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I'll huff and I'll puff...

01. Oh holy wind/rainstorm, Batman! It seems that we're finally seeing winter weather come roaring through; it's been windstorming and rainstorming ever since yesterday, and reports say that it'll last for at least a few more days. The wind's really incredibly blowing right now and, you know from Three Little Pigs the wolf says "I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down"? Yeah, that's how it feels like to me right now. Like, it'll be fine until a big gust of wind just hurls itself directly at the house. I know, the house won't like tip over or whatever but from the sounds outside it certainly feels like it might, but that's what makes these kinds of storms awesome. So tonight I'll have the fireplace lit while sitting in the living room either reading or whatever, since this is perfect weather for that.

02. Ayumi Hamasaki has gone deaf in her left ear, as she states from her official blog (better translation here). Well, this means she has something in common with Stephen Colbert, but nevertheless it is depressing news. Though I am impressed at how optimistic and jubilant she seems despite the hearing loss, and strives on continuing. My only worry is about her right ear and, hopefully, there'll be proper treatment and that she'll take care of herself.

03. With keeping up with politic news, as this is very important of course, Obama won in Iowa!
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