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Cylons, humans and Ascended hybrids.

In the midst of the strike and some withdrawal in that department, there's some goodness to come out of it. Such as the gorgeous brand new photo from Battlestar Galactica S4 that appeared in Entertainment Weekly and a Morena Baccarin picture from Stargate: The Ark of Truth. Nothing entirely spoilery, of course.

The full article which the picture came from can be found over here, which does have some spoilery things (which I am not reading). Though Ron Moore does mention that the fifth and final Cylon is not featured in the picture. Hmmm, way for us to speculate here, huh? That leaves Kara out, though what exactly IS she though? We don't know. But I love how this whole photo setup is nearly a replica of The Last Supper -- which means, going by the positions in the photo, that Six is Jesus.

Well, she DOES say repeatedly to Gaius that she's an Angel from God, and that "God is love".

Stunning, as usual. Morena always gets fitted in the most gorgeous costumes. There was Inara and now as Adria.
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