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Some people juggle geese!

1. Happy Birthday, carlyinrome! Have a lovely special day, sweetie.

2. Aside from the Spare the Air no-burning nights law we have here, tonight and tomorrow night I can safely burn our firewood in absolute peace without disturbances or worries of Big Brother pulling the plug on my Christmas mood. I doubt that if I accidentally burn wood on those banned days I'll immediately get fined (that parts not going to take effect until beginning next year, which is still too close for comfort), but it's better safe than sorry.

3. I've gotten bit by the holiday spirit bug, because I'm in a more giving mood this year than all the previous years. I love gift-wrapping and making cards for family, but I'm also being more generous and giving unused items I have lying around. Since I don't want to spend a fortune on new presents, I decided it was best to just give what I already have but either don't use anymore or have never used ever. Besides, 'tis the season yes? Why not give back. OMG how much of a sap am I being right now?

4. THE PETRELLIS VERSUS THE WINCHESTERS! Who shall win in the BROYAY MACRO BATTLE of DOOOM!? Seriously, this is like awesomecakes topped with cherrybombs of greatness. Hell, morbidmuse and I were just discussing the differences between the Winchester and Petrelli brothers, so this Macro War is totally hilarious. *cackles*

5. So. Apparently there's a preview for Volume 3: Villains from the Jules Verne Festival. I refuse to spoil myself for it or anything else regarding what's going to happen in Vol.3, but judging from everyone else's reactions it's going to be quite a ride. Oh writer's strike, when will you end?
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