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Heroes: "Powerless" Episode Review

Oh Snap! Crackle! Pop!

The Heroisms: The Definition of a Hero Is...

In this explosive conclusion to Volume Two, Mohinder returns back to his apartment to find Sylar alive and has Maya to present to him, giving Maya her salvation to treating her abilities. Unfortunately the plan goes south when Sylar reveals his true nature in front of Maya, leading her to discover his truest capabilities, leading to a hostage situation under Sylar's control as Mohinder deciphers which strand of the virus Sylar has, which leads to a ghastly discovery, along with a few surprise casualties and choices ahead of them. Meanwhile Elle returns to her father after a failed job at watching the Bennet's, and she reconsiders her trust with him and tries to right those wrongs by going after one of their test subjects: Gabriel "Sylar" Gray.

Nathan and Matt goes off the Primatech Paper in Odessa, Texas to stop Adam and Peter from releasing the virus along with Hiro's mission to stop Adam once and for all, leading Peter to really reconsider which side he's on. The Bennet's get a shocking discovery while Niki and Micah try to find a way to save Monica, and two heroic people will meet a tragic end as an old rival regains his abilities and a mysterious newcomer wanders about.

The Characters: Two Heroes Fall, An Evil Will Rise

The Bennet Family: Shortened time as they had this episode, but I simply have this to say: Claire's plan is idealistic at best, good in theory but highly unlikely it can actually work in reality. I understand her determination for getting back at the Company for ruining her life and everyone else with abilities lives, but it's not really that simple as witnessed at the end of this episode. Good for her for dumping West like that (well, it was Kring's choice since he realizes his faults for tagging the romance thing this season). As for HRG returning, his whole "I made a deal" from the start didn't sound good. He literally sold his soul to the Company unwillingly, unlike the first time, to protect his family. I see this as karma though, because his plan backfired to taking down the Company due to his stubborn persistant attitude and lacking of explanation to Claire and Mohinder, so in hindsight yeah he should've dealt with things better. Should be interesting to see things unravel with him being underneath the clutches of the Company again.

Mohinder Suresh: How much love was he in this episode? Going from scared!Mohinder in front of Sylar, especially once seeing him after thinking he'd been dead, to vengeful!Mohinder to protective!Mohinder over Molly and then devious!Mohinder then back to scared!Mohinder again. That was awesome; Sendhil gave a wonderful performance in this episode, not that he hasn't before but dude, his scenes were remarkable. Undoubtfully with Sylar obviously, the chemistry is just THERE and of course, with Molly. Especially with Molly. OMG how cute were they, even in the midst of danger? Just, GUH!!! I love the connection because last season's finale Mohinder was protecting Molly from the "boogeyman", and in this finale he was doing almost the exact same thing. Nicely tied in. Also, Mohinder is a fucking mastermind because going to Isaac's loft, a.k.a. the new lab of his, was totally his plan for stalling time so the Company can see what's happening. Just look at the way they focused on him looking at the security camera. AWESOME. Mohinder, you are made of absolute win and I love you. ♥

Molly Walker: Someone mentioned elsewhere that Molly was the Claire of season two, and I have to agree. But man, while I love Molly and her involvement this season and the amount of cuteness given between her and Mohinder and Matt and their cute family, she's going to needs tons of therapy.

Sylar: Evil, badass motherfucker. You gotta love him. Oh yeah, and I SO CALLED IT that the Company had experimented on him. Figures, and Lord knows for what purpose. His scenes with Mohinder...holy hell, that was amazing. Chemistry was sizzling, like whoa.

Peter and Nathan Petrelli: They're such brothers, aren't they? Of course Nathan would be the one to snap some sense into Peter, which means that Petrellicest always end up saving the world, because that seems to be a running theme here. Not that I'm complaining I mean, fandom must be going nuts over that. Along with the reunion, while short it was worth it. That whole trick with Peter destroying the virus like that? Whoa, that was neat. Also with Nathan and Matt, adding the hilarity. But with all that, can I just say with Nathan in the end: OMGWTFNOOOOO!!! Yeah. Shocking. Whoa.

