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12 November 2007 @ 10:40 pm
Heroes: "Four Months Ago" Episode Review  

The Heroisms: Back To Where We Left Off

After meeting Adam in the Montreal warehouse, Peter still is unaware of his memories or anything that happened after arriving in Ireland. It is this that Adam tells him he has to remember something close to him, and then we're transferred back to that night in Kirby Plaza, where Nathan saved Peter from exploding New York City. However this time, we see it from a different perspective; interestingly, Peter does explode but Nathan is freefalling after being burned badly from the radiation, and suddenly Peter is catching him, flying him down to the surface and takes him to a hospital. Although Peter is caught by Bob and Elle, where he is taken to the Company's quarters, as Bob calmly tells him their intentions of curing him of his abilities and return to a normal life. This is where, as the months pass, Peter meets Adam Monroe and learns of what the Company is really doing through Adam's words and they band together to get out, along with Adam's promise to heal/cure a burnt Nathan in the hospital.

The Sanders family has some luck on their side as DL recovers from the bullet wound Linderman had given him and they are about to return to their lives, when suddenly Bob stops by to give Niki some advice on how she can be cured from herself, revealing the true nature of Jessica's manifestation and how he and the Company can help her and her family. She refuses and is given medications, but stops taking them after a while, thinking that she doesn't need them to control her. Except this backfires badly, ending with a tragic end, leaving Niki with only one option left.

Meanwhile, Maya is attending her brother's wedding to a girl she doesn't like or trust out of complete jealousy, of course. Her emotions run high as soon as she realizes that the woman Alejandro is marrying is cheating on him, and suddenly (and rather unexpectedly) her Tears of Death start to appear, killing everyone instantly.

The Characters: They're Like Fantastic Four, Minus One

Peter Petrelli: I loved his side of the story this episode, right from where we left off in the finale where they flew up into the sky directly to his alliance partnership with Adam Monroe to "save the world". I really liked that Peter saved Nathan's life after Nathan saved his. Awww, that was sweet. Some people have said that Peter was too trusting of the Company and should've demanded to have been taken back home, but in the scheme of things Peter had no particular control over his powers and because of what happened to Nathan he didn't want to cause anyone anymore harm. Though I did like that despite that, after meeting Adam, he began realizing the truth of what was happening. Whether he should fully trust Adam or not is up for questioning, but it's nice to see him joining up with someone else. And OMG HE FINALLY REMEMBERS EVERYTHING AND THANKS TO THE MEMORY OF NATHAN!!! This leaves the Petrelli Reunion of BroYay! Hee!

Nathan Petrelli: Yeesh, those were NASTY burns! So, Adam's blood healed Nathan from the burns, and the burned reflection he keeps seeing everywhere as a shadow of guilt taunting him is his own guilt/regret from what happened with Peter. Makes sense, after all they've been through and what Nathan's endured. It seems to be a recurring thing with the Petrelli's: guilt. Peter felt guilty about Nathan so he allowed himself to be taken into the Company, Nathan felt guilty over what happened with Peter, and even after miraculously healing he dwelled over it and is psychologically damaged. Even Angela Petrelli, dealing with her own guilt after all of what they've done.

Angela Petrelli: Speaking of the Ice Queen herself, perhaps we'd gotten a glimpse of her ability of this episode. The power of persuasion, much like Eden's but through touch this time. If not that, then something else, but it was REALLY evident that they focused on her touching Heidi in that particular way she does with almost everyone.

Adam Monroe: Is he good? Is he evil? Is he misguided due to his absolute hatred over Hiro's actions from the past? Can he be trusted? All these questions have swirled in my head throughout this episode, because he is VERY convincing if he has other intentions. Just, dude, I don't know what to think anymore for EITHER side actually. But damn, David Anders is amazing in this role.

Bob and Elle: Interesting pair to place together. Judging from Elle's childish mannerishs it seems that her "daddy" comment from the earlier episode was more of a petname than anything. They did give her character slight background, and her playing with Peter like he's a pet or a toy was very friendly. I kept thinking that she was going to force him into becoming her personal plaything or something, with her playfully zapping him every time she came with his medication. They did say that Elle would become more of a "vixen" as the episodes continued, so this was it. I still don't know how I feel about that or whether I like her or not, but whatever. I kept thinking "OMG girl, stop flirting with Peter! He doesn't like it!" Because he secretly wanted it to be Nathan dammit.

