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Dreams of lollipops and candycanes.

It's a squeeful time of year. Aside from mourning television due to the strike that's happening and other worldly current events, it's the holiday season. I have been enjoying many things this month so far. For starters, I finally got the tree put up (it's artificial, the first artificial pre-lit tree I've ever had in my life, sans the fresh evergreen smell of pine it's very pretty and shiny). Have been wrapping presents, decorating and whatnot. Christmas specials galore, last night's Supernatural was very touching and I can't wait for Gossip Girl. It's going to be sad once all new episodes of my fandoms are done, because I'll be boycotting television until the strike ends. But hey, we can pray for a Christmas miracle can't we? *is still optimistic*

Jodie Foster came out most recently, and rumormill has it that Queen Latifah is to marry to her longtime girlfriend. The latter is just gossip at the moment, but still I'm happy for her nonetheless.

And Hayden Panettiere is my hero. Seriously.

Randomly, does anyone else like to gaze at Christmas-lit houses on their blocks? It's like a tradition to walk or drive around and look at all the different Christmas decorations and lights on other people's houses, to see how who just did the generic decorating or who went all-out this holiday season. I mean, it wouldn't be Christmas without that sightseeing. There's this one street in our neighborhood, almost every house is heavily decorated with lights -- I seriously think the people who live down there are trying to outdo each other each year. It's insane, but massively pretty.

God, I LOVE the holiday season!
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