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Fandomosity: WGA, Dollhouse, Heroes, SPN, TSCC, SMG, Namie Amuro

This is the first Fandomsosity update of the new year, which is good because there's lots to report on.

-♠- Worth Fighting For: In most recent strike news, the DGA and the AMPTP have reached an agreement in contract deals which, in their written statement the studios are apparently wanting to bring back the WGA to talks for "informal discussions." Whether this is a true statement on their half is entirely up for debate; since neither of us behind our screens knows precisely what's happening behind those closed doors we can only pray that hopefully something productive is going to happen. Because right now the strike is currently at a standstill, both sides stubbornly holding their grounds and if this breaks the ice for furthering negotiations than I'm all for it.

-♠- Welcome To The Dollhouse: Eliza Dushku talks about Dollhouse. Not anything new, but she's staying optimistic about the show despite the strike and is currently physically preparing herself for her role. Honestly, I am really looking forward to it.

-♠- It's Like Staring Into Sun: Sendhil Ramamurthy has been announced to attend Eclipse. Yays!

-♠- Saving People, Hunting Things: First look at Supernatural's new graphic novel series, entitled Supernatural: Rising Son. The link provides an insightful look at what's to come in this new comic series, including new characters and familiar faces, and the connections between it and the show. To complete it off, the comic has a new artist. So if anyone was disappointed in Origins' artwork, you'll be in for a nice surprise with this just from the coverart alone.

-♠- Terminators Are A Go: It appears that The Sarah Connor Chronicles is getting praised, especially after its outstanding performance from the premiere -- making it the best and highest rated show on FOX since 2000, according to some sources. With only two episodes aired, and nothing left on television to watch, audiences are tuning in and with good reason. Let's hope that this streak continues, because nothing beats out having two lead female characters kicking ass and taking names.

-♠- Buffy Meets Alice: Sarah Michelle Gellar reaffirms her commitment to Alice. There were several misleadings on whether SMG was going to actually play the character of the film version of American McGee's Alice video game, you know all that rumor hoopla, but it apparently she's still committed. Though while she is certainly not how I envisioned Alice from this universe (I keep thinking someone a little younger, like Emily Browning or similar to), it seems that she's passionate about the role so I'm crossing my fingers she does well.

-♠- Queen of Hip-Pop: Namie Amuro will be sporting a new look/feel to her new album, including traveling back in time to the 60s/70s/80s while transforming the old soul songs beat/feel into a unique splash of Queen Namie flavor. Judging from the commerical previews, she's going all out and looking gorgeous than ever. Plus her Official Website has gotten a makeover to fit with her new album, and it's awesome.
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