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These days are getting blue...

I'm pretty sure everyone's heard the news already, since my FList literally exploded yesterday. It's a tragic, shocking and devastating moment for us all. It's hard to believe or even comprehend what happened and I'm still unsure how I should react to it all. Without placing this post in with all the others, as I'm sure nearly everyone is sick and tired of getting depressed when someone mentions it again I'm just going to send my deepest condolesnces to Heath's family, his friends and his little girl for their loss. But I am disgusted at the media at the moment. Really.

To top this off I watched "Home" the other day, and I'd gotten tears in my eyes. Out of all the SPN episodes this is the one that does it for me. I honestly can't explain why, since they've had emotional moments before that make me go "OH BOYS!" and reach through the screen and hug them. But this was a classic S1 episode that really brought all those moments together later on.

I've also been thinking about having a marathon of Carnivale after I'm done with SPN rewatching. Since I have both seasons now (yay!) it'll be awesome.

Nothing else to report on that front. I'll be having theories for my fandoms soon. I know I've said that before but it's taking longer than I expected, between RL and everything else I've been so preoccupied. That I have to get them organized, since I know what I want to say it's a matter of writing them down into coherent sentences. But they're coming.
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