Mama Petrelli: Back to being Ice Bitch. Sacrificing one of her own sons is something with the Petrelli generation, huh? Damn, just damn. I knew there was something more about her, and it's interesting because we know diddly-squat about her ability or who she's involved with now, especially with the relevation that she was the one that helped Adam in the beginning. Huh.

Hiro Nakamura and Adam "Kensei" Monroe: Hiro teleporting Adam into a coffin/box deep within the ground, burying him alive to stop him? Damn that's cold and brutal. Of course this means he'll be back, obviously. Just because you have someone six feet under doesn't mean they're gone for sure (hello, Kill Bill anyone?) But I'm puzzled at what Hiro said to Adam; wasn't it Hiro that'd betrayed him first? Sure, Hiro taught him to become a hero and to do all those deeds, but it was Hiro that had backstabbed him from the beginning, all starting from a broken heart and a broken friendship. It seems odd, and I wonder why Hiro thinks that Adam would not get out from the coffin box. Which, by the way, hell in the world did he do that anyway?

Bob and Elle Bishop: Bob is Bad!Evil!Daddy and Elle is continuing the win me over. Though it seems strange from her characterization from when we were first introduced to her, her behavior so childish and giddy being reduced to apprehensive and suspicious around her own father. All due to HRG's little chit-chat from "Cautionary Tales". I was sad when all she wanted to do was to make her own father proud by going after Sylar herself failing at that, but hey it was the attempt that counted, right? Despite letting loose a psychotic serial killer? I guess when Kristen Bell said that a showdown between Elle and Sylar would be sweet she wasn't lying.

Matt Parkman: That mind-melding with Peter was very interesting, talking and commanding at each other. Dude, nice job with that. I do like Matt's partnership with Nathan, as seen in the beginning of this season and further as their connections with their parents. I find it very interesting, and it was awesome how he teamed up with Nathan to stop Peter in the end. I only wished that he'd gone back home to see Mohinder and Matt because, hello, M3 needs some love!

Niki and Micah Sanders: It's sad about Niki, really it is. All she ever wanted was to protect her son, her entire storyline was doomed from the moment she injected herself with the virus. She wasn't to die from the virus, and after the previous episode I'd predicted she was going to sacrifice herself to do the heroic thing to save Monica from the burning building. It was a sacrifical thing to do, though I have my doubts that Niki is really dead. Though it is a devastating situation for Micah, which leaves him orphaned.

Maya Hererra: She lives, she dies, she gets revived. So does this mean that she's going to be a regular now? I did like her interaction with Mohinder along with Molly, and I can see an alliance between her and them now that she knows Sylar's truest intentions and how dangerous he really is. I would've thought that without Alejandro she wouldn't be able to go on, and I liked how she stood up to Sylar after realizing that he'd lied to her from the beginning and once realizing that he'd killed her brother. I know some have seen her as annoying, and I admit to thinking she can be very gullible based on her hope of finding a cure for her abilities thinking that they were a curse, but her finding out instead of blindly following Sylar's every word even after the words left his mouth would've seemed even MORE stupid. I am glad that after all that she saw the truth and reacted badly. No longer is Sylar her "Angel Gabriel", he is now her enemy, and she's gained new friends and allies to really help her condition and path.

The Episode: Sins of the Older Generation

I have to say, this was probably the most energy-packed episode and a finale that wrapped things up nicely, if a little rushed to do so. This was the episode written as an alternate version finale instead of a mid-season cliffhanger for hiatus until the new year, all due to the strike. Though I knew that Kring had wanted this season to be split into two volumes, the first being "Generations" and the next now called "Villains", quite appropriately enough from Sylar's return and the possibilities of opening up that new Pandora Box of evilness and making deals with the Devil. Moral ambiguity never fails on this show, does it? Which is why I love it.

Aside from going off about killing off one of the most beloved characters on this show, whether he's really dead or not won't register in the minds of fandom until after the explosive outbreak has ended, I'd like to talk about the ending of this volume and the possibilities of a new gathering in this generation of Specials.

