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Weekend News Update

Well, I went to the California State Fair yesterday with my father. I was thinking that I'd have a crappy time - since my father isn't the type to be having fun - but, surprisingly, it went okay. Sure, it was crowded with thousands of people but I had a good time, for the most part.

It was hot and humid outside and me and my dad were cruising the fair looking for something to drink the entire time. We stopped to see the animals - llamas, cows, horses, chickens, bulls and pigs. I got the pet a llama. It was just too adorable! Also in the same area, I got to see some Texas Longborn Bulls, and watch a horse contest being held. Although it was hot outside, it was quite entertaining to see.

Also, this was the first time there was a Sideshow at the State Fair; it was celebrating the aniversary of how many years the State Fair has been going on in the State of California. Unfortunately I didn't get to see everything in the tents and shows that were on, but from what the displays being put out and entertainers it seemed to look quite interesting.

Of course, what is rhe State Fair without the rides, huh? Although I didn't get to go on all the rides that I wanted to, I did go on the Log Ride and another ride (I can't remember the name of it)that is shaped like a windmill and the seat that you're in it twists and turns and goes upside down. It was a blast. My dad didn't want to go on it because 1.) He had too much to drink and 2.) He has high blood pressure. So I went on it all by myself, which is nothing new.

Expecting the spend only an hour at the Fair (because I don't like huge crowds, especailly when it's at a big event like this one), I was quite shocked when we spent over two hours. Well, at least it was fun.

In other news, finally saw Chicago - and I loved it. Now I am wondering about if there's going to be a Harry Potter musical....

I'm suspecting that during the third movie that they'll burst into song and dance in certain situations. *Squee* I can't help it - ever since the Buffy Musical I've been obsessed with musicals lately, like that's anything new. ;)

I am really fucking glad that it's a three-day weekend. I can finally sleep in without waking up at five o'clock in the morning, wanting to go back to sleep.
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