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It's time for a little early-morning lore...

All Ruby-centric from the episode "Witch Hunt", since it's been a while since she's shown up and I love her. The rest can be found at Supernatural TV Gallery.

Then there's this SPN survey that's been circulating about lately, and because I'm a sucker for survey/memes like this it's time I'd take a shot at it (stolen from shawnalasex and jenniferkaos and countless others).

1. Which Winchester would you want to be and why?
Dean, because he always puts family first and has sacrificed and dedicated everything for them, even as a kid he'd done everything to protect little Sammy from danger and to help his father out. That, and he handles a gun like nobody's business and calls the shots, and when he's angry you seriously don't want to fuck around with him.

2. Do you prefer a shotgun or handgun?
The Colt, dude. Come one now.

3. Rocksalt or Goofer Dust?
Rocksalt for the win, baby.

4. Do you think Dean Winchester will ever settle down?
It's not impossible, but right now not entirely likely. Even after defeating his deal and saving the world he'll continue hunting, and unless he finds a girl he can settle down with for longer than a few months who can actually handle him taking on a dangerous job like hunting, I don't think he's cut out for that kind of life. Not that I don't want him to be happy because I do, he damn well deserves a chance at something normal without worrying over his little brother or crossroad deals and the end of the world. I think he needs someone who understands him and who supports his needs rather than hooking up with some random girl. And hey, who knows? Perhaps he can have that normal life while still hunt, or at least protect those he loves.

5. Purple Nurples or Beer?
Purple Nurples.

7. Let's say you had a chance to sleep with Sam Winchester, but you know you'll die afterwards. Will you still do it?
Nuh-uh. I'll find some hoodoo priest to undo that little thing of me dying afterwards, then I'll sex him up.

8. Bela or Ruby?

9. "Nightshifter" or "Born Under A Bad Sign"?
Uh, "Born Under A Bad Sign". Gotta love evil!Sammy.

10. Who's your favorite Winchester enemy? Gordon or Agent Henrickson?
Dude, Gordon Walker creeps me the fuck out. He was one badass motherfucker, and I'm actually sad he's gone because I would've loved to see more of how he could've rounded up more hunters to hunt Sam down. But oh well. So yeah, definitely. Are we even going to see Henrickson again this season? They are still wanted by the police, and it would be proper continuity if they had Henrickson hunt their asses down while they were on a hunting job and/or Henrickson got caught in the crossfire and Dean and Sam have to save him, but that's my own personal wish.

11. A Winchester in boxers or briefs?

12. Would you rather fight Vampires or Werewolves?
Hmm, tough question. I'd say werewolves, because while decapitation is more badass, silver bullet through the heart is much easier and less messy.

13. Let's say you just got a new puppy. What "Supernatural" related name would you give it?
Sammy! Because he IS a puppy, fo'sure.

14. Sam Or Dean?
Both the Winchester boys are equally awesome, kthx.

15. Bobby or Ash?
BOBBY! But hell I liked Dr. Badass Ash, too. "All business up front, party in the back." XD

16. Evil!Sam or Evil!Dean?
Evil!Sam is ♥

17. If you could bring 1 character back from their death, who would it be and why?
Papa Winchester. Just because okay? They may be a dysfunctional family, but at least they're a family that sticks together through the thick and thin, y'know? That's better than nothing I say.

18. What other show would a crossover be funny with?
As predictable as I am I'm going to say Heroes, and even though I have plenty of ideas surrounding the mythologies of both shows and how they can intergrate with each other that makes somewhat logical sense, I would love to see the interactions and reactions of certain characters. I mean, Mohinder always gets thrown into insane situations, so him possibly meeting one of the Winchesters on one of their hunting gigs is something I've got to see. That or if Dean or Sam ran into Sylar at a point. Hoo-boy, that would be fun. Or I wonder if Dean and Elle would run circles around each other, while Peter and Sam chilled in the background watching. Or HRG and Papa Winchester having a discussion about their techniques of parenting. Hee. I don't know, my mind is filled with crack!ideas with these kinds of crossovers.

19. Favorite guest star?
Alona Tal, Tricia Helfer, Amy Acker, Amber Benson, Mercedes McNab, Callum Keith Rennie....

20. Favorite baddie, like ever?
I LOVED the Yellow-Eyed Demon. He was incredibly evil with enough of sarcasm and wit in his personality to make things interesting.

I'm sure many have heard the news that ABC has bumped LOST to the Thursday 9:00pm timeslot, competing against Supernatural. At first I was a little miffed at this move, however rethought it over and considered it not a hugely horrible thing, so to speak. Due to the writer's strike we have only four episodes left. LOST is returning in January, and I don't watch LOST anymore anyway so I'm not entirely bothered by that part. The biggest problem is with the ratings and how well one show will do against the other in that timeslot.
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