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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - 1.01, Part One

Okay. I'm hooked.

Of course there wasn't any doubt I would be. I've seen all the current Terminator films so I know the mythology behind them, and I love the action-packed futuristic kind of stuff so, this was definitely up my alley. But the biggest grab for me was Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker, who immediately after finding out they were going to be on a new series together made me squee. Plus this being a series based on the Terminator movies? Count me in, all the way.

Some people were skeptical on how a series could be made from the films, like how they can provide action-packed adventures of continuity that the films do within an hour and forty-five minutes or so without dwindling down the attention span of viewers. Needless to say, the first part of the premiere answered their questions, and although there's still some time before actual judgment is passed on how well the show is going to do overall, I'd say it's getting off to a wonderful start. This first half blew me away. It had everything a pilot premiere should, and although some may be confused especially if they aren't familiar with the background information or the mythology of it, it definitely keeps you interested.

For me, nobody will replace Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, though Lena Headey does a good job nonetheless to fill in those shoes. I also liked Thomas Dekker (Zach from Heroes) as John, his portrayal is nicely done I thought, and a great way of exploring how he managed through his adolescence.

Though I was most impressed with Summer Glau, naturally. Most will recognize her as River Tam from Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity, or perhaps as Tess from The 4400. But here she plays a terminator -- the first model terminator programmed to be more human than the others. I loved everything about her from tonight's premiere, from her introduction to how she manages to be so nonchalant in dangerous situations and her deadpan way of knowing things. Also, the wardrobe department did an awesome job with fitting her in adorable outfits. Summer's really stepping up in the world of television, and for good reason.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed at how well it was, certainly was better than I'd thought it would be. And to be quite honest, this pulled me in much better than Bionic Woman's premiere did. I say, despite the writer's strike, this will be the one and only new show of 2008 I'll watch.

Don't forget, the second half of the premiere airs tomorrow night on FOX.
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