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I call this one the Blue Steel.

01. I'm really enjoying my newest Christmas gifts. I have yet to hear from some relatives but I know they all have busy schedules and hectic lives so, I'm patient. I'm kind of disappointed with the after-Christmas sales though. I mean, yeah, many things are on clearance and whatnot but I was on a hunt a few days ago and saw nothing. That and nobody has Supernatural on their special sales. Not S1 or S2. I mean seriously, that's kind of jacked up.

02. Something's been peeving me, and I witnessed this yesterday but it's kind of a general observation. WHY do certain girls think it's okay to wear short-skirts in the middle of freaking winter? Now this is short-skirts, without any leggings/stockings on underneath. First of all, I know this is California and we're not entirely as freezing as most parts of the world are even though I would love a white Christmas once and a while, but it's still COLD outside. If you want to wear something fashionable, there are THOUSANDS of winter clothes that are completely adorable especially for this time of the season. No, wearing short-skirts doesn't make you cute -- it makes you look like a dumbass. But hey, if you want to be freezing to death and end up with the flu, be my guest.

Honestly, I know not everyone is fashion-savvy, but there's something called common sense and dressing appropriately for the right occasions. Like, you wouldn't wear a short skirt to church or a temple, would you? No. I baffles me.

03. I've pretty much randomly discovered Lady Sovereign's "Love Me or Hate Me" the other day. I'm liking her. Now, I'm quite picky about which rap artists I listen to because while I do like their beats (and I like using them for dance, obviously), sometimes an artist or words in the tune just don't do well with me. But Lady Sovereign...she's like the British female version of Eminem, and I'm liking that. Her sound kind of reminds me of lecca and Tigarah.

04. There will be fandom theories written up soonly, after New Years of course. Speaking of which I'm not going anywhere this year. It's going to be pretty chill and laidback.
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