As for Bob, man that guy is freaking everywhere isn't he? Dude is sketchy with his words too. You think he's telling the truth, but you're sure he's telling lies, but then he pops up to every character possible and spins these words of comfort into thinking everything coming out of his mouth is of the good. See? This gives me more reason that even though Mohinder had been part of the plan to take down the Company, Bob's words are convincing enough. If Bob is spinning a web of lies concerning the Company along with Adam, then he's fooled practically everyone around him. If not, if he's trying to do good, he's doing a bang-up job with keeping everyone in the dark with his true intentions.

Maya y Alejandro: While I do like the Wonder Twins, I think their scenes in this episode were out-of-place. They had basically only two freaking scenes throughout the whole hour, and the backstory wasn't necessary new. Maya's power just manifested itself for the first time, so I felt it was unneeded as they could've done that in a graphic novel or something.

The Sanders Family: I was so happy that DL had survived the gunshot wound from the finale, however I was pissed that DL had to die like THAT. Although from normal circumstances it really was something that I could've done without. I dislike how they're dealing with Niki at that point, addressing her alter ego as her escaping into herself with multiple personalities as a side effect with dealing with her abilities. Um, honestly I don't buy that one because as we saw in the "Six Months Ago" from last season she didn't even know she had an ability and it was Jessica that emerged after her father had returned from nowhere. Of course, going by fanwanking about Jessica's death affecting Niki that it's possible that Niki had used Jessica as a shielding personality at times when she thought she wasn't consciously strong enough. Eh. I don't know. But it's because of Niki's decision to not take the medication, allowing the alter ego (named "Gina" this time) to take over which eventually led to DL's death. Great Niki, how are you going to explain that to Micah, hmmm?

The Haitian: Rocks hardcore, dude. I mean really. Of course, there's the whole line of who the Haitian has worked for overtime. He's been with the Company, first being discovered by Thompson, worked for them then handed to HRG for a time and then partnered with him during their "bag and tag" days, then had been associated and worked alongside Angela Petrelli, then returned to the Company, then after this episode it seems that he helped Peter escape before returning back to Haiti after being infected with the virus. Which later is reunited with HRG to take down the Company. He's like, the mysterious man of AWESOME.

The Episode: Four Months, Three Months, Two Months and Three Weeks Ago...

So this primarily focused on three particular storylines, one of them not exactly featured but it was still there. I kind of wished we had more interconnecting flashbacks from other storylines, like for instance the Bennet family moving to California or perhaps how Mohinder and Matt adopted Molly and were living together; that could've connected with the arrangement being made between HRG and Mohinder of their master plan to take down the Company, something I had wished would be revealed because we don't even know what they had arranged to do. It would've made a lot more sense, especially with the Herrera storyline seeming out-of-place. But yes, this entire episode was more about Peter Petrelli finding an alliance with Adam Monroe, which leads to their present partnership and cause a whole lot of problems if Adam is actually really the Big Bad of the (first half) of the season. Side plotpoints were the Company and Bob's role, which he seems to be the activist for gaining people's trust.

This brings me back to the point of the moral grayness of the entire show, especially this season. I was talking with my sister and she and I both agreed that everything has been twisted and turned upside down for us. Last season we knew the Company were bad guys because we saw things from one side, however this season we've gotten more deeper into that organization and realize that there is actually a silver lining to their corruptedness. And that, in the right hands, can be turned around to becoming a good place of operation done for the right reasons and motives for protecting people with abilities. HRG had once joined them thinking he was doing it for a greater cause in the beginning, but knowing that Claire was at risk at being exposed to these people he did whatever possible to not let that happen and decided to go against them; Mohinder entered the Company intending to destroy it with HRG's help, only knowing one thing, that they were horrible people. But after getting a glimpse of what they could do for people, those that need help and are provided just that, that and along with questioning HRG's motives he started to really question himself and his reasons for whether or not he should be doing these things.

This is why, after seeing the preview for next week, I am incredibly worried and scared for my poor boy. Mohinder is trying to make the right decision, pulled in two different direction of what is right and wrong, and seeing that preview just really sets me on edge. I'm anxious for everything that's about to go down, seriously anxious.

