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A Very Supernatural Christmas, indeed.

Damn you Kripke, you like tormenting your fans with the gorefest and the sweet brotherly interactions don't you? You just love us that much, and we return the favor after drying our tears from this episode.

Where should I start, other than that was MAJORLY AWESOME and possibly my favoritest episode so far this season? There's the little moments of gold between our boys, like not knowing the lines to "Silent Night", the Wee!Chesters, celebrating Christmas even though there's some sadness to the why behind doing it, the opening credits which had me rolling with laughter because it was so un-SPN like yet awesome anyway, the torture/sacrifice scene. There were so many things I enjoyed in this episode. It wasn't your typical action-packed kind of demony!darkish type but it was still freaky and gruesome with a side of bittersweet brotherly bonding. That, right there, is precisely why this episode ruled. Christmas Special plus maiming and gore and evil. Loved it.

The Pagan Gods were hilariously evil in their good-spirited, jolly-attitude kind of way, cleverly disguising themselves with their fake!Christmas house which looked like Hallmark threw up on it. They were a hoot, how calm and nice they were while torturing Sam and Dean. Hee. I mean c'mon, they said stuff like "gosh" and "fiddlesticks" and "fudge"; they HAD to have been evil of some kind.

We get flashbacks, with the Wee!Chesters OMG! At how wee!Sammy found out that demons and monsters were real, how they lived their lives while John was out hunting, which meant spending almost all of their days, including holidays, alone while waiting for him to return. They had a sucky childhood, nothing normal and completely and utterly dependent on each other to live. I liked wee!Dean -- and dudes! They got the same child actor who played wee!Dean from S1 "Something Wicked"! What would've made this episode even better was if Papa Winchester had shown up, which is what I was hoping for. But unfortunately that didn't happen, though I can understand why. I wasn't about him, it was about our two boys and how their bonding became much closer. I liked that despite everything, wee!Dean was still looking out for his little brother and managed to make Christmas happen even if Papa Winchester wasn't there. Hee at the Sapphire Barbie and glittery paton; it's just a Dean thing to do.

OMG GUYS THE NECKLACE! We finally get to know where Dean had gotten the necklace he always wears! Sammy gave it to him for Christmas!

Though, here's a theory: someone pointed out on the TWoP forum that Bobby had made it for John and wee!Sammy was going to give it to him as a present, but had given it to Dean instead after finding out the truth. Obviously Bobby wouldn't have made it unless there was some sort of protection behind the amulet, so I'm thinking it's something powerful other than the brotherly love from the heart that Sam gave it to Dean, which would be very awesome if that brotherly Winchester love could save the world much like the Petrelli brothers. Does this mean there's an alternative with the amulet? Could it mean something else other than the Christmas present is letting on, like perhaps becoming part of the Getting Dean Out Of The Crossroads Deal? Am I thinking WAY too much about this and should continue on with my reaction to this episode? Alrighty then....

The God, I got teary-eyed and sniffly. SHUT UP, IT'S THE BOYS OKAY?! They have this superpower of me wanting to magically jump through the screen and hug them both because, seriously? They are so much love. Sam giving Dean his Christmas, decorating the motel room with cheap-ass decorations that are all heartfelt, and their presents to each other. Awww! Simple and typical, but it's the thought that counts right? And Dean's "fuel for me and fuel for my baby" made me smile. And Sam getting all choked up and everything, and having them watching the game together? My God, tug at my heartstrings a little more will ya. *sniffle*

Now it's time for the GORE and MASSIVE EVIL CHRISTMAS FUN! Dude, the torture scene with the Winchesters -- blood spilling, fingernail ripping out, and the almost!tooth removal -- with this being a holiday episode they didn't reduce the cringeworthy violence, did they? This is why I LOVE this show.

"Merry Christmas, Sam." "MmmUgh!" HEEE! XD

Also, Dean not knowing about Marry Poppins? Isn't he like the Master of All Things Pop Culture? Though I loved his expression when Sam was explaining the pagan holiday and the Christian holiday, and I was half expecting Dean to go all "encyclopedia of weirdness"; Sam Winchester: our own personal MythBuster.

Bobby! Not there physically, but he was mentioned more than once, both in present time and in the flashback. "Uncle Bobby" Hee! Love.

Yes, I loved this episode very, very, very much. It wasn't groundbreaking like "Fresh Blood" was in regards of something spectacularly huge to be revealed or happen, it was just something to enjoy in a bittersweet kind of way. Again: brotherly love, Winchester style. I don't know how Jared and Jensen do it. They manage to pull on those emotional strings, it can be with just a simple look or their dialogue or how they just interact with each other. They never fail to make me wibble for them, and this episode had me wibbling.

Valuable lesson to be learned here folks: always know what's inside your wreath before hanging it up, otherwise you'll become a human sacrifice before evil pagan gods.
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