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Fandomosity: DLM, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Tin Man, Heroes, SPN

Here's a little special edition of Fandomosity, in which I present the good news circulating fandom rather than the mediocre or slightly less-happy news. Everyone in fandom knows about the ups-and-downs going on with the strike among other things, but I figured since it is the holiday season it'll be nice to report on the recent happier events for a change. To get people's spirits up, y'know? I will also be MIA starting from today until after Christmas, for obvious reasons of course.

-♠- Don't Fear The Reapers: Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the first official Dead Like Me movie teaser-trailer which, I should say, finally! The trailer's been out for a while, but I haven't posted it before now. It's going to be a direct-to-DVD release, and despite the absence of Rube and the recasting of Daisy, it looks exceptionally promising. Reggie's so grown up! I seriously cannot wait. Now all we need is something for Carnivale (movie, graphic novels, minisodes, I don't necessarily care), or perhaps something about the Veronica Mars comics or whatever.

-♠- Cute Cylon Psychics: FOX has revamped the official Sarah Connor Chronicles website. Also some stunning new Summer Glau photos in promotion of the series.

-♠- We're Not In Kansas Anymore...: Tin Man will be available on DVD on the 11th of March.

-♠- Holding Out For Heroes: Lots of spoilers for Vol.3 "Villains". Take note that I, personally, HAVE NOT read these spoilers as I'm staying spoilerfree for anything involved the third installment. I'm just providing the link to anyone who wants to know the future of things. So yes, there are heavy spoilers, in case anyone didn't guess.

-♠- "Merry Christmas, Sam!": To wrap things up, I'd like to link an awesome written episode review for A Very Supernatural Christmas. It touches on the sentiments of the Winchesters in this episode, gives good overall summaries/thoughts and insight to the scenes that a fan should be able to recognize and understand. Essentially, it's a heartfelt piece to a heartfelt episode that I consider to be my personal favorite.

For a departure until after the holidays, have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!
Tags: dead like me, heroes, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, tin man
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