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Say hello to your friends...

Okay, I totally DID NOT just intentionally search for The Babysitter's Club and watched some clips from them even though it's true and I TOTALLY did. That's the beauty about YouTube, despite the copyright hoopla, you get a chance to look for childhood favorites. The BSC was one of those favorites of mine growing up; the books, the television series and the movie. There are only a few clips from the series plus the actual Christmas episode, but it just brings back memories. I mean, it's SO 90s! The fashion, the music, the HAIR...just, OMG. I know, it wasn't a perfect adaptation of the books nor was the acting even that great, but dude! C'mon! That's my childhood right there. I just wished they had all the episodes on DVD already.

It actually makes me nostalgic for old school Disney Channel. And I'm not talking about like several years ago, I'm talking like really, really old school. You know, the late 80s/early 90s, back in the day where Disney actually showed a variety of things instead of the same crap over and over again.

In any event, I may just have to dig around to find my old VHS tape of it, or watch the BSC movie again.
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