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Fandomosity: WGA, BSG, SPN, Fireflyverse

Holy crap, it's the 1st of December already. When did that happen? Boggles the mind how fast this year has been going.

-♠- Worth Fighting For: The WGA strikes continues. While still in negotiation talks, it seems that the proposals the AMPTP have been giving aren't going so great with the WGA, and rightfully so. In a shorthand version, the AMPTP just aren't getting things through their thick skulls and it seems that this may take a while before something is properly settled. In addition to that, 80 staff members from the Late Night with Jay Leno show have been fired due to the strike, leaving all those individuals without work. Needless to say, anyone out there who thinks this isn't a big deal is way wrong; this affects everybody, not only in the business but viewers too. I encourage everyone out there to get the message out and support the writers.

-♠- Sharp As Razors: The official Razor website includes a longer and very spoilerish trailer for the extended and unrated DVD release, which is on the 4th of this month. The website also includes clips from the film, along with a sneak-peek into the fourth and final season.

-♠- So Say We All!: Over on Ron Moore's blog there's additional information regarding the potential rewards for sending pencils to Pencils2MediaMoguls: "Mary McDonnell, Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, Jamie Bamber, and Michael Trucco have all agreed to make a personal phone call to fans who win the raffles in their names." This is HUGE for any BSG fan, and also this will come as a positive reward for supporting the strike. Another potential reward for winners is spending time with Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) in Vancouver for a hockey game, and most recently Jamie Bamber will be donating signed and pre-worn towels. Heh, the fangirls squeals can be heard from miles away. Visit for more details on how to support the writers and win prizes/rewards in the process.

-♠- Can't Take The Sky: "I, Malcolm" by Nathan Fillion. An exclusive excerpt from Serenity Found, the second essay-book and sister to Finding Serenity.
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