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Late night ramblings

Eventful stuff of the not-so-interesting-yet-is kind. After watching the presidential debates we've been reviewing them in my classes, rewatching the debate and a very heated debate of our own afterwards. There seems to be only two strong Bush supporters in one of my classes, and only one in the other that's sort of in the middle of choosing -- though I seem to think the way she presents herself in her opinions she's leaning towards the Bush vote. Had an interesting and informative discussion with her during that time. There was no bashing or leering down on each other's opinions in this discussion, rather just addressing the issue of the question that was asked. It was quite nice. Better than I had expected when I get into these types of debates.

Being someone who doesn't enjoy having political debates that much, it's really a shock when I participated in such discussions and as actively as I have been. I mean, hell, I even shocked myself. Getting into these argumentive discussions can be a hassle and slightly uncomfortable for me, but lately I'm really getting into them and I have no idea where all this enthusiasm is coming from.

I've been watching the Excel Saga, courtesy of my sister. There's nothing more amusing like watching anime where the girl protagonist is high-strung and talks faster than my sister when she's had too much coffee. Frightening, yet very hilarious. I really like the series -- confusing as the plot is (if you can find it), it's very entertaining. Hail Ilbarazzo! ;p

There's also some talk about creating a Faith the Vampire Slayer T.V. movie sometime next year as well, might want to look into that. Hopefully this is true, because I love my Faith. *huggles onto precious Eliza/Faith*

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