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Once I rose above the noise and confusion...

The Daily Show and The Colbert Report have returned, forced by Viacom/Comedy Central despite the strike still going on. I mentioned before I was torn on whether I should watch it or not, though the good thing is that it airs on the East Coast before it airs here, so I have the opportunity to read people's comments before making my decision. I watched it, and I have to say, I was impressed. It was better than I'd thought it would be and it had a lot of different reactions.

They were bitter, as to be expected. Jon let his bitterness out like whoa, while Stephen, being in character, allowed to have some humor with it all. Not that Jon didn't have humor of course, but I found Jon to really bring it to the table about the WGA and the AMPTP and the whole striking issue which seems to affect everyone now. There was some political talk, because this is TDS/TCR after all, but they both returned to the outstanding issue of them being off air for about two months and why they suddenly were back along with other talk shows out there. Of course, without the writers or any scripts they have to rely on their own jokes and ways of presenting the show, which is difficult because without any of the old segments it just wouldn't be the same (hence the A Daily Show was issued by Jon himself, until the strike is done and over with and the writers were back). Some are commenting on the overloading of bitterness and I completely understand where they're coming from for doing that. And the Moment of Zen with showing the strike happening outside the studio? Wow, that's all I gotta say.

Though my favorite part was when in the beginning Stephen was thoroughly enjoying the prolonged standing ovation the audience was giving him. Hee.

I would feel guilty watching a show that isn't scripted, which would go against my support for the WGA and what the strike stands for, however they are getting the word out in their own bitter fashion which means anyone who is unaware of the strike going on will get educated with loads of information about it. With added snark. So all in all, I am glad they are back and are going off about this whole situation because knowing the Stewart/Colbert team, they didn't take this decision lightly and they won't sit back and calmly accept it on camera either.

Going along with this, the Golden Globes will be a no-show due to the Screen Actors Guild refusing the cross the picket line. This truly shows how this strike is important and how it is affecting Hollywood, and if it isn't resolved soon this will just be the beginning.
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