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Heroes: "Truth and Consequences" Episode Review

The Heroisms: What It Means To Be A Hero

From the last episode we were left with the shocking end when Mohinder had shot Bennet, allowing Isaac's Series of Eight paintings predictions to come true and the unexpected ending where Bennet is resurrected from the dead. In this episode, it is revealed that Mohinder had brought Bennet to an unknown location (the Company?) where he experimented Claire's regenerative blood on Bennet to bring him back to life. Though Bennet and Mohinder aren't seeing eye-to-eye, pardon the pun, with the events that'd gone down. Mohinder takes Claire's blood to start creating a vaccine for the mutated strand of the virus. He successfully manages to do just that and ready to inform Niki Sanders to cure her from the virus surging through her, but Mohinder also takes a stand to Bob, confronting him about the different variations of the virus he searched and found within the Company's files and records, telling Bob that he demands they find all virus virals within the Company and destroy them before the virus starts mutating again.

The Bennet family attempts to move on from the devastating "death" of Noah Bennet, Claire's mourning is deeper than she ever realizes, but is being watched by Elle Bishop ordered by her father. Needless to say, Claire gets more than pissed at this and stands up to the plate. Meanwhile, Adam and Peter go off to find the woman from the Original Twelve named Victoria Pratt who supposedly created the Shanti virus that's about to be released. Hiro and Ando discover Kensei's true identity and Hiro attempts to find out more regarding Adam's involvement and his true intentions, and gets ready to stand off with the least likely person.

Meanwhile in the States, Sylar teaches Maya to control her abilities and convinces her to ditch Alejandro knowing he would cause a rift between his plans on using her; and in the end they've arrived at their destination, and an unexpected surprise awaits Mohinder when he recieves a phone call from the past....

Leaving only one episode left to finish off the season, rushing into the dramatics of storylines and the fates of certain characters and the fate of the world which hangs in the balance.

The Characters: Discovering Their Truest Potentials

Mohinder Suresh: I'm putting him up first because he DESERVES it dammit. I knew that he was going to get redeemed after his actions from the last episode, even though I loved him then as I always have which I've already explained why so I don't feel like I have to repeat myself. In any event, I loved Mohinder in this episode. While less screentime than the previous, he managed to make me adore him even more. From the beginning to resurrecting Bennet, laying the smackdown onto him AND onto Bob when confronting about the different variations of the virus within the Company's facilities. See people? Mohinder's proven himself to be a mastermind; he didn't stray away from Bennet's warnings about the virus, but actually took actions to research and look through concealed files on the different versions of the virus, including the one that could infect anyone instantly. He's taking control now, doing whatever necessary to create a vaccine for the virus. I love bitchy!Mohinder, it looks good on him.

Noah Bennet: It's interesting how the tables have turned. Noah Bennet is now the lab rat, the experiment which Mohinder used Claire's blood to resurrect him. Some will, once again, crucify Mohinder for that but I think it fits perfectly with their relationship. I will say this: I agree with what Mohinder had said to him, Bennet did bring this upon himself. If ONLY he'd been completely honest with Mohinder regarding the origins of the virus, honest with Claire about his plans, how he'd become so obsessed with the Series of Eight paintings, he wouldn't be in this position. Though I understand why he did it, just like I understand why Mohinder did what he did, Bennet's motives were only destructive in the end.

The Bennet Family: Finally Claire has realized her mistakes, acknowledged how selfish she was being and not listening to her father. Of course Kring did mention this mistake so perhaps this is his attempt to redeem Claire's storyline by making her more involved by confronting Elle. Which, I have to say, it's about damn time. Too bad it has to be the second to last episode of the season for this to happen. But I was impressed how Mrs. Bennet was holding the gun. You'd think a woman like that, from what we've seen of her, wouldn't pick up a weapon in her life. But I guess being the wife of a morally gray husband you have to use whatever you can even if you don't want to. The Bennets facing off the Bishops was remarkable, and I like how Claire is finally stepping up to the plate and taking charge. This could be from her anger of what happened to her dad, but I think she realizes the stakes at hand. Something she should've already known from last season, and I kind of wanted her to be involved with the bigger plot.

Elle and Bob Bishop: Daddy issues continues to grow. I find it interesting that after only the limited time with Bennet, his words affected Elle's mentality immensely. She's now starting to question...that scene in the car between them was wonderfully acted, on both sides. I also liked that while Elle could've zapped Claire or her family and taken off she didn't. Claire and Elle share the same issues, being daddy issues. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out between those two.

Peter Petrelli and Adam Monroe: Dude, seriously. When not one but two people tell you about Adam Monroe being the one who killed Kaito Nakamura and all the others, you should take notice they ARE red flags and heed those warnings. As for Adam, he's one manipulative son-of-a-bitch, so of course Peter would be following him if it is to "save the world" by any means.

