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Heroes Theories: Graphic Novel Issue #66

After seeing one of the latest of the Heroes online graphic novels, I have some comments and theories of what it all might mean. So, um, spoilers if you haven't read it.

I liked that we'd gotten more background on Adam Monroe in The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei regarding his past loves. The artwork for it is outstanding, the different pictures and photographs of him and his lovers over the centuries, differing for the period of time it was taken/drawn and so-forth. Also his shorthand tale of who he was with, how they reacted to him not aging and how they ended. It's kind of tragic, really. How a man who used to be a Jack Sparrow-esque drunk suddenly seeing he could be something more, something of a hero, only to be shunned and betrayed by Hiro Nakamura and live over four centuries of trying to love but always unable to.

This kind of puts perspective on him wanting to unleash the virus, even though it is morally wrong how can you really describe that to someone who has seen more than we possibly could? It's almost like Malcolm Reynolds living for centuries, or Dean Winchester for that matter, seeing all the pain and torment among the worlds. How long would it take before he would start lashing out, believing that there's nothing left to be saved? This is why I think Adam Monroe is such a tragic character.

We do learn some interesting things about him though, including these two important points. The first being that Adam probably has descendents out there wandering about somewhere, assuming they haven't all died out. Because he'd fathered only two sons some centuries ago, only to discover that he hated children, there could some others out there now in relation to him. Which could possibly mean that there's a slight chance that, perhaps, Claire Bennet could be a direct descent from Adam Monroe's bloodline, given that she can also regenerate.

They didn't name him Adam for nothing now, did they? Never dismiss the symbolism of names, people.

Though this is what stunned me the most: Adam currently has a LIVING wife in the present. I was pretty shocked myself, which leads me to thinking who could he have possibly have met if he was locked up for thirty years within the Company? There's Elle, though judging from her character's state of mind I doubt this would be the fact. Though if it does turn out to be true that Elle is his current wife I wouldn't be surprised. It seems that she'd lived with the Company for a long time during her childhood that she would seemed to have made friends with Adam the same way she did with Peter, or Adam with Peter or whatever. Although I have my high suspicions that it's Angela Petrelli. Thinking about it, it makes sense.

Angela did help Adam for quite a while, and perhaps during that time they did form a relationship. But maybe after discovering that Adam's views were all wrong, she did get him locked up and that's when she met Mr. Petrelli, whoever he was. It also seems that Adam likes having his way of manipulating the Petrelli family, and maybe his alliance with Peter during that time was his way of getting back at Angela, and that perhaps the shooting of Nathan at the press conference -- which I still think could've been HRG -- was sort of a way of saying "nobody's safe", and that opening Pandora's Box was maybe either Angela's call or her being threatened to make that call.

Then again, I have a whole list of theories regarding that point, but that'll be for later. But for Adam's current wife out there, whether it'll be revealed in the graphic novels or in VOL.3 is to be determined.
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