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That is so...fetch!

01. Tomorrow is a new episode of Supernatural! The first of five, I believe. I'm so excited!

02. So, there's people out there who watch ANTM right? Well I've been sporatically watching some episodes shaddup it's my guilty pleasure okay, nothing new but just from the old cycles and while yes, it's entertaining sometimes I just want to smack some of the girls upside the head. Like for instance Jade in Cycle 6. The bitch just cannot shut up, with all her excuses and kissing up the Tyra and the judges, with her diva-like attitude and thinking she's all that, and finally when she got eliminated she actually mentioned that her modeling was "overlooked" and that Tyra made a "mistake". Pssh, bitch please. They pretty much told you upfront that you took great photographs, it's your personality that stinks. Modeling isn't about just a pretty face, it's about how one carries themselves and if you are likeable enough to work with. Jade, obviously, is not one of those people. She thinks too highly of herself and it is due to that narsassitic attitude that got her booted.

I'm surprised she lasted that long, but with reality shows they have to keep the troublemakers and the bitches on as long as they can to prolong the ridiculous drama, therefore getting ratings. And it's obvious that Jade was playing it up for the cameras, with her melodramatic poetry that spun out of her mouth. If this was actually REAL LIFE than a reality show, Jade would've been axed long ago.

Though aside from Drama Queen Jade, in each cycle there are always the catty and bitchiness between the girls for whatever reason. I'm just amazed at all the childish things these girls are willing to do to each other, it's like petty high school drama. And even their stupidity comes out, too. I know it's the way the show is edited and all that, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to smack some sense into some of them. Seriously.

Most will ask why I watch this show if I can't stand reality TV. Well, honestly I don't watch for the drama, which is mildly entertaining but I could do without the all that nonsense -- it's like hi, act mature like you're supposed to for your age kthnx. I mainly watch for the fashion, the concepts for the photoshoots which are very creative and imaginative and how some of the girls pull it off, and the judging in the end. The kind of "telling the truth" to the girls and giving them advice. I do kind of miss Janice, she was hardcore and certainly not someone you want to piss off, but she tells it like it is. I just don't ever want to be judged by her. Heh.

So yeah, ANTM is the one and only reality show I watch. It's just so addicting.

03. Okay, please tell me I'm not crazy. The other night I was surfing around and, honest to God, I saw a Mohinder ad. Just right there, plastered on the side of screen. And then last night I saw it again when I was searching on YouTube. I'm not going insane, right? Others have seen this too, I'm hoping. Just, GAH!

04. 10 Things I Hate About You was on the other day, and I do love that movie but now seeing it I feel slightly sad when seeing Heath. But then my sister was watching random BtVS episodes and I sat and joined her temporarily and it was all good. God, I'd forgotten how much I loved that show. And Giles, who will soon be Repo Man. And Spike, who got to makeout with Jack Harkness on Torchwood. Ah fandom.

05. Studios to reprise Freddy Kreuger? I love the whole NOES series, and I can't imagine anyone else other than Robert Englund to play Freddy. I'm not sure if this is a remake or just a continuation of the franchise, we need more information for that. So I'm holding my opinions until then.
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