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Random Facts

Some Random Facts About Me meme, blatantly stolen from adela711.

I am going to post some random things about myself because, well, what the heck! Reply back with a random thing or two (or three) about yourself. Then post randomness in your own journal (if you want to).

I do not know how to drive and quite frankly I don’t want to know just yet. I haven’t even taken a class to prepare myself for driving on my own. I am not scared about driving, just nervous that I might get distracted, swerve on the road, and hit the car into another car or pole. That, and also I am self-conscious and don’t trust myself driving just yet.

I have a purple lava lamp.

I like Christina Aguilera’s voice although she may strain herself sometimes, I just don’t like the image that she is now and how she’s promoting herself. I like the art, not the artist.

I have a girl crush on Eliza Dushku and [just recently] Morena Baccarin.

Just recently did I get into activism, and have been an active participant it many activist activities, such as debates and mini protests.

My birthday is on October 16, my Opa was on October 16, my sister's birthday is on May 16, my aunt's birthday is on March 16...sensing a pattern here? So, technically speaking, our lucky [and favorite] number is 16.

I only highlighted my hair once, and that to do it blonde. I was a golden blonde child growing up, and I still am slightly blonde though my hair has darkened when I hit puberty. In junior high I wanted to be noticeably blonde again – however the color wasn’t the right kind of blonde that I remembered from when I was growing up. It was almost, say, fake yellow Hilary Duff blonde than my golden blonde. I let it grow out and I swore to myself that I would never highlight (or dye) my hair ever again. So far, I haven’t even thought about the idea. And I hope I keep it that way for a long while.

I hated junior high. Hated high school. Enjoying the alternative high school, and on the verge of graduating. I am going to work the polls for the upcoming election and probably going to take some college classes in the spring to boost up my credits so I do graduate on time.

I never went to a single school dance. Nope, not even a prom.

I loathe shopping, especially when the stores are overcrowded. Very occasionally do I ever want to go shopping out of my own free will, otherwise online shopping is the best.

Lately I've been on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 kick which sprung out of nowhere, and it is inspiring me to write a Harry Potter movie parody of MST3K in script format.

I love looking back at my childhood, just digging through my old toys and flipping through the photo albums. It makes me feel very fortunate and grateful that I had something to be happy about as a kid. Others aren't that fortunate, and I guess in the past I've taken that for granted. Now, looking back, I realize that I am one of the lucky ones that has a caring and nuturing mother...and I tell her this everyday.

I've always believed that Barney and the Teletubbies were the worst possible children's show anyone could come up with. Now we have the cousins of these godawful shows, that one program with creatures that look like colorful droplets that bounce continuously....yeah, those things frighten me.

I watched Under the Umbrella Tree as a kid. And I still have some on tape.

My sister and I used to love watching the Disney Channel religiously, before it became a commercialized mainstream marketing station for talentless preteens/teens that either want to become the next pop star or a brainwashing instrument in the media. In my opinion, old school Disney was much better than the crap they're spitting out now. The Secret Life of Toys anyone?

I learned how to swim properly by watching Ocean Girl – that is the correct way to swim. Any other way is just, wrong!

I am a Fanilow. What of it, huh?

The inner hippie has risen from within me, partly due to the war in Iraq and the upcoming election. I guess looking back at myself through the years I've always had traits and qualities of a hippie. From all the hatred, discrimination, political debates, and the war that's been happening in our world and in our society, the Hippie from within has awakened – and she's not very happy.

I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I don't need to categorize myself just so people can judge me on which political party I belong to. I just consider myself my own person having my own opinions. Belonging to a specific political party just isn't on my To Do list, thank you. I know what is right and what is wrong, I have a sense of morality and commonsense due from my upbringing. I don't need a political party label to identify what I should believe or what I shouldn't just to be discriminated by the opposing party. I am who I am, and my opinions stand alone.

I love The Monkees, Abba, The Carpenters, Exposé, Wilson Philips and Richard Marx, courtesy of my lovely mother who had brainwashed my sister and I with her albums. I ♥ her.

As a kid I had a specialty to line things up and organizing things. Surpisingly, I did keep my room clean and orderly. However now, I am a hopeless case in keeping my room area orderly.

I have a [secret] crush on someone who I've known practically my whole life, and it's been going on for 7 years. keykook16 may know who this is, I am asking you to keep your mouth shut about it if you figure it out.

And also...

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Inara/Kaylee are uncommonly rare? How? Why? We have Mal/Simon and Simon/River...why exactly are Inara/Kaylee being left out in the cold?

Oh well, at least they're blissfully happy as I ship them proudly.
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