And this is probably why I love this show, based on this season alone we've witnessed a change in which direction we should be concerned and rooting for. As mentioned before we knew from last season, as it drew nearner to the finale, that the Company was bad and HRG was good. However now we're experiencing a complete turnaround, not really knowing who to trust or who's telling the truth, or what a person's truest motive really is. Bob, the Company, HRG, Adam Monroe...we're unsure about what's all happening here. Is Bob more trustworthy than HRG right now, or is he mixing lies with truth to gain people's absolute trust into thinking that the Company is a good place? Is Adam trustworthy despite Bob's warnings of his past intending plans? Does HRG have a definite plan on saving and protecting his family forever, and does he really think that Mohinder is expendable due to being with the Company (more importantly, would Mohinder's conscience be at war if HRG had shared everything and been more supportive with Mohinder or had made sure he had backup)? Can the Company be a good place if the right people are in charge?

These are all questions I have considered and asked myself over and over, and I'm gathering theories based on some of them but still, this is probably why Heroes is my one favorite fandom at the moment. It makes you think, it makes you question what's going on and most of all, it makes you care about the characters involved. This episode, I found, sheds light to how the Company works. It's possible they used to be an organization for the goodness of saving people, but because everything had gotten out of control they were corrupted. Whether it was Adam's doing or someone else's, I don't know.

Gah! This show makes me think too much, which is never a bad thing but I think my brain has overheated from overthinking too much about this stuff.

The Glees and Squees!

++ MOHINDER VOICEOVER IS BACK BITCHES!! Both in the beginning and the end. HAHA! I KNEW it would be returning, I was wondering and concerned for that too. It felt like last season, Mohinder's monologues being the bookends of each episode, telling the knowledgeable quote of the episode's main point; this one, obviously, being about memory. Also, it was a good makeup since Mohinder was NOT in this episode at all. Which brings me too....

++ OMG they totally DID NOT show the HOUSE OF M3 when I thought they were going to! I wanted to see how Mohinder/Molly/Matt had gotten settled in, how Mohinder and Matt arranged themselves into their living situation because, dude, that would've made this episode EVEN BETTER. Especially if it involved a conversation between Matt and Mohinder about being Molly's "two daddies" and living together in the apartment. AND I WANTED TO SEE MOHINDER COOK DAMMIT! I just...I wanted anything involving Mohinder/Matt/Molly, I read somewhere they would have something like that in this episode and they DIDN'T. Those lying bastards I guess we'll wait for the deleted scenes on the DVD won't we. Also, it would've also been a great tie-in for Mohinder to have a conversation with HRG while discussing their plans to take down the Company from within. Also if Matt had brought up his daddy issues almost nonchalantly to either Molly or Mohinder, which would've been another tie-in. Because dude, that would've been SOOOO cool! I like my imaginary version better than the one that DIDN'T HAPPEN! That was the one thing I was hoping to have in this episode and it just was nonexistent. I feel sad now, I need more Matt/Mohinder and M3 adorableness.

++ See? Didn't I predict that the Company was subduing Peter's abilities? Although my theory was proven wrong that they were using the Virus on him unless that's what was in the pills, which I doubt.

++ David Anders. DAVID fucking ANDERS! He totally owns as Adam, I mean really. He rocks this role like whoa. It's amazing that this character has gone through massive transformations: drunken lazyass, awe-struck heroic man, heartbroken and betrayed, right down to cunning, cool and collected. Can he be trusted? Is he the good guy or the bad guy? I LOVE IT.

++ Oh hi DL! Long time no see! Oh, bye DL! Sorry a stupid gunshot wound killed you like that. *sniffle*

++ Niki's "other alter ego" something that makes no sense in consistency whatsoever was named Gina. Remember when I made the parallels between Niki and Mohinder as partners being the Six and Gaius Baltar of the Heroesverse? OMG IT TOTALLY MAKES IT MORE AWESOME BECAUSE "Gina" IS THE NAME OF THE OTHER SIX COPY BALTAR WAS INVOLVED WITH! TOTALLY FTW!

++ Though...hold up, was "Gina" sniffing a line of coke at the club or was imagining it? Or did she finish giving the guy a blowjob? It's confusing.

++ Bob is one sketchy guy. The dude is like EVERYWHERE, like a cockroach.

++ While this show doesn't do canonical romances very well as they very well admit, the ones with subtext ALWAYS seem to work out. We had the Petrellicest and now we have the twin/siblingcest between Maya and Alejandro. Maya was TOTALLY jealous of Alejandro being married. And now Alejandro is becoming jealous when Sylar and Maya are together, awww. Maya/Alejandro OTP.

