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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 1.03 "The Turk"

This show just keeps getting better and better. This episode had less of Summer than I'd wanted, but that's okay because I love Lena Headey and Thomas Dekker in their roles and everything else involving their journey. So it's all good. Besides, this episode had much to offer.

"The Turk" focuses primarily on Sarah's conscience and sense or morality, and is preparing John to take charge in his messiah title in the future. Not as action-packed, but I have a feeling we'll be getting more of those in due time. This is merely the "setting up" stage, which is good so people who are unfamiliar with the plot will have sort of an idea of what's going on. Especially the cell generation of the Terminator-flesh, the science behind it, the threat that's upon them and the FBI agent now suddenly becoming more of a believer than the skeptic he used to be. All of this will become important further down the line, and it's good they're setting it up now instead of leaving the audience in the dark. Of course, any newcomer will still be lost if they don't understand the terminology (or Terminology, the knowledge of Terminators okay that was lame, I know). But that's what research is for!

I'm impressed with how ballsy they are concerning the graphic content, and I think it's awesome. Most new shows, especially on network TV, would never go to some of the stretches they went in this episode. The shitloads of blood (bathtub of blood, anyone?), the evil!Terminator taking the scientist's eyes, the suicide of the teenage girl jumper, the "rebirthing" of the Terminator with flesh to make him all humanoid. Just, very graphic and gross, but so very awesome.

The red eyes in the end, though. That was made of fantastic win.

"I'm a bitch whore." Oh, Cameron. How I love your deadpan deliveries.

I am confused, however, why she couldn't transform herself into the regular human behavior and mannerisms we saw in the pilot episode. Because while I do enjoy her deadpan absolute-clueless reactions to things around her, I sort of thought she would be used to pretending to be someone she wasn't. Like to get close to John, pretending to not be a Terminator sent back from the future. But after reading some other comments regarding that, some predict that future!John not only created her but also programmed her to only act that way when meeting his younger self. Hence why she is different from the other Terminator models. Would make sense, if her programming only allows her to be "normal" around the Connors and not to other people. She isn't there to blend in, she's there to protect John Connor.

John definitely took a step in his role this episode. Of course it's a question of whether he's willing to accept his destiny or if it was an act of humanity? Because all the students were just standing there watching her, and it only takes one person to step out of the crowd to do the right thing. Of course this "right thing" could've blown his cover and everything they're running from and fighting for, so that's why Cameron stopped him.

Although most didn't understand the jumper girl's storyline, I did. Apparently she had an inappropriate relationship with a teacher (I believe?) and someone found out, so being the cruel teenage students they are, someone decided to paint the "event" on the walls. And being an emotionally unbalanced teen girl with issues, she thought she wouldn't survive with that and committed suicide. Seems irrational and slightly unneeded if they didn't make it clear enough, but this was merely a stepping stone for John to really want to help people. How else is he going to be a savior of humanity unless he makes these kinds of mental decisions himself?

I DO like that the FBI agent is gradually becoming a believer and rediscovering the truth, so hopefully he'll become an ally of Sarah and John further down the line. I felt sorry for him because he obviously isn't well-respected by his department. I just hope he does start understanding what is really happening out there soon.

Yay, the chica gang-girl was back! I want more scenes between her and Cameron. They have this mutual silent-thing going on, and I could totally see them becoming BFFs. Hell, Cameron did pick up the eyeliner skill from her.

HALF-NAKED SUMMER ALERT! Robotic girl walking around nonchalantly in her underwear. Plus the femslash comment from Sarah and the kissing thing. Man, this show is just awesome enough with the Terminator Mythos and all, they have to add all that to make it even MORE awesome? They just love us, don't they?

I also loved the metal-plate comment. And Cameron's followup with: "I fell. Hard." BWAHA.

I have nothing else to add, and I'm sure I'll have theories soon. But I am SO loving TSCC. Fo'reals.
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