The Company had been created thirty years ago to change and save the world, and even though we're to think their corruptedness and Bob's leadership is destructive and untrustworthy we've seen the goodness that can come out of it. Having Mohinder become part of their operation wasn't by mere coincidence or chance of having him underneath their wing to follow them blindly because he is in connection with the Shanti virus directly, for obvious reasons, but because they know he can provide the goodness and moral compass to the organization. Surely Mohinder's gone through many changes this season and is very different from where he once was from the beginning of the last season, though even from S1's finale the Company had wanted him from the start to cure the virus within Molly. Was it fate by chance? I don't know, but whether he wants to or not Mohinder is part of the Company now and I think he can become part of the new generation of "heroes" to help others. That is what Mohinder does, he helps and saves strangers like he did with Maya, with Niki and Monica and almost everyone else he's ever come into contact with.

So here's my theory: nearly all the members of the Original Twelve have been killed or have been corrupted, so dismissing those that are corrupted we have a new generation of people who are willing to help the cause of saving the world. Perhaps right this time rather than plotting world domination like Adam. In this episode and previous episodes this season we've seen the get-together of certain characters and I think it would be an awesome -- no, amazing idea to do this once again, but with a more realistic plan. I still have to run through this idea in my head, but with the amounts of alliances made in these recent episodes alone between characters makes this idea very plausible, especially with this new threat engaged onto them.

I still need to organize my thoughts on this theory, but it's enough to speculate what might happen next.

The Glees and Squees!

++ Mohinder protecting Molly. I swear, if anything M3 continues to be the most adorablest storyline this season, and my absolute favorite. Of course it would've been nice to see Matt enter the picture and be with his family but, honestly? This is all about reliving what happened last season with them; Mohinder and Molly are inseparable, and I love their relationship. How protective and fatherly he is with her, how much of a parental figure he is. I LOVE these two together, love love love. Mohinder's a good papa, and I love him for his love and compassion and warmth for little Molly. *points to icon* ♥ ♥ ♥

++ Which reminds me: the "World's Greatest Dad" apron is MADE OF TOTAL FUCKING WIN! M3 lives!! My prediction: Matt and Mohinder share that apron, taking pride in their fatherly responsibilities.

++ Mohinder. Sylar. The Mylar is just unstoppable. OMG. "Welcome home Doctor Suresh....what happened to your nose?" XD

++ Nathan flying Matt!! Holy shit, that is comedic gold right there! Nathan "cargo jet" Petrelli. BWAHA! They totally went there.

++ I knew that Mama Petrelli was up to something else, just her stance and the way she was looking at Nathan and her telepathic message to Matt. It's like she knows that she cannot have both her sons live, because obviously their brotherly connection and love will create goodness in the world. So basically one must die or be sacrificed. Which adds to the most screwed up dysfunctional family they are. This also begs the question about whatever happened to Papa Petrelli. If his suicide was based on the Older Generation's decisions in the past or caused by something else?

++ "I want...breakfast." HAHA HOLY SHIT that was awesome. Mohinder's expression was utterly priceless. In fact, that whole interaction in the apartment was fantastically done, right from after Mohinder tried to stab Sylar after realizing he was without powers to Maya's reaction to Mohinder hugging Molly. Just, wow. Loved it.

++ Speaking of which, when Sylar drew the gun onto Mohinder I swear he was all "oh great, not again." Mo's just getting guns in his face all this season, isn't he?

++ It's interesting how Sylar was all smooching on Maya in the previous episode and now, come the turn of events, he was all "shut the fuck up bitch" and then BANG BANG! He shot her like "oooppsies, like what you made me do." That? That was pure awesomecakes right there, and the perfect blackmail to Mohinder like if she wasn't cured, Sylar would kill both him and Molly because he would be without his abilities and would die from the virus anyhow.

++ "FLYING MAN!!" Hee! Matt's reaction was hilarious though I would've loved to see Hiro's reaction to Matt since he knew him only from the AU future.

++ Was I the only one that was all "OMG NO AHHH NO!!" when Adam dropped the virus? Then it went to black screen! NO! You don't DO THAT when I'm on edge with this show.