++ Elle, stop touching/flirting with Peter. He doesn't want your cooties, he wants Nathan's goddammit.

++ "We can be like Fantastic Four, minus one but still." Awww, Micah! You're too adorable.

++ THE HAITIAN FTW BABY! I was like, WTF the Haitian is there? Then suddenly he turns once again and saves Peter's life. HEEE! The Haitian is made of awesome this season, for real people.

++ Nathan being burned = Badbadbad. Nathan being cured with Adam's blood = awesomeawesomeHOTandawesome. But really, couldn't Peter have done it since he also has the same ability? Which would also give more endorsing of Petrellicesty goodness.

++ Angela Petrelli. It's a love/hate thing with this character. I love how she admitted herself after the unexpected murders of the Group of Twelve and is trying to make good with everything, I also like that while a cold bitch she still maintains her posture. But also there's the major "WTF" issue, her telling more lies regarding the abilities and the actual truth and using her mysterious persuasion abilities to do so. Holy crap, love her/hate her whatever. The Petrelli Family Dark Secret is, of course, being incrediby dysfunctional to trump all dysfunctional families.

++ OMG ELLE CHOPPED OFF THE EMO!BANGS OF DOOOOM! Sorry, it had to be said. Heh.

++ Where's my House of M3? I want my Mohinder/Matt/Molly storyline dammit!!! Yes I will never let that go, I love them and I know Kring loves them and I KNOW it was supposed to be in here and it wasn't, and I want to know why!


Overall: This was a pretty good episode, though I much preferred last week's because so much happened there to progress the story. But they were on different levels of awesome. I just wished there were more flashbacks to certain storylines (*cough*MOHINDER/MOLLY/MATT*cough*), but I completely understand why they set aside those storylines that didn't correspond with what was setup here in this episode. Although I still think the HRG/Mohinder plan could've had more explanation. Still, it was nice to have a flashback episode to those missing four months....

Next Week's Episode: OMFG!! Hiro goes back in time to save his father (which could altar present time, yeah?), a tradeoff/standoff between HRG and the Company, and Mohinder....my poor, poor, torn-innocent soul Mohinder is probably getting caught in the crossfire. Cannot stop thinking about Mohinder in the car and Mohinder with the gun pointed at him... OMGOMGOMGOMG!!

I must go read some Matt/Mohinder and M3 stories now.....

My God, only three episodes left. THREE EPISODES LEFT?! Didn't this season just start? This can't be it, stupid freaking strike! I mean, I'm all for the strike, I support it all the way it's just...the producers better give the writers what they want because I'm not looking forward to having ALL my fandoms on this long-ass hiatus until a settlement is resolved. That is just unfair, not just to the fans by to the writers and workers on the shows as well. I just...I can't survive with only three episodes left of the first half of S2 with this strike going on that'll last for Lord knows how long.
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jirucloud on November 16th, 2007 03:41 am (UTC)
Oh man! I totally got too busy to talk about Heroes!!! Okay... lets go!

Oh man... I wonder if Adam is really good since the Company says he's bad... doubtful though. I thought it was funny to see Peter playing Elle too! Without his memory, Peter is definitely not the same nice pushover he used to be!

Wow! I totally didn't catch that! That would be so useful to a politician... if only Nathan had gotten that one, lol

Kensei... lol. I think, evil. I mean, after 400 years, he *better* be good with words, lol... but who knows??? Heroesville is a crazy place...

Bob... also bad! lol... although, his 'I've had this job for 20years' speech was pretty heart-felt sounding... x.x WHO KNOWS?? MAYBE SYLAR IS ACTUALLY THE KINDEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!! lol

yeah, those scenes were weird, but I did like that they went off about how they didn't have a family and some of those little glimpses that give you a better sense of character... I'd like to know more about them, but at the same time I want Yaeko to pop up in the future instead... (mentioning not-very-useful-but-fun-to-watch scenes)

I'm tired of all this 'look! I have a new hairdo and now I'm evil' storylines with her... >.> WHY DO YOU LIVE IN A HOUSE OF MIRRORS? lol

tee! The Haitian is so cool!!! I really think they need to shove some of the characters out of the spotlight and focus on him more ^.^ Also, he doesn't run as cooly as he walks, lol... but he does run like those professional killers/spies in movies...

I think HRG and Monroe both have personal problems with the company... and I think that as long as the Company is keeping people aside from their will and feeding them pills that could kill them or giving them those pills and taking their abilities away without telling them, then they are bad.