Hiro Nakamura: "My name is Hiro Nakamura, you killed my father, prepare to die!" This is precisely the place where Hiro is at this moment, and I'm loving it. He's grown since the beginning (even if his taken in ancient Japan slowed him down). From when he tried to save his father only to understand he couldn't, but instead he could avenge his father's death by completing his duty to save the world. He now has two missions to accomplish: avenging his father's death by defeating Adam Monroe and stop the Shanti virus from ever being let out. Of course Ando is being left behind, but I'm still glad Hiro and Ando have reunited and have worked together to this moment.

Niki Sanders: So I have a theory. Niki is infected with the virus, which apparently isn't airbourne, has told Micah. Mohinder calls tells her that he has the cure, she's esctatic and wants to tell Micah, only to find Micah gone as he's on the secret mission. Niki's dedication to her son will have her sacrifice her life, meaning that Niki will probably die by the end of the season. Which is a shame, because I really wanted Niki's storyline to have substance this season so does this mean that Micah can live in the House of M, to complete the circle? Hey, it's wishful thinking.

Monica Dawson: I still love Monica. I loved how she seemed so dedicated to helping Micah, such a selfless act. I got scared wheh she was taken by those thugs! I would've thought that she would use her skills to take them out, but I guess getting ganged up by big scary thugs can freeze up even someone physically skilled and equipped like Monica. Damn girl, if there was any chance you watched Kill Bill now would've been the time to use those skills.

Maya, Alejandro and Sylar: I knew that Alejandro was going to die, it was the next step in Sylar's scheme in gaining Maya's trust and loyalty, and having Alejandro dislike Sylar and beginning to dislike Maya for choosing Sylar over him would've been the last straw. I also knew that once Maya confronted him about his accidental killing of his mother -- which is actually true, it was an accident -- Sylar would be playing the innocent card, making the connection to her more than anything. I admit, the kiss did feel a little forced and too quick (again, Heroes not exactly the romancing kind of show), but we did get shirtless!Sylar which made up for all the fake gushiness of Maya/Sylar. I admit though, I do like the idea of them together, it's just the timing is a bit off to me how they managed to get this far and how utterly gullible Maya is considering the end that they broke into a man's home, Sylar leering over a sleeping Molly and awaiting Mohinder to return home. Such great timing, eh?

The Episode: Developments of the Heroes Mythology

Perhaps the biggest reveal in this episode, which is something I'd speculated before but we haven't had much evidence concerning it until now, being the Original Twelve had created the Shanti virus. This is their sin, their error and anguish placed upon themselves and the next generation; Angela Petrelli had mentioned to Matt that it is something they had to do to protect their children and the future generations to come, protecting the virus from ever reappearing and Adam Monroe's involvement for intentionally letting loose that virus onto the world. Which he is now wanting to do again, with the help of the innocent and gullible Peter Petrelli. Adam's motives for doing this is kind of unclear, if he thinks he can end civilization and mankind due to his broken heart and betrayal or that he truly believes he's doing this for the greater good. Whatever it is, obviously the Company did a good thing for locking him up. But perhaps they could've used a higher secured facility if he truly was a dangerous threat.

This also brings up more questions about Adam's teaming up with Peter. It is revealed when Hiro goes back to 1977 that Adam probably had another partner in the mix, which probably is why he needs Peter and why he's so convincing. Makes one wonder what else Adam has up his sleeve.

Another thing that popped out at me in this episode was the progression and controlling of abilities. Sylar had started to quickly train Maya that she could control her own power by focusing, whatever that focusing was or how she managed to do it is unknown, but I'm guessing it had something to do with Sylar, her Angel Gabriel and "personal savior". Alone with Matt's evolved abilities, there seems to be something more with powers than just having them, it's about control and knowing when to use them and how to not let the power take over the person. We've seen the consequences from the Older Generation when they abuse such power, and we're starting to see that progression in others too. Like Matt, for example. The mythology of abilities within a person growing, evolving and progressing even as time goes on is remarkable. Adam's healing ability allows him to defy time and avoid death, which is something that'll happen to Claire also if this cycle is right.

The Upcoming Finale Episode: Unanswered Questions, One Hour To Reveal Them All

This has to be mentioned, there are still unanswered questions regarding certain storylines that I've been waiting for this season to reveal. Obviously because of the writer's strike we won't be having the remaining full-season to explore all of that, so everything had to be squeezed and crammed into these last several episodes, which is why everything seemed so rushed and tight with information. Most of which is random and doesn't make sense if you haven't been keeping up with the season from the premiere. Everything had gotten so scattered within the last several episodes, fast-paced but jumbled up at the same time. And people were complaining that in the beginning it was moving tediously slow, now everything is going way too fast and it's almost over with. It's depressing.