++ Poor Monica, after all her abilities and learning and such she had to be stuck in a perdicament like that. Though nice symbolism and connection between her, Saint Joan and Joan of Arc via the burning building. Also Niki KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES! HELLS YEAH! Sorry, but I love Niki and I'm saddened that she had to go like that if she's dead but uh-huh, girl plays dirty. Yay for saving Monica and doing the heroic thing.

++ The filming techniques and angles in this episode was fantastic. I love it when they do effects like they did in "Cautionary Tales" and in this one. The shots, the frames and Brilliant.

++ HRG "making the deal" had me thinking he was "selling his soul" to the "crossroads demon" or the Devil, a.k.a. Bob Bishop, because fandom crossovers are love. The same with HRG playing with the ball in his cell reminded me of Kara playing with the Pyramid ball when she was in the brig.

++ Let me get this out because I know the whole fandom is going on about this: OMGWTF WHY NATHAN, WHY!?!? SERIOUSLY SHOW, WHY?!?! *ahem* Okay, now that's out of my system, I was shocked I tell you. And morbidmuse, you're going to be going off about this because for the love of Nathan/Niki is seems quite symbolic that they suffered the same fate this episode together, doing the most heroic deeds. Nathan trying to save the world and punish those that placed those burdens on their shoulders, Niki to protect her son and save her family at whatever cost despite not having superstrength. Still, the assassination of Nathan was very symbolic as well. My God, this show brings it all in, doesn't it?

++ "Trust issues" Oh, Sylar, that is clearly an understatement. Heroes is practically built on trust issues.

++ Matt versus Peter = double the mind-whammy, triple the action!!

++ Adam being buried alive. As mean and cold that move was by Hiro, that was hardcore and again, the symbolism isn't lost on me. When the box closes on Adam, another is opened by the assassination of Nathan Petrelli. I have my theories on that, but that'll be for another time.

++ West goes bye-bye. Mr. Muggles was hilarious turning away, sad as it was, and HRG's return was like whoa if bittersweet and sad as well.

++ Okay, I like Elle. A lot. Awww, she seemed so pleased with herself by saving other people's lives and she better too, she saved Mohinder and Molly for goodness sakes, which is like a bonus on her part. Now what will happen between her and Bob? Will she go with him or against? I would LOVE to see her team up with Maya and Mohinder, now that would be HOT. Hee.

++ The ending montage with Nathan's speech was a sweet touch; mirroring the montage that happened in the premiere episode. Of course, Nathan was the one that said "previously on Heroes" which I guess was omnious, wasn't it?

++ SYLAR'S BACK BITCHES, complete with TKing and pure evilness, with the Volume Three title card of "Villains" Appropriate, especially since we have Sylar shooting up the Mohinder/Claire blood cure in an alleyway. Druggie!Sylar.

++ OH. MY. GOD. Why does this have to be the finale, why why why?

Overall: Reunions abound! I don't know about anyone else, but I absolutely LOVED this episode. Like whoa. Perfect conlcusion to the generations storyline, even if it seemed rushed to fit it all into these remaining episodes due to the strike, we did get our answers and surprisingly revelations, and shocking discoveries and the deaths of our two precious heroes. At first I thought that Kring was going to let the new characters go, but this was far more shocking even though I knew one was inevitable. The other, being Nathan's, which wasn't what I expected at all. Dude, I totally thought that Matt/Nathan/Peter was going to be the new Dream Team of Volume Three. Who knows? They might still be, but in a different form, or the other characters may join in. Just, GAH!

I'm still processing many thoughts and reactions, it hasn't really sunk in yet so I may have more thoughts and theories and speculations. I'm just....I felt like I've been mindfrakked and turned upside down and inside out and I LOVED IT.

Volume Three to commence in 2008? Well, depends on the results on the writer's strike. It seems there seems to be people that is cynical over this season, and I know that fandom has been having the same feelings concerning those things too, but honestly I liked this season flaws aside (which Kring promises to fix). This first half is over, the second to return with new themes and more interesting things to consider, and once this strike is over, and please let that be soon, I for one cannot wait to see what's next.
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