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Heroes: "Out Of Time" Episode Review

Oh holy Gingersnaps....

The Heroisms: How To Defeat The Nightmare Man

Picking up where we left off, HRG has discovered the Series of Eight paintings and is trying to piece all of them together to make sense of it all. He calls Mohinder Suresh, but Mohinder is second-guessing and questioning HRG's motives for the paintings, until the call is cut short by an urgent issue. Bob is evacuating the Company building as Matt and Nathan appear with the death message sent by Maury Parkman, and all five band together in an unlikely team to defeat him. Unfortunately there are complications with this plan, and Bob instructs Matt to reach and stop his father. Matt, uncertain about what he's going to do, visits Molly in the recovery room before coming face-to-face again with his father, ultimately stopping him while confronting his daddy issues. Mohinder and Niki go into the lab to get the virus in case Maury comes at them, though Maury has already gotten into Niki's head and makes her lash out destructively on others, including herself by injecting the virus into her system which causes an unexpected turn of results.

In ancient Japan, Hiro tries to make amends with Kensei but fails as Kensei still feels betrayed with a broken heart. The two go head-to-head in a swordbattle before the camp ground explodes. Thinking he's lost Kensei, Hiro returns to fulfill his destiny with the princess, to discover he is his own childhood legend, and returns back home to present day to a gleeful Ando, and sad news awaits him regarding his father.

Meanwhile, Peter and Caitlin are stuck in the future where the virus pandemic has reached a high body count of nearly everyone worldwide. Both Peter and Caitlin are taken into custody, but Peter gets a surprise visitor that helps him remember certain fraction of his past, although while he remembers that small part he gets transmitted back to Montreal without Caitlin. But he gets an unexpected visitor with a familiar face....

The Characters: The Trusthworthy and the Untrustworthy

Claire and HRG: I'm very happy that Claire's storyline is moving forward, but her actions are becoming more and more reckless and less from the maturity and acceptance/respect she had last season. As much as I want to like Claire, I can't handle the constant boyfriend storyline anymore. Surely I do want her to have a normal teenage life, but she has to understand that her father is doing whatever possible to ensure that can happen. Obviously the Company still wants her and, judging from the lack of common sense she's placing herself more in harm's way by her behavior. As for HRG, I know he wants to protect Claire and his family, but I just wish they would stop dancing in this whirlpool of lies and tell the straightup truth. I want HRG to tell about his mission to stop the Company, however that'll work, and his predicted death -- perhaps that'll place some sense into Claire, knowing that her father's life is in danger.

West: Haha, HRG totally scared him shitless like I freaking predicted! He ran home crying. I hope to GOD that Claire doesn't run away with West, because that would be so...not right, and very Stereotypical Teen Movie angst of them. Also, doesn't anyone else hate that West has taken Zach's role, by not only giving her the Activating Evolution book but the text-messaging? Yeah, uh-huh. And coming into her home uninvited, making waffles very creepy?

Mohinder Suresh: OMG THEY BROKE MO'S NOSE! THEM BASTARDS! *ahem* Okay, had to get that out. I knew it was inevitable based on the painting but dude, it was painful to watch because he has such a gorgeous face. Now moving on with his character in this episode, I know people are going to be all over him based on his decision in the end. I admit I was actually rooting for him to pick up the gun and shoot Bob instead, but I have to say it's completely understandable from his standpoint. He doesn't know HRG's truest motives, aside using Mohinder as an insider in the Company, but how much progress were they making with him being in there anyhow? I consider it, once again, Mohinder's conflictions with morality. Everything around him is morally gray, and despite some of the decisions he's made he is not one to cross that line even when it looks like he might. He's going through the motions, undecided on which side he's on, and I totally understand where he's coming from. He helped Niki, and now has more motive to save not only Niki but to everyone else that may be infected with the virus.

I did, however, wish there were scenes with him reuniting with Molly and Matt, and morbid as I am I wanted to see what kind of nightmare world Maury Parkman would set him in. The ghost of his father? The ghost of Shanti? That would've been interesting, adding more to his moral dilemma and choices.

