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I ♥ mah Momo.

So, it seems like our little Sammy Winchester is stealing from Mohinder's wardrobe. Intriguing. Don'tcha just love it when fandoms you love collide? So does this mean that Mohinder get shirtless now?

COMMUNITY PIMPAGE: heroes_mohinder. Now in one place for all your Mohinder/Sendhil-loving needs. Because seriously, fandom is really lacking in the ONE single Mohinder community, and the one there is hardly is ever active. At least with this one there's not only discussions but delicious picspams of the gorgeous man. Plus, it's a way for all us Mohinder-lovers to come and chat and praise the pretty and to salute the "Mohinder Is Not Stupid, Goddammit!" flag, or anything else related to the gorgeous man.
Tags: fandom, heroes, mohinder suresh
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