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It's not food anymore Dean, it's Darwinism!

So, what happened on this wonderful Saturday? I overslept, went out to a bookstore to find something but only to discover that I could get what I was looking for on Amazon for half the price, got me a stuffed polar bear (in celebration of Christmas sales!), and it's been raining here nonstop, yays. I've also been looking into different cookbooks because I've been having this urge to mess around with a wide variety of recipes than what I already know. It's probably too late in the game to start experimenting in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas feasts but, hey, I'd like to at least make the attempt to try something new and different for a change. Besides, I'd much rather start cooking more than buying packaged items all the time because honestly, it gets boring eating manufactored foods.

I've been reconsidering my college options and have chosen one particular place that has the career program and training I've been looking for. All I need is extra information regarding that and I'll have to make the final decision whether it is the right place for me and, if so, I may be registering in the spring. Maybe, it's not a definite thing yet but a possibility.

House M.D. 4.06 "Whatever It Takes"

First of all, House having "What A Man" as his ring tone is MADE OF WIN! Someone had posted about it before it aired here, but I was excited because yay, SALT N PEPPER! It's also hilarious that his phone went off more than once in the episode, hee.

As for the Patient(s) of the Week, plural because it dealt with the one case back at the hospital and the one that House was recruited for, it was interesting how while both different cases they dealt with the same thing. Trying out different methods and experimenting on one particular one that ultimately has been untested or unique to saving the patient's life. I liked that House had been recruited by the CIA, surprising him and Wilson and not convincing others because really, who would hire the unethical Gregory House to be part of a CIA kind of job? Though uncouth as he is, House is a very intelligent man and yes he made mistakes but he is essentially proven right in the end. Or, perhaps not proven right but he solves the problem, and that's better than nothing. Foreman, on the other hand, is trying to solve the problem by diagnosing before actually knowing what was happening -- but I was frustrated with both Foreman and the team at that point; they were at each other's throats and not doing a good job on either side.

Hee, the House and Wilson exchange and Wilson's surprise that House was actually with the CIA people was hilarious. Even more hilarious than Cuddy not believing in House. Seriously, this should be the House/Wilson/Cuddy show instead of "hey let's pick my new team for how many episodes we can muster!"

Cutthroat Bitch constantly calling House...okay, honestly? She's pushing it. I'm done with her character. Can she be fired now, please?

Speaking of fired characters, that one guy had gone way beyond what I thought he was going to do. Okay, so he and Foreman were at each other's throats. That I could deal with, but him poisoning the patient to make a point based on something on, what was it, saving something for a better cause for another organization or whatever? I didn't even understand his motives. I knew he hadn't wanted to become a doctor and wanted to return to his other job, but dude. That was crossing the line. I'm glad that House let him quit this time.

And House's new love interest and possible new candidate to becoming part of his team. Interesting, and she seems to respect House's intelligence and knows he'll get the job done, despite his questionable methods. She also seems like a good match for him, better than Cameron I'll tell you that though I'm still for House/Cuddy dammit!

Bionic Woman 1.06 "The List"

Admittingly I didn't get the watch the first half of the episode, but I did catch the last thirty minutes. While no Katee there was special guest-star Callum Keith Rennie. OMG LEOBEN!!! ASDFSLKDJFLKS!!!!

Loving the many BSG guest-stars, LOVING IT.

Though I think Jamie and getting her head-over-heels crush with this guy she'd met, her intentions are in the right place. And Tom is definitely a cutie. I also liked that Jonas bonded with Becca and she did something nice for her big sister. I do like that aspect that while she may not know what's happening in Jamie's life right now she does love and appreciate her sister. Although I do understand both sides of them; Becca wanting answers and Jamie's resistance to tell her because she doesn't want that complicated life to enter her younger sister's world. Though I think it would be better if Becca did know certain things, because I've had enough with family members dancing around each other in lies.

Though I'm slightly bummed that Bones has been rescheduled and moved to Friday nights, a.k.a. the Death Night of All Television Nights. Thanks a bunch, FOX! *grumbles* The upside though, I'll be lounging for the rest of the weekend, because it'll be raining all throughout I think. Plus on Monday I go shopping and Heroes is on, so yay!
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