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Fandomosity: WGA, Heroes, HP, Joss Whedon

It's been quite a while since I've done one of my fandomosity posts. Mainly because I've been incredibly busy and preoccupied in RL and also because I've been more focused on some other particular fandoms, as if anyone couldn't tell from the majority of what I talk about lately these days. Heh. Anyway, loads of things are happening in the fandom-world.

-♠- The Strike Has Begun: The Writer's Guild of America are on strike due to negotiations failures with AMPTP, affecting current television productions leading to reruns of shows and an everlasting end to reality TV until further settlements are made between the Guild and the producers. I am, for one, absolutely behind the writer's on this and think the producers are being entirely unjust by withholding the demands. Even if you're unfamiliar with what's happening, this essentially does affect further productions for shows you watch on TV; because the entertainment business is changing, with new technology allowing people to watch episodes in their iPods, iTunes, online viewing and downloading, this can change the face and future of television as we know it. So it's crucial, even if some don't see it that way it is very important. For more information you can visit wga_supporters for furthering details on how to support this cause.

In addition to this, my squeeage level just rose as Greg Grunberg and Sendhil Ramamurthy join in the picketing lines, showing their support for the writers. Another reason to love the Heroes cast, they seriously made of awesome and beyond and hot damn does Sendhil look amazing; they are SO endorsing the Matt/Mohinder love, aren't they.

-♠- Even Heroes Makes Mistakes: Everyone's probably seen this by now, but Heroes creator Tim Kring has publically apologized in an interview regarding certain misdirections that happened in S2. It's a pretty noble and honest thing to admit such mistakes, and a very rare thing to happen in the television business, and I am happy they've acknowledged this and are planning on correcting things. Now honestly, despite those minor flaws, I have been enjoying this season; I know some have complained but I have been more optimistic about it because hey, I love this show.

-♠- HP In The LOLZ: Apparently even when the Harry Potter series is over, the wank still lives on. The most recent piece in Fandom Wanking News: the ever-popular HP Lexicon site wants to publish a book based on the website, J.K. Rowling refuses such action to be taken, and thus the ongoing massive wank involving it ensues. Bringing in the entitlement whores and crazyass fans, most of which claim that JKR doesn't have any say and that fans should overrule her or whatever overly ridiculous stuff they're spouting out this time. It's entertainment at best, amusing me and making my mind boggle at the insanity of it all. Now if you want a SANE piece of information about this whole thing instead of jumping through hoops, J.K. Rowling has calmly stated her side of the story making fandom look like a bunch of blubbering idiots.

-♠- Joss Is Boss: Joss Whedon speaks about all things Guildy, in his usual Joss-witty ways of course. He also talks about his and Eliza's new project being on temporary hold as the strike continues, which is understandable.
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