Niki Sanders: Ah, now we know that Niki is actually herself and not Jessica, so the Company had cured her from the multiple personality disorder situation. Interesting. Well, they had confirmed it was the disorder but I kind of was curious as to the "how" and "why" they wanted her. I do want to know how they reversed it, because if it's truly Niki she has both herself and Jessica's mannerisms; like they're acting as one, so I guess that's what confused me when she came to meet with Mohinder in the last episode. Her stride totally read Jessica, but if the Company had cured her then it would make sense if it's the mixture of both; the softness of character but the strength in muscle and poise. It's also interesting how Maury had gotten into her head like that, shown her the worst nightmare of her life, being her husband DL and the threatening of her family. But dude, injecting herself with the virus only to discover that she cannot be cured? That's gotta suck. Also, leads to more questions but that'll be for later.

Matt Parkman: This was a particularly amazing episode regarding Matt. He faces his father, confronts his daddy issues and saves Molly. That entire scene in the recovery room, using his telepathy in the new way he learned to communicate with her through his own thoughts...that was just so sweet, I nearly cried. I also LOVED how he managed to trap his father in his own worst nightmare. That was awesome. Awww, he totally loves Molly and is a better father than Maury would ever be. When he started to apologize for leaving Matt, I kept thinking "nope, too many years too late dude, you failed" and Matt taking Molly out of her nightmare. So adorable, I smiled and squeed.

Molly Walker: Adorable as ever, although the nightmare she was trapped in was completely different than the one shown in the graphic novels where it had Molly living in her own personal Nightmare on Elm Street world. Ah well, perhaps it had been in the beginning before trapping her inside that one.

Nathan Petrelli: Although he didn't have much of the action this go around, I still loved every single scene he was in, from when he was walking side-by-side with Matt in the hallway to the room where all of them were gathered together right down to when he discovered that Peter was still alive and him demanding everything was Bob about his whereabouts. Complete with HoYay with this, many Petrellicesters are going to be on heated seats squeeing about how powerful Nathan's voice was and his expression as soon as Bob told him that Peter was still alive. Speaking of which....

Peter Petrelli: Finally has some recognition regarding his memories, and by what though? Was it Mama Petrelli in the future who did it, is that her ability? To allow people to remember things they've forgotten? Anyway, there was the moment of truth for him when he transported into the future to see what is to come, like a mixture of his vision from last season and "Five Years Gone". Now he has a chance to prevent such a tragedy from happening, if he can get passed one particular obstacle being Adam Monroe and their supposed alliance from the last four months.

Kensei, a.k.a. Adam Monroe: The most revealing piece of information that was MADE OF COMPLETE AWESOME! Though, I admit I was spoiled for this reveal but it doesn't make it any less awesome, although I had assumed his name would've been Kane (connection of Kensei = Kane, you know). But whatever. I had my suspicions about the Adam Monroe identity and after the village/camp was destroyed in ancient Japan and Kensei vowing: "you will suffer" definitely sealed my predictions. Of course it was meant to be, he is immortal after all and his immortality could definitely survive such a blow. Meaning more interesting news for Claire's abilities and what she can do, but that's for another speculation post altogether. I feel sorry for Kensei though, he had loved Yaeko even though she loved the heroic actions Kensei had done. It's sort of sad, when you think about it. Kensei's heart was broken by Hiro's inability to keep his feelings from changing history....and now, Kensei's motive is based around his broken heart and betrayal, all caused by Hiro's actions. Devastating, really.

Hiro Nakamura: I love Hiro, and I liked that he tried to mend things with Kensei but he should've known better than to fall in love with the princess despite his feelings. He's broken history and had caused the destruction of the present world based on the murders. Of course if he hadn't intervened with the past the present would've never taken place, but he could've changed the outcome if he had prior knowledge. It's going to be interesting once Hiro and Kensei, now known as Adam, cross paths again, which will be inevitable. Though poor Hiro, learning about his dad. Now it's his turn to say: "My name is Hiro Nakamura, you killed my father, prepare to die!" Should get interesting.

The Episode: Trust Issues and Moral Ambiguity

This is exactly what all this centers around, the issues involving trust and moral ambiguous decisions all these characters make to figure out their lives and to survive. Which is probably why I love this show, it's all one gigantic morally gray universe; there is no specific black or white side, good or evil, it's a mixture of both. The moral questioning is someting so realistic to our own lives, that I can understand certain character's decisions even though we, as an audience, think differently regarding what's happening in the show and the consequences.