I missed the beginning one!!! T.T I hope its back for good!

I like my imaginary version better than the one that DIDN'T HAPPEN! Me too!!! I was like 'where's my M3???' instead we have random running scenes with Maya and Elle being a crazy... T.T Disappointing...

Lol, you are always right! Its like reading spoilers, almost ^.^

Adam is really complex... but I guess 400 years will do that to you...

I know! It was funny that there were so many times during the episode where he could've died and then that was his end! lol

Lol, yes, I am very tired of all this crazy hairdo changing, looking in the mirror, now my name is different and I'm evil stuff... no sense! The first one did, but now I'm worried that it will be a never-ending cycle x.x

I wish it were coke! >.>

Oooh... maybe he's the real big bad behind all of this and is using Adam as a cover...

lol! they're only good at perverted romance! lol

Yeah... Elle = crazy bitch. I guess they were trying to make her more sympathetic... but she was just so weird... that little sob story, so planned... bleah

lol, Micah! I like him, but his birthday party was so sad T.T I wish he could have a happier end

Lol, the Haitian was *always* made of awesome ^.~

I guess they needed to have a stronger connection between Adam and Peter, so thats why they did it... and with all of the crazy abilities in Peter, who knows what would've happened, lol

I really wanted there to be an *actual* secret revealed, especially after those misleading adverts... >.>

YAY! She had a purpose!!!

T.T I want it now!!!!! M3 LUFF!!!!

I thought it was from remembering his mother...

I liked last weeks much better too... but the next one should have M3 in it since the shows seem to be on a rotating schedule with the characters.

Next week... OMG yay! although, I wish that he were going back in time to take back Yaeko... although, couldn't the whole season be remedied by him just going back and not revealing himself to her?

I know!!! T.T it needs to be settled... reality tv shows forever = no more tv...

Renée: GG. Blair.rogueslayer452 on November 16th, 2007 04:07 am (UTC)
I've been pondering a lot whether Adam is good or evil or just incredibly messed up after the betrayal by Hiro and is playing both sides of the coin. Kring had mentioned that the Big Bad of S2 was worse than Sylar last season, but I gathered he was talking about Maury Parkman (because trapping people in their own nightmares IS pretty damn scary). Again, going for the morally grey area.

Bob is like those really sketchy car salesmen kind of guys; tries to persuade you into something and you're not sure if he's being truthful and is hiding something from you, but you're not sure what.

I'm disappointed with the Sanders' storyline and how it was played out, DL's death was completely unjustified for my tastes and I thought that Niki/Jessica had completed itself from last season. Then it had to be ruined due to Niki being all depressed and not taking the medication. Now really, I liked how last season we were all kept in the dark with her ability, and now with the how/why I'd much preferred we didn't actually know. And don't be dissing anyone with house of mirrors, 'cause my house has plenty everywhere because apparently I am so vain XD

It made much more sense with the Jessica personality, being her dead sister and if she either was channeling her or using her as a shield. But now, with "Gina"? Makes no logical sense....

The Haitian is completely hardcore. I love him more and more each episode. *loves*

Elle is completely psycho. Childish and psycho, and not done properly either. I kept thinking she was going to go all Paris Hilton on Peter or something, I kept thinking "whoa lady, back off okay?" She seemed so giddy...though her story does explain her sociopathic tendencies. She's so damaged it explains A LOT of her behavior and mannerisms.

Dude, Mohinder voiceovers are FTW! I missed them terribly so, and I'm glad we've finally gotten them back. :D I do wish we'd gotten the backstory as to how Mohinder and Matt started to raise Molly or how Mohinder and HRG had planned their super secret mission together. As I keep saying, it would've fit MUCH BETTER than the Maya and Alejandro storyline, which isn't anything different from what we already know of them from the beginning. M3 would've been a better substitute, and would've made ME a happy bunny. I WANT MY M3!!!

But you're right though. They should be having more M3 scenes, or at least ones with Matt and Mohinder talking about the next step into their work because they do have many things happening. Especially now with Mohinder asked to do a difficult task and questioning his moral decisions, I do want to see if there's a Matt/Mohinder conversation about this. If not, I'm going to be disappointed.

Though I am worried for Mohinder because of those previews....what will happen to him because I don't want him to die.

I'd give the strike at the end of December to possibly early 2008 for everything to be settled. If not, television is going to go downhill with repeatedly AWFUL reality TV crap.