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Life is just one huge telenovela.

Hey all. Still am around, I just haven't had the time to conduct a proper update. Though nothing new to tell as it's still the same-old routine. Life is pretty good right now, I'm calm and content even with some craziness and letdowns here and there, but otherwise it's all good. One thing I've learned though: I should go to the library more often. Bookstores are awesome, but libraries don't cost you a fortune when you check out books.

I have't been writing about it but I've been watching Psych's new season, and it's freaking HILARIOUS. As usual, of course. But this passed Friday's was of the funny that just cracked my shit up. First of all, the theme song sung in Spanish? HOLY CRAP that was awesome, nearly topping the Christmas one. I really liked the telenovela storyline, simply because it was so ridiculous and yet it has lots of reality to it, particularly the obsessed/crazed fan (who worked onset, no less) who couldn't differentiate between the world of soap operas and real life. Which is, unfortunately, how some people think in our world, and that has been taken into account on television before but Psych does it in a more humorous manner. Like Shawn's dad thinking he was "Chad", the character he was portraying, even for a moment. Heh.

Of course another reason why I loved this episode, besides it being an homage to James Roday's heritage, is that I DO watch Spanish telenovelas. Also the ending with "Chad" in the well, haha! Just like soap operas -- anyone who's dead doesn't stay dead, and have miraculous and near-impossible comebacks. (Though I kept thinking "Timmy's down the well!" a la Passions).

Though poor Jules. I knew that the implication would be flirting with the new female cop, but all she wanted to do is make friends. Though I kind of thought the cop would get the wrong idea and flirt with her back, which would've made the situation even more hilarious. Still, I felt bad for her. And the Psych-Out...OMG! I couldn't stop laughing, and I'm pretty sure that was Dulé singing, right?

Moreover, I LOVE the commenarties for S1 of Psych. They have way too much fun on this show.

After watching the preview and spoiler clips I am excited for this week's Supernatural, which returns for the last five remaining episodes of the season! Unfortunately it's competitor is LOST, but I have no worries because I think SPN will do well, even with the other is more popularly known. Oh, and tonight is a new TSCC, so yay.

ETA: So apparently TSCC is new next Monday. Oh well, it's all good anyhow. SPN will be new on Thursday.
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