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Nobody messes with the Impala....

So my initial thoughts is that it wasn't as exciting as I thought this episode was going to be, it pretty much fleshed out Bela's character, as vague as possible mind you, and her connections with Dean and Sam. They keep crossing paths with her, which makes me wonder why they haven't been crossing paths with her before this or even knew about whatever business she's dealing with. I don't know, still trying to understand where this all fits into this season.

As for the Ghost Ship plot, I quite enjoyed the mythology of it but again this wasn't the central point of the episode. The beginning though, with the girl taking the shower then getting drowned by the spirit of the angry brother from the ship...yeah. See, I love taking showers and this kind of made me, well, not want to take one. At least not until tomorrow; it seemed very Psycho, mixed with the spiders coming out from the showerhead from the first season episode "Bugs". Not exactly comforting, but hey this is Supernatural. If nothing they do is scaring you, they're doing it wrong. I found the drowning by choking on water very terrifying, and that cemetery scene was quite interesting (though really, how did Sam manage to read the incantation from the book as it was getting soaked? Sam: The Boy King and Super Reader!)

Bela Lugose. I'm still uncertain about her character. Obviously they're making her seriously damaged, revealing that something terrible has happened in her life, like killing someone from her own family for instance. She seems like a possible redeemable character from her smug personality, though only when her life is in danger. I have to give her props though, she's convincingly cunning and does have style, but she's basically someone's lapdog. She has a paying job, she does whatever they tell her to do and she'll do it. So money is her weakness, and she doesn't care what she does as long as the act of business is completed and she collects her reward. I do wonder who she works for though, what they plan on using those artifacts for or if it's just a simple paranormal black market. It would be interesting if some of the items she collects and sells to her boss are being shipped to the Demon Army, either intentionally or unintentionally, could go either way. Now that would be something. As for the possible setting up relationship with Dean, they're quite damaged individuals though I only see them as mortal enemies at this moment. He hates her, she finds it amusing. It can become something or maybe nothing at all.

I don't know, I'm still Team Ruby all the way. Bela has yet to grow on me as a character. But I am interested in her past and whatever she does for a living and who she works for. I also like the symbolism here: Sam meets Ruby, dislikes that she's a demon but is willing to help him anyway for her own intentions, where Dean meets Bela and he doesn't like her one bit but she's able to work with them, only for personal gain on her part of the job of course.

The whole Sam and the elderly lady thing was...kind of uncomfortably funny. Though Sam and Dean still look mighty fine in a tux, bow-tie and all. Bela's reaction to Dean all fancied up was interesting...and her comment on having "angry sex" with him, and Dean's "stop objectifying me". Hee! Oh, Dean.

Oh, and NOBODY MESSES WITH THE IMPALA! That's one thing that even if Bela starts being on my Like List, I will never forgive. She nearly gave Dean a freaking heart attack, like literally, he was hyperventilating. Seriously, the Metallicar is off limits.

Regarding Dean and Sam arguing about the Crossroads Demon and Dean's shortened life expectancy, their argument in the car in the beginning was precisely the kind of conversation I had predicted would happen. Dean being all "after I specifically asked you not to do that!" and Sam defending himself with "it's what I had to do!" Almost exactly how I pictured it would go. Of course the end, Sam being all befuddled over Dean's lack of worry of dying and being sent to Hell. While it's nice they're talking about it (or arguing, bitching and shouting at each other really) I'd like to see more of action being taken place than that. I don't want every episode to touch on that very subject. Ruby should get more involved with this I think, and Bobby too. Two people I missed dearly in this episode. Also, I kind of want more of the Demon Army and this big ass war that's coming.

Next week: GORDON COMES AFTER SAMMY, OH NOES! That preview was sinister, like whoa. Gordon scares the beegesus out of me, he's badass to the extreme.
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