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SPN: "Fresh Blood" Episode Review

Fucking awesome episode. It has to be said, because it's so true.

There is no doubt in the universe that Gordon is one badass motherfucker and he scares the living beegesus out of me, which makes him such an extraordinarily convincing character in the show. He was definitely one of the best recurring characters in Supernatural, next to the Yellow-Eyed Demon of course. Both very awesome villain characters, both will be missed. Anyway, back to Gordon. It's considerably ironic that Gordon, a well-known hunter for killing vampires, was captured and turned into one himself. It was a really interesting twist to his character, becoming something that you loathed. And dude, he was even fucking scarier as a vampire, being bloodthirsty and wanting Sam dead in the process. Just, holy fuck that was sweet. Especially the effects from seeing how a vampire views the world: bright lights, sounds echoing, hearing blood running and heartbeats from miles away. It was just awesome how they messed with that, and when he'd trapped Sam in the warehouse to hunt and kill him, the red effects of heightened vampire sight was also cool.

I also liked his interaction with Bela in the beginning, it was a great standoff between them. And actually the first time I liked Bela, until she ratted the Winchesters out to him, but kind of regained that by helping them later on. I liked how fearless she seemed with the gun pointed at her, but frightened when she realized that oops, she might've sent a raging psychopath after Sam and Dean. I found her tolerable here. She doesn't do the job for money, but for artifacts that could gain her even more money by anxious buyers in the supernatural black market gig she works for. I found that interesting.

The vampire subplot thing was also very intriguing, and I felt bad for the guy too. His race being nearly extinct, trying to revive it by his bringing young girls into his blood circle because of the loss of his daughter. It was actualy very sad, really. I liked that he turned Gordon into one of his own kind, though regretted it later.

Oh, Dean. Oh, Sam, YOU BOYS STOP BREAKING MY HEART! SERIOUSLY. I KNOW YOU TWO HAVE MOMENTS LIKE THESE BUT THIS ONE ALMOST MADE ME CRY (not like weepy like in "All Hell Breaks Loose", but nearly damn close because goddamn it Sammy's speech was heartbreaking and emotional and SO FUCKING TRUE IT HURT). I do like that their relationship is getting repaired despite the battle between wanting to save Dean's life and whatnot, which I totally think Dean should allow Sam to figure out because he WILL find a way. Because c'mon, this is Sam Winchester. And yeah, Dean's afraid and hiding behind is facade of jokes and laughs, which is naturally the Dean thing to do in such a crisis. Awww, Sammy knows Dean better than anyone else, that's just....awwwww!! I loved that whole scene really, with Sam telling Dean that and with the "just because" explanation because really, they ARE brothers and despite anything else they're going to be together no matter what. And I do think Dean needed to hear this, the same way Dean needed to hear Bobby's speech in the finale.

Also, Dean teaching Sam how to fix/repair the Metallicar? OMGLOVEOMG!! Oh, boys. *shakes head* Why must you break my break and mend it to be broken again? I love you two.

This episode: GRUESOME GOREFEST GALORE! No hesitation with the blood and gore in this one, and was even terrifying with the Gordon versus Sam fight and hunting down. I absolutely loved it all. This is Supernatural at its best this season. I did love the showdown between Sam and Gordon, and Sammy using the wire to choke and slice off Gordon's head? HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AWESOME!! Yes, I'm a fan of gore and I very much appreciate this. Without other weapons, without the Colt, it was Sam and his own hands performing the task. Not to mention that Gordon himself RIPPED THE HEADS OFF OF THE VAMPIRE GIRLS WITH HIS BARE HANDS. This show takes it to the next level of hardcore gore dudes, and it's awesome. Now THIS is my show.

This also gathers more interesting insight to his character as well, which is primarily what this season is all about aside from saving Dean's life and their relationship repairing and challenging itself. Sam's destiny, him being part of the war, to becoming the Boy King of the Demon Army if he chooses to...despite everything, he will be powerful. We've seen him go into full-killer mode, and even in this episode he was all "let's kill Gordon" because while he rationalized it, which was very true, that's who Sam's becoming. But I have these theories running around in my head -- I can't articulate them here because my mind's still swimming after this episode. But I have some ideas on where this could be headed, along with Ruby's part in it along with Dean's and everything else.

Speaking of which, although no Ruby I was excited with Gordon. Bela was good too, even though I still have to warm up to her character. Still no Bobby, which I'm sad about. OH, and there was HARMONY! Now we know where she went after she disappeared from Angel. Ah-ha! XD

No new episodes until December 13th (I think?) Those little bastards. *shakes fist*
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