I will, once again, rehash Mohinder's moral ambiguousness because essentially he is the white light and heart of the show; as everyone's saying his heart and intentions are in the right place, he just has to know which side he stands on. This is the biggest issue for his character this season. In the premiere we discovered that Mohinder had partnered with HRG to take down the Company, everyone cheered and was happy that he'd become a double agent for a good cause, because we believe that organization is evil and will continue to do bad things to people. Then Mohinder slowly started to become familiar with their systems and started seeing that despite the moral wrongness of their operations, there are some upsides to the Company in regards to helping others. Like Niki for example; she'd given Mohinder the piece of information that she had done horrible things because she was out of control and dangerous, and the Company had every right to get rid of her but didn't. This took Mohinder by surprise because he believed they would experiment/get rid of people with abilities that they considered an outright threat or a danger. Even Bob had mentioned in the preview episode that Mohinder was the Company's sense of conscience, that he was there to keep them in line. Now to trust anything Bob says would be a mistake, and while Mohinder doesn't trust him completely I do think he's seen more of Bob's openness than HRG's, especially at this point of the season.

As an audience we know the context of the scenes and the consequences if certain things are going to be happening, so of course we would be shouting at the television screen for Mohinder to not trust or go with Bob's advice and stay with his alliance with HRG who while morally gray himself is more good than evil, but because Mohinder only knows so much and has been exposed to certain things that he'd seen there at the Company his trust in HRG is waning to a point where he doesn't know which side he should be on anymore. Is he with the Company or against it? Does he trust HRG completely with his life? Does taking away the Company ensure the spread of the virus? All this is going through his head, and there's no time to make a "pro and con" list. It's an "act now, morality later" kind of situation they're all in, and it's the fate of many lives at stake.

Was telling Bob about being in cahoots with HRG a bad idea? Absolutely. Is he placing himself at risk for siding with Bob, taking the gun and possibly betraying HRG? Of course, but this was a necessary step for him to take. He's at a crossroads, disobey Bob and he's risking an outbreak of the pandemic, on the other hand disobey HRG and he's risking his own life and the trust of the only man who's willing to help save others from the grasp of the Company's alternative intentions for experimentation. It's a trap, and he has to choose between the two which he believes is the better one. He chose the necessary evil, even if it may mean going against his good-nature.

But I have a feeling, with what Claire mentioned in the beginning of the season, that she may be willing to cooperate because she does want to help people and the world and if Mohinder persuades her to help prevent the virus from spreading she will do it despite her father's objections and means necessary to keep her away from that place.

I kind of see Mohinder as the Lee Adama or the Sam Winchester of the Heroes universe. Aside from the daddy/trust issues, there's that sense of doing the right thing and having the morality, goodness of heart and conscience of the whole entire show. Which is precisely what Mohinder is, we've seen him do things that some would consider stupid or brainless, but his intentions behind them are from the heart even if the outcome isn't exactly how he planned it to be.

Heroes is definitely a morally gray kind of show, no matter what's happening or which character is being featured. Every week you're wondering whose side someone is on, whom to trust and so forth. It really makes you think, and I love that.

The Glees and Squees!

++ Mohinder/Matt/Bob/Niki/Nathan = the Special Force Five! Quite an unlikely group of Heroes teaming up to take down Maury Parkman, and I liked how we saw a different side to Bob this episode than before. Of course, we're not sure he's revealed everything or being entirely truthful but he did sound very sincere when talking to each individual.

++ Matt getting Molly out from her comatose nightmare and their reunion was so adorable! Awww, and he said he loved her, repeatedly, and he totally is a better father than Maury ever was. Which means he completely confronted that particular personal demon of his, to never turn into what his father had become. And he would never do something like that to Molly. I also loved how he apologized to her, and how he communicated with her by transmitting his thoughts to her. I think I read that in a fanfic somewhere....

