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God fucking dammit.

Writers and Studios quit negotiations, the strike still continues.

I support the writers all the way. There's no doubt that they are in the right and what they're asking for isn't unreasonable or radical by any means, but I have a feeling this is going to be a stubborn fight. This stubborn fight has already taken drastic turns when our shows have left the air, with nothing new other than shitty reality TV, game shows and reruns, and unless they come to an agreement on some sort of common ground of understanding, not only are the productions of shows being affected by this, but the workers and actors as well. Not too long ago there was an announcement that things were moving along in negotiations, but I'm guessing that wasn't true, and it looks like nothing will be resolved before 2008.

But I'm still being optimistic that somehow, in some miraculous way, an agreement can be made in the near future that makes both parties happy. My predictions are between January and Februrary, March at the latest. But hopefully it doesn't resort into going that long.
Tags: wga strike of 2007
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