Of course this finale I consider a mid-season finale because it is, technically, the first half of season two and if the strike ends soonly we'll be finishing it off with volume three being the second half of what this season was going to be about. Whether or not all our questions are to be answered in the next episode doesn't really matter, we'll still get that cliffhanger to let our minds be tortured with many other questions and possibilities.

All I want is M3 to be safe, that's all I'm wishing for. The bestest most adorable storyline of this season from has been the Mohinder/Molly/Matt family setup and, from tonight's episode, it seems like we're going to have one hell of a fight to keep that family together in the finale; for Matt to solve the mystery, for Mohinder to save Molly from Sylar, for Molly to be strong on both accounts. Everything. My Gods, what is this show doing to me? Seriously.

The Glees and Squees!

++ Whether or not it was the Company's idea to resurrect Bennet or Mohinder's doing alone, I loved that whole beginning scene between them. It's a callback to their alliance together, a very resistance and animosity to each other because while they'd partnered up and have the same motives they aren't on friendly terms, and both of them were speaking the words fans have been talking about since the beginning. Bennet was in it for himself, Mohinder's trustworthiness in the Company, everything. It was so perfectly done, the way Mohinder spoke to Bennet, hatred and hardness in his voice. The same goes for when he's talking with Bob later on....Mohinder's in charge now, and he's staying true to his word. He hasn't chosen sides. He's not on Bennet's side, he's not with the Company's, he's all about doing the right thing everyone and will do whatever necessary to ensure that happens.

++ I seriously love competent, bitchy!Mohinder. The way he turned his back on Bennet in that room was cold and sadistic, and I loved it. Complete turn-around from their roles from last season, as I mentioned before. They are the mirror images of each other now. Someone mentioned in the TWoP forums that this is vicious!Mohinder from way back in "Parasite", and I have to agree. And I love it.

++ Claire being all emotional and mourning over her father was actually slightly sad, and her comparison to her pain to everything she'd endured physically was a nice touch. Also, I understand why she wanted to forget her father by wanting to have her memories erased. It's better to live without painful memories of the "what ifs" and "could've beens" and wishful thinking of how to make things right, because there are those memories that will haunt someone forever. But Claire will see her daddy again.

++ Shirtless!Sylar. Need I say more? Oh yeah, we need shirtless!Mohinder now, please Kring?

++ Speaking of which, OMG MYLAR REUNION VIA PHONE CALL! It's interesting that Mohinder's expression went from complete shock and yet he didn't even have a surprised response to Sylar's call at all; it wasn't a "I thought you were dead", instead it was "where are you?" Very subtle writers, very subtle.

++ OMG Noah Bennet is a FRAKKING CYLON! Okay, perhaps not a Cylon because there aren't multiple copies despite the resurrection scene; he's more like Bill Adama, and Mohinder was the Sharon Valerii who shot him. Hee.

++ I liked Victoria Pratt. She reminded me of Ellen Harvelle from Supernatural. It was the shotgun.

++ Noah to Mohinder: "You SON OF A BITCH!" This was a complete Dean Winchester moment for him. Hee.

++ The younger!generation of the older!generation was AWESOME.

++ Poor Monica. I feel bad for her, and Micah and Niki. I fear what's going to happen to them. Obviously Niki is going to try and save Monica or at least do something, but will place her life on the line because of it.

++ The ending with Hiro and Peter. WOAH. Just, woah. Also, I loved Ando's expression everytime Hiro winked in and out of present time (I call it "winked" because it's precisely what he does, taking it from a My Little Pony standard here okay?) He just looked so exasperated like, "not this AGAIN"

++ I'm beginning to like Elle. Shocking, huh? I think it's because of her complexity and how rough it must've been, along with coming to the realization that her father had used her for experimentation purposes as a child which could've been prevented from her becoming who she is now. I just love the parallels between her and Claire, and their confrontation as I aforementioned before was brilliant. A standoff between those two was awesome, especially since Claire is grieving and needs someone like Elle to take it out on.

++ Did I mention that Mohinder is love? Because he SO is.

Overall: ....I stil can't believe there's only one episode left. Seriously, this season is getting SO FRAKKING GOOD it's hard to imagine that it's coming to an end. But hopefully the strike will be resolved soonishly, all our shows will go back into production and everything will be okay again. I think this episode really had lots of things to reveal; "truth" being everything that hasn't been revealed yet or told by other characters until now and the "consequences" of the actions these characters have made. It's going to be difficult parting from S2, because I love it even when people thought it was too slow/too many new characters/not interesting enough/whatever.

Random: why is it that every time I try to write Adam's name I always end up typing "Adama" instead? Pssh, Adam Monroe only WISHES he were as awesome as Adama. *shakes head*
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