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Bright shiny's doable.

The WGA and the AMPTP announced that we will resume negotiations on Monday, November 26. While this doesn't guarantee anything that the strike will end, this is the first big step that could possibly have a huge impact. Still, it's amazing news to hear after two weeks of striking, show productions being shut down and essentially fans/writers/actors/workers all waiting in anticipation for what may happen. I know it's not going to be instantaneous, but at least both sides are back to talking and that's a sign something's working. The President of the WGAW had written an open letter regarding the negotiation dates and what may happen, and I am trying not to celebrate too quickly, but I'm still crossing my fingers and being optimistic anyway.

In light of that good news, something else has been my unbelievably giddy: I Will Be (Mohinder/Molly/Matt). It's a Heroes fanvideo and yes, it's centered around the M3 family. This has me squeeing in the OMGSOCUTE variety. It's colorful, beautifully edited and just...believe me, it's too adorable to pass up. ♥

And because all the cool kids are doing it: You are the ____ to my ____ meme. Do me please, with cherries on top wow, that sounds vaguely dirty no? Heh.

I'm surprisingly in a good mood today despite being sick. I mean, I'm listening to Christmas music (yaysquee!), reading lots and lots of Mohinder/Matt and M3 goodness, have been cleaning up so we can get ready for decorating the house, which is my turf for doing actually so I'm very giddy over doing this, along with setting Thanksgiving dinner dates and whatnot. So it's just been a lovely day so far.
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