++ I had kind of wished Mohinder would've reunited with Molly and Matt too. In fact I expected to see Mohinder lingering in the background as Matt was giving his emotional speech to Molly, or even after she'd woken up. I wanted to see that happy little family reunited again. I just hope in the "Four Months Ago" episode we at least get a snippet of the Suresh-Parkman-Walker domestic homelife, or else I'll have to be tempted to write one myself dammit. I mean, c'mon! Isn't that the most adorablest setup ever?

++ Nathan's ruffled hair = teh sex. Seriously, I loved it. Also, Nathan's reaction to Peter being alive? FOR. THE. WIN.

++ Also, why is it every time in a possible apocalyptic future Nathan always appears dead? Someone explain that to me.

++ When Mohinder was looking at the results of Niki's transfusion only to discover that his blood wasn't curing her from th virus, it TOTALLY reminded of Gaius Baltar finding out that Boomer was a Cylon, except Mohinder had to tell Niki the truth whereas Gaius hid it due to fear. The same with Peter being completely naked reminding me of Apollo's towel malfunction and Matt being emotional over Molly like Dean was with Sam (or Kara to Kacey). OMG SEE THE CONNECTIONS ARE SOOOO THERE! FANDOM PARALLELS COLLIDING!! Or it could just be me, being completely insane so I'll shut up now and continue on....

++ I was TOTALLY RIGHT about Peter being underneath the Company's care, along with Sylar but that has yet to actually be revealed. But yeah, totally nailed that one. HA!!

++ West totally flew around scared. HAHA! Sorry, but that just makes me laugh for some reason.

++ "Does your nose hurt?" "Only when I breathe." Awww, Mohinder still sarcastic even with a broken nose. My poor baby. Though I do find the bandage kind of hot, even if it's distracting from his gorgeous face.

++ I don't want Mohinder to kill HRG or betray him, but this has to be said: Mohinder + having a gun = GUHworthy.

++ HIRO AND ANDO REUNITED AGAIN, YAY! :D :D :D Only for Hiro to find out about his father, which is very sad indeed. *tears*

++ DL came back! If only for an illusioned nightmare from Niki, but still! YAY!

++ Ah, Bennet Family Feuds, featuring Noah and Claire and their trust issues. Gotta hand it to Jack Coleman and Hayden Panetierre though, despite the dragging out of Claire's storyline they are GOLD on screen together.

++ Dude, I think the pandemic is even scarier than the explosion from last season. I mean, a deadly virus that can create a mutation that affects anyone and eventually wiping out everyone in the world, save a few? That's incredibly scary. Also, because of what happened to Niki, I have to say this is mostly the Company's fault because they had tampered with the virus in the first place. Oh Lordy show, you are good.

++ Maury Parkman = still a deadbeat father and creepy bastard. Good for Matt for trapping him inside his own nightmare, that was sweet.

++ OMG THIS SHOW IS AMAZING I LOVE IT THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER OMGOMGOMG!!! Seriously, the pacing was awesome, so much happened it was just just simply amazing, it actually felt like Heroes from last season.

++ Also, notice how the title-card eclipse is green instead of orange/yellow? Awesome.

Overall: Dude, best episode of the season hands down, and this is putting it mildly. The only way anything could top this is if they dedicated an entire episode to the Mohinder/Matt/Molly domestic family, now THAT would be the bestest thing ever. Some will say it's cluttered, too much placed into one episode, but judging from the limited amount of episodes left because of the strike happening and we're having an early finale (if the strike continues longer than anticipated, of course), then we do have to wrap up certain things like this. Also as mentioned before, Tim Kring had promosed everything will get better from here on out, and hopefully so because I'm tired of hearing people bitch and complain about the season in general. I mean yes, storylines could've been better introduced and fleshed out but I LOVE where it's all going. Also, I want Heroes to get a third season and hopefully ratings will go up during this time of the strike, which is very ironic considered. Heh. Either way, yay for this episode! Only downside that there was no Sylar, but that's okay. We'll get him next week.

In short, Heroes has finally gotten its groove back, baby!

Who wants to bet that Heroes is going to get a lot better in the ratings from this episode onward? Which would make the network and us fans happy, and if the strike ceases a possibility for the second part of the season to uphold, which I am starting to wish for. Sort of like what they do with Psych, have a mid-season finale and pick it up to finish it off. I don't know, it's an idea that could happen.
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