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Gossip Girl: "Roman Holiday"

First, I still dislike KB's voiceover as the anonymous runner of Gossip Girl. There's something so condescening about her tone, which might be the intention with dealing from someone who's relaying the information from the Upper East Side, but it just doesn't fit when there's a random voiceover in the middle of the episode. I'm like, WTF? I think we could've dealt without that. Maybe that's just me, I don't know.

As always, Blair continues to be the center of the show for me, and she shined onscreen like all the other times. I liked how she was dealing with the issue of her father and his boyfriend visiting, not in a like-liking way but her reaction to the whole issue was spot-on classic Blair, right down to the scheming. Until she got caught, but of the heartfelt kind. I felt for her because she REALLY wanted to spend time with her dad, but instead he brought his boyfriend over and she felt not only out-of-place but really feeling replaced. It was supposed to be their father-daughter tradition and she was getting left out. I think her dad should've rethought that, but I'm glad things worked out in the end, he admitted to his mistake and she admitted that all she wanted was to convince him to stay there in New York with her. It really is a bittersweet moment -- it's like you know things won't get easier or happier for Blair, especially with the Chuck/Nate issue, but at the same time you're still praying and wishing things do get better for her.

Speaking of which, how cold was Nate not returning her phone calls and being completely MIA at the Christmas party? It's like, you sleep with her and then suddenly you aren't there? Asshole. I want more Chuck and Blair, kthx.

I liked that Blair called out on Vanessa. Although I haven't seen much of Vanessa being all "I want Dan back" in that typical cunning way, but Blair seems to see directly through that charade whether it was there or not. And the way Blair was holding the scissors while talking, it was warning saying "make one wrong move and I'll cut you bitch" and I LOVED it. Scheme!Blair and bitchy!Blair FTW in this episode. God, I love her.

Mostly this episode had more focus on the adult drama than the teen drama, as someone pointed out on the TWoP forums, so I was kind of not interested. Though I HOPE TO GOD Lily doesn't accept the proposal from Bart, because that's just wrong. I did, however, like how Eleanor was portrayed in this episode; calmer, more collected and less bitchier than we've seen her. I guess it's the spirit of the season, even the coldest Waldorfs can be nicer on the occasion of their dysfunctional family issues.

Dan and Serena...I don't know. On one hand, they had their cute moments though on the other hand, I can't believe Dan didn't accept the watch Serena gave him. I'm like DUDE, it's a freaking gift and it came from the heart based on what she knows about you, so suck it up and be grateful for it. Just because she's rich and you're poor doesn't mean you have to treat her gift-giving as something of a pain because she spent an obscene amount of money JUST to make you happy. And then she had to go traveling around the city looking for the perfect gift to his liking, only asking help from Vanessa in the end. UGH. I wanted to slap him upside the head for that one.

Though teen sex does a Christmas episode good, yes? IDEK 'kay?

The ending had the sweet and tender moments (OMG Blair gave the woman help/maid a phone so they could text each other, how cute!), along with the bittersweet and downright depressing moments. See? Not everything is all perfect for the Upper Eastside kids.

Oh, and Blair looked adorable in her ice-skating outfit, Y/Y?
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