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Giving thanks to all my blessings...

Firstly, wishing everyone a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving, whether it be with family and friends or just by yourself or doing nothing at all if you're in non-celebration of this holiday. Without being sappy and giving out lists of things I'm thankful for, I'd like to make the overall observation and say that I am incredibly thankful and grateful that I'd accomplished and gained so much this year; I've done things that I am proud of and have made decisions that I know are the right choices for the direction I want my life to go in, even if others may not feel the same way. I have made amends with some relationships with people and I have grown and seen things with my own eyes, gained a little more perspective in life, and I am thankful for everything I have and the people I share it with.

Okay, that was a little sappy. But oh well, that being said I can't wait until Christmas!

In other things that are good, I has a new printer! More specifically, it's a scanner/copier/printer all in one, very high-tech and way cool. So, yay!

House M.D. 4.07 "Ugly"

I don't think I'd given my thoughts on this episode yet, so I'll do it now before reviewing the most recent one.

I knew the ex-CIA doctor was going to get booted, which is unfortunate because I'd thought there was something going on between both her and House from the previous episode. Like, the mutual understanding of mentalities and respect would lead to a complicated romance within the job. But eh, at least House acknowledged that he hires women who are hot and his distractions to wanting to have that hot woman on his team despite how utterly wrong she is with the suggestions giving out (which seemed slightly odd, being she was a doctor she didn't have the correct ways of diagnosing the patient; but I guess that being said that's why she called House on the CIA case instead of dealing with the issue herself. She's more used to dealing with normal cases, House is dealing with abnormal ones).

The documentary subplot was hilarious, especially in the end when the final cut was of video was shining light House's generosity and "kindness" when, really, that is exactly what he is NOT. I loved both his and Cuddy's reactions. Hee! Also, House and Wilson are still made of awesome when together on screen. That is all.

House M.D. 4.08 "You Don't Want to Know"

YES! House FINALLY has a case dealing with LUPUS! Because House's theory has always been "it's never Lupus", well this was the one that actually was. Hee! That is just awesome.

"Bring me the thong of Lisa Cuddy!" This was hilarious, because House likes playing games and it's funny to see everyone running around trying to play it by his rules. Unfortunately for Big Love, while his plan was cunning enough to make others try to guess his methods he shouldn't have underestimated House that he wouldn't find out sooner or later that he'd made a deal with Cuddy. It's sad that he was fired, and his expression in the end made it even sadder. I did, however, like that he and the 6/9 guy were buddies. Up until the end, though, another sad moment. Oh well.

Three more contestants left -- which I HOPE TO GOD that Cutthroat Bitch gets axed. She bugs major.

House and Wilson playing foose ball = awesome.

For the rest of the night I'll be lounging, drinking Sparkling Cidar and being in woe that I cannot join in the insanity of Black Friday after-Thanksgiving sales.
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