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Why are diamonds a girls best friend?

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.02 "Gnothi Seauton"

The continuation from last night's pilot episode. Sarah and John are trying to adjust to their surroundings after jumping forward from 1999 to 2007 where Cameron, the terminator sent back to protect John, says they can destroy Skynet before it is created. While the pilot set up the storyline, this episode sets up their current situation. Both episodes so far have impressed me not only with the pacing, but creating a world nearly similar to the filmverse.

One thing I liked about this episode was the challenge of getting themselves new identities, how despite feeling that having no story or no name would make things easier, the painful reality is that things have changed in the year of 2007. When Sarah learns about what happend on 9/11 for the first time she starts realizing that things will always get worse, no matter what happens. That even if they stop the machines, the world is still a nasty and cruel place, and people hurting other people is just as horrible as future machines destroying all of humanity. There is no explanation for it, to way to justify those actions. I don't know if that's what her voiceover was saying at all, but that's how I precieved it as. Besides, having them jump into the future where things have drastically changed (society and technology alike), seeing their reactions is certainly something I liked. Especially having John being all fascinated with the new technology and being all "OMG WHUT" with the enhancement of it all. Sure, some would think it was silly of him to do research on himself and what happened before they traveled forward in time, but he's new to it all. I'm sure anyone would've done the same thing. It's like, it's still the world you know but it's also very different, and you have to explore that side of things.

Sometimes I wonder about their situation, the Connor's I mean. Every time I think about what they're going through I revert to what the Bennet family in Heroes has to go through when HRG made them run; they want normalcy but can't achieve that, because they'll always be on the run. No matter how many enemies they encounter there will always be a dozen more waiting for them. Sarah and John know what's coming, and have to do whatever it takes to prevent it. But they will never live normal lives again.

Which is probably why I can understand John going to Charley's place. It might have seen kind of senseless to do so, but after all that's happened I think he needed to be reassured of how real things were.

I still love Summer Glau as Cameron, she shines through and practically steals the screen. From her casual conversation with John and Sarah to kicking the shit out of other cyborg terminators, even getting makeovers from a silent Latina gang-girls (definitely my favorite part of the whole episode, their silent interaction, hee). She's cute and tiny and petite, but deadly and oh so gorgeous.

I am still amazed at how they manage to capture the audience's attention, at least from my perspective, through the storytelling and the action. Still impressed, still captivated, and still loving it, and definitely looking forward to more.

Now I need an icon, dammit.
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