he feels regarding her father. I'm assuming that the assumption up til now has been that West has been in that town for a considerably longer period then the Bennett/Butlers. But as Claire never bothered to find that out, its possible that he was planted there around the same time. Just because he seems like he is an 'old face' to the crowd doesn't mean he is--he's taken on the role of the social outcast/loner after all and rarely do people take note of them in larger populated schools such as the one they attend.

I'm assuming either The Company sent him to keep an eye out on the Bennett/Butlers and possibly lure Claire to their side so to speak or Monroe did. Its not beyond the reason of doubt that Monroe would also want a piece of HRG. He had been with the Company for more then a decade--what almost 15years and more? He might not have been one of the original 12, but Monroe might hold him equally responsble for whatever reason his revenge is going for (creepily enough when I first saw the pic of 12, I thought Papa Petrelli was HRG--at the vague blurriness of the image it looks like Papa Petrelli has on Horn-rimmed glasses and has HRG's haircut, but...well as far as I can tell HRG doesn't have powers).

I also wonder if Monroe has powers similiar in nature to PEter and Sylars. We clearly saw someone push Kaito off the roof then...disappeared. Also we saw something attacking Mama Petrelli--then the wounds are self-inflicted and no one unusual was seen. That is at least two seperate powers--unless Monroe is having accomplices with different powers. That's a whole new can of worms right there (which is possible, if he and Peter were 'partners' of some sort before the amnesia, or that too might be a merry dance to confuse Peter...we all know how easily confused and/or gullible Peter is when you say the words 'You can save the world, be a hero'.).
Renéerogueslayer452 on November 5th, 2007 01:31 am (UTC)
That's the trickiness about spoilers. It can be simple as one sentence, but underneath it can explode a whole new meaning to fandom which can create a massive spark of theorizing. Either way, I tend to avoid the bigger spoilers or reveals until it actually airs. Unfortunately I do run into a spoiler here and there, but I don't make anything of it because fandom tends to overexaggerate or take things out of context from the original source (*cough*Kristin from E!*cough*)

We're both on the same wavelength concerning West. I've had the speculation for a while now that he's either a plant from the Company keeping an eye on HRG and the Bennet family or is connected to the Company somehow and using Claire as bait. Knowing that HRG is their enemy now and how they seem to how knowledge of things, it seems like a very plausible thing. Also, I don't like how Claire becomes incredibly trustworthy of West in the short amount of time she's known him. I mean, some could say she seemed so gung-ho on Peter after they'd first met on Homecoming but, that entirely different because he saved her life. What has West proven to Claire other than show-off his flying skills? Nothing. He's shady, he knew where she lived thus spying on her repeatedly, has the Activiating Evolution book (which could've been given to him by the Company to lure her into their grasp), and he's hardly shown much about his past...not even the graphic novels pushed into his personal life outside what we already know.

Also, I think the whole romancing is definitely a farce. I mean come on, it's painful to watch their scenes because the Claire/West stuff is hardly connected to the bigger plots -- so why else would they have them together if not having the big reveal be that West's part of the Company or something else?

We clearly saw someone push Kaito off the roof then...disappeared. Also we saw something attacking Mama Petrelli--then the wounds are self-inflicted and no one unusual was seen. That is at least two seperate powers--unless Monroe is having accomplices with different powers. That's a whole new can of worms right there

For a while after "Fight or Flight" I had assumed that it was Maury Parkman doing the murders, his power is surely frightening enough to cause such damage, but thinking about that night Kaito was killed the frame-size of the hooded person was too slim to be him. Besides, Maury had said he was also hiding from someone. But if the killer is Monroe, it would make sense that he would have multiple accomplices, including Peter and possibly others. But why would Maury Parkman have the death note for Bob at his apartment? Hmmm, interesting.
Reckless Endangerment to Youthlotuseyes on November 5th, 2007 02:18 am (UTC)
I remember when I first heard about the love interest for Claire--before it was revealed he'd have a power (suspiciously like the power her bio-dad has no less ><)--I thought to myself 'Good. She is getting a new start, so a normal boyfriend would help her maybe adjust better'. Then of course the first episode airs, West is a creepy perv and I'm all about revealing him for the spy that he is. Part of me wonders at how quickly she forgets what happened less then half a year ago. Didn't she see what would happen if news leaked out about her? Jackie should have been a good enough example. By all reasoning she should be MORE paranoid, not less.

Peter was different, definately. Ignoring their chemistry he proved time and again that he was trustable (despite some of the secrets kept). West? He convinced her to abuse her powers for what was really just a cheap thrill and superficial reasoning. I worry about her when she's with West--her rationale centers are turned off and its almost like she is in desperate denial that anything is wrong with him because she wants nothing to be wrong.

They have no chemistry right? That's not just my imagination?

I believed it was Maury too. And it still might be--despite the fact he said he was 'hiding' it doesn't necessarily mean he's hiding from Monroe. He could be hiding from the Company itself for aiding Monroe. Just b/c his image popped up with a mark on it--well that could be a plant to draw everyone else away. Without knowing Monroe's ability its hard to say--Maury might have been the one who helped him escape (hence why he is in hiding).

I find it interesting that Matt and Maury have the same power (though obviously Maury is more honed). I wonder if Nathan's kids will have powers now--so far every Hero with children (old or new gen) has developed powers. Nathan's kids are the aberration there.
Renée: Ruby. Deep-fried crack.rogueslayer452 on November 5th, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)
Oh definitely, Peter and Claire had immediate chemistry from the beginning. Her and West? Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. In fact, she disliked West until he showed her his power and suddenly they were all friendly and smooching on the beach. I was like, WTF? That's SO not how Claire would act, not at all. Not that I don't want her to experience the normal teenage-life, like have boyfriend and such, because she obviously deserves it after all she's been through. But I figured that because of what'd happened to her she would at least think twice before trusting someone automatically. West is a manipulative creep, if only she could see this and not be in this "lovey-dovey" crap.

