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Stings like a bitch, don't it?

This is a little bit of a lengthy-thing, but I just have to get this off my chest. If I offended anybody, I'm sorry but these are my opinions.

Regarding Mohinder and his actions from last night, it's pretty understandable taken from his perspective and from the knowledge he has from both sides, and given his position what he did was pretty realistic to how anyone in that kind of situation would've acted. Bennet was going to shoot Bob, mercilessly and in cold-blood. Hell, Bennet was going to shoot Mohinder earlier before West stopped him probably the only time I liked West. As mentioned before Mohinder and Bennet have never been on the same page, with their alliance I knew that something was going to go wrong down the line. Whether it was being found out or their partnership departing.

Bennet hasn't exactly been one to have a golden halo above his head this season either, though. He hasn't been truthful or completely honest with either Mohinder or his family, particularly Claire which if only he'd revealed the truth of his plans and the paintings Claire wouldn't have been so reckless and throwing herself in the arms of the flying stalker-boy. As mentioned before in my review, Bennet could've been more helpful to Mohinder than just packaging him up and shipping him off to the Company without any backup or anything like that; all they relied on were phone calls and whenever Mohinder needed to desperately speak with him Bennet wasn't available or busy doing his own stuff. So he literally pushing Mohinder into the crocodile pit and fend for himself, which wasn't smart because Mohinder is very impressionable and does want to help others, not just take down the organization for the protection of the Bennet family. Mohinder sees the potential of helping others with abilities and preventing the virus from mutating and spreading, and if that means joining the Company to serve that greater, more important purpose than so be it.

Remember folks, Mohinder is just a simple guy thrown into an extraordinarily impossible situation here; Bennet is the one with years of training to handle the Company, Mohinder isn't. Mohinder may be intelligent and smart, but not knowledgeable in the tactics and the history the Company and their passed members have gone through. Bennet was only middle-management, after all, and probably doesn't know much about the Original Twelve and if he did, he'd been holding out on Mohinder for the sake of protecting his family.

So I don't think what Mohinder did was stupid -- just impulsive, which is what Mohinder does in an emergency. He acts impulsively, and in this case he acted that way because Bennet was going to murder someone in cold-blood and therefore he panicked. Keep in mind that both Mohinder and Bennet have their clear motives for doing what they believe is for the greater cause, but I think Mohinder's is the more reasonable one. Bennet only wants to protect his family, which is nice and all, the whole "me and mine" attitude and shows his loyalty to being a family man and all that. But realistically, that's impossible. They even said it within the show, they'll never stop running. Now Bennet was going to kill Bob because he's the boss of the organization -- kill him, the Company is history, no more running or hiding. That's Bennet's logic. Mohinder, on the other hand, is thinking about all the lives he can save by creating a vaccine from Claire's blood and curing the virus before it mutates again and starts to spread. That's more realistic than trying to become a normal family again which, after all the Bennet's have gone through they'll never be normal or live happily after all this.

Mohinder is doing this for the bigger picture whereas Bennet is doing it for his own personal reasons. Obviously he doesn't want anyone else caught by the Company, but Mohinder is thinking of the overall consequences if they don't treat the virus immediately. Now, why couldn't he have mentioned this to Bennet in the car, saying that the stakes have been risen higher due to the mutation of the virus? I don't know, but he wasn't thinking clearly, just acting impulsively and wanting to get the whole deal done as quickly as possible.

So why am I writing about this? Because I am sick and tired of everyone calling Mohinder stupid or idiotic or bashing him for what he does; it's like he's literally the punching bag that Elle mentioned last night, people like using him as a scapegoat for making simple mistakes that anyone of us could make if we were placed in such a situation.

I mean, take into consideration what's happened to him since the start of the premiere. Given all that from the shortened period of the Heroes timeline, especially with everything he'd endured from last season into account, Mohinder's dealt with more than anyone and he's been dealing with it pretty damn well considering. Meeting all these people, not knowing which side to trust, not knowing who to trust or who to rely on. Literally, Mohinder is clearly alone in this, which is very depressing. I mean, hell, in the end of this episode Mohinder was staring at the gun remorsefully, regretting the act. It's not like he wanted to kill Bennet. Again, it was an impulsive move that anyone stuck in a situation would've done, and the poor boy's feeling awful because of it. In the end, from my observation: Mohinder is not stupid. Naive, too trusting and impressionable at times? Sure, but not stupid. He's made mistakes, and this mistake is probably going to weigh heavy on his conscience for a long, long time. It's what makes him human and different from other fictional characters that can do something and shake it off later, like Bennet for example. Another reason why I love him; he's crossed that line he'd been known to never cross before, which adds another development for his character. He's going to have to deal with it, to feel the guilt and remorse.

Obviously I understand people's frustrations, and I can't say I blame them for reacting in such a way. Fandom loves HRG, and if anyone shoots or messes with HRG they'll be on the Fandom's Blacklist, therefore Mohinder shooting HRG has them automatically jumping/bashing on him for it. I admit I was shocked that Mohinder actually shot Bennet, but with everything that's been happening and the context of the situation I understand and forgive him for it. Others may not for obvious reasons, but I do.

Oh Mohinder, you're like my Sam Winchester, Lee Adama, and Karl Agathon all wrapped into one, and I love you for it.
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