I've always loved Claire, but for the lack of great writing concerning that storyline her character is slacking and it's all with West's intrusion. If they took West out of the picture or had his evil nature be revealed, and possibly added Claire's thoughts about using her ability for good like she wants to, then there's something to go on. I do hope they reveal his true intentions, that or HRG will scare him shitless and Claire can finally return to her senses.

That makes sense about Maury. I figured, judging from the description for tomorrow's episode, that he's definitely on the baddies of the season. Whether the Big Bad that's killing the Originals or just a bad Special all-around and using his ability for other purposes, possibly directed by another to thicken the plot; could be by Monroe or Kensei or someone else in the group.

I found it interesting the connection to Matt and Maury's powers, too. Obviously Maury's in way more advanced and turned into something dangerous, and judging by how Matt transmitted his own thoughts to break Nathan out of his nightmare, that could be something to investigate more into with this season. How the progression of developed abilities can be inherited and the possibility of knowing whether children of Specials can have the same or a different variation of that parental ability.
Reckless Endangerment to Youthlotuseyes on November 5th, 2007 03:19 am (UTC)
Claire I think was a character that grew on me. I loved Hayden before the show aired (I was a sucker for the Bring it On movies), but she was so...selfish at first that I found it hard to sympathize with her.

I'm finding it hard to like again now because she is just making such dumb decisions. And she doesn't ahve the excuse of ignorance now--she knows the dangers. Its frustrating. I just want to jump in and be like 'OMG are you serious Claire?'

I think since they've been building Maury's char up since the end of last season he is definately a major plot Baddie. Though I wonder if Molly was possibly seeing Monroe some of the time--the whole 'mark of forever' that is strewn throughout the show (Kensei's sword, Nikki-Jessica's shoulder, Peter's tattoo before it disappeared etc) was a prominent piece of Molly's drawings. Monroe is behind the killings and he's drawing it on the pictures after all.

Not that I want West to stick around beyond what the damned writers feel is needed to get Claire to do what they want (in any contrived way possible ugh) he has the same power as Nathan. So then does that mean the same power can manifest itself outside of a bloodline carrying it? At the moment there is no blood connection between Nathan and West (thank god, Claire doesn't need the complex of always crushing on her blood relatives).

Unless the Company is also trying to duplicate powers? If the Shanti virus can take powers away, can it also, if mutated, transfer powers? Maybe that is what leads to the catastrophe Peter is in the middle of currently--The Company manages to mutate the virus and begins to mass produce it with the promise 'any power your heart desires' but its unstable and begins to mutate in unforseen and deadly ways?
Renéerogueslayer452 on November 5th, 2007 03:32 am (UTC)
I never found Claire selfish, she was just, as most of the characters were during S1, figuring out things. She wanted to be normal, but gradually she grasped who/what she was which strengthened her character. Now, she's suffering from the blubbering teenage-girl syndrome, which is not her at all.

Dude, Claire is ALWAYS attracted to her relatives, I'm waiting for that reveal as well. ;)

Ah, but how do we know it's Monroe though? If the symbol has survived and has been a marker for something more I have a feeling it may be in connection to Kensei -- unless Monroe had been around during the time of Kensei's reign in ancient Japan, which would add more mystery to who he really is (as I'd predicted since the premiere that Kensei is probably the ringleader of some of the things going down, or has some part in it).

I wouldn't put it passed the Company if they wanted to experiment with the virus. Leading to Peter's memory loss along with Sylar's inability to regain powers -- I had this earlier theory that the Company is testing both Peter and Sylar out for that experimentation purpose, to see what lengths they could go to with that alone and see what they could possibly do for others. They have their own intentions for it, obviously breeding doesn't always result in having Special children, so they want to perserve those with abilities by injecting the alternated version of the virus. Hmm, I'm actually starting to like this new theory.
Reckless Endangerment to Youthlotuseyes on November 5th, 2007 07:21 pm (UTC)
Claire's sudden turn in character makes me wonder if any of the writers/producers etc have teenager girls in their family.

if West is related to Nathan in some way, well he's definately helping to spread the genes of the powered ones huh?

Well I wonder at how they are handling the 'regeneration' thing with both Claire and Kensei. Will it be like with Wolverine--where after a certain point he doesn't age because he just regenerates new skin and his organs stay fresh and new--or will he be Methusela sort of, aging, but immortal? Its entirely possible that the latter option will have put Kensei into the Company's hands then--I'm willing to bet good money that any one of those Original 12 would murder their first born to have the power to defy death. Maybe Monroe met him there, and Kensei (old decrepit Kensei) helped him? What's a better decoy then the guy that is old and can't die?

Which makes me giggle 'cause then Kensei would know Hiro AND Kaito Nakamura.

would you believe I came up with that theory as we were discussing the show? It should have come to me earlier, given the Company's power trippiness...
Renéerogueslayer452 on November 5th, 2007 09:49 pm (UTC)
Basically, I know that Kensei's immortality is on everyone's mind and if the Company had gotten to him, or was created by him and Monroe in later years, and they did the experimenting with transferring genes and such, then it's possible that Claire's ability is the original inheritance of Kensei's. Meaning that perhaps she, too, will become immortal. And knowing the Company, they'll want to research/experiment on her because of this defying death gene -- another reason to keep her away from those people.

I'm sort of hoping for that moment when Hiro returns back to present time and meets Kensei in the future. Their reactions would be priceless. XD

Heh, I'm sort of coming up with new theories all the time, it's what I like about this show it makes me think about these things. Excessively, to a point where it's almost ridiculous.