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SPN: "Malleus Maleficarum" Episode Review

Supernatural 3.09 "Malleus Maleficarum"


Now onto the episode, which I personally thought was fantastic. Of course it's good to see something new from this show from the long winter hiatus and the strike happening and all that. Though I knew I would like this episode because A.) there's Ruby, she just rocks and I love her and B.) we got to learn more about her backstory and the origins of demons. There's also the bits and pieces with Sam's destiny, Dean's fate and what's to come in the future interweaved through the episode. To me, all that is very vital. It's also a good thing because with the shortened season we need no more filler episodes. They have much to cram into these remaining episodes while they can.

Okay, we've got GORE and GROSS-OUT factors in this episode. Thank you Kripke for the teeth-falling-out scene, I had some dreams about that and now you make it all cringeworthy. I could take the maggots in the hamburger and all other bugs on the turkey just fine, but the teeth....*shudders*

I seriously am adoring Ruby more and more as this season progresses. We finally get some answers to her backstory, the fact that she was once human. A witch no less, hence the magical knife she carries around with her, but more on that in a sec.

Then there's her interaction with Dean, because FINALLY they have some scenes together. Someone mentioned when the spoiler clips came out that they have rapid chemistry like wildfire, and I wholeheartedly agree. They were on fire while spatting at each other, and then Ruby saves his life, and then that little talk in the end of the episode. See people, I can definitely see the hate!sex between Ruby/Dean and not Bela/Dean. Ruby is a competely different force from Bela, aside the being a demon and all that. Anyway, it's nice to know that Dean is finally being civil towards Ruby -- very interesting since he's said that he hates demons by default and, in this episode, he says he hates witches too. Ruby is all those things, and yet they have the small talk conversation. I thought it was sweet.

"I'm not talking about witches, you jackass! Witches are whores." AHAHA, oh Ruby I heart you. And Dean's reaction to that was HILARIOUS. Also, "black-eyed skank"? "Shortbus"? These two are bickering like MAD. And it's HOT. Sekritly ships Dean/Ruby while really rooting for a Sam/Ruby/Dean threesome


Furthering into the demon mythology was intriguing, and I am very pleased with the reveal on how demons are created. I know some are perhaps puzzled by this, but I find it interesting because it does up the stakes for what they've been hunting all these years, and what Dean's fate may become after his year is up. Humans who are sent to Hell gradually becoming demons is certainly an interesting portray, not to mention this neverending cycle of human souls losing all sense of humanity and being nothing else other than dark, tortured things in a pit of despair. This is a nice take on the ancient demonology and myths of Hell and an afterlife, and it certainly fits with what's happening this season.

We also have a new Big Bad in town. There's someone else who's fighting their way to become the Leader of the Demon Army. The question is, who is it and how much of a threat are they to the Winchesters, especially Sam? Is this rising evil someone new or an old foe, like Meg for instance? So many questions, so little episodes left to answer them all. *le sigh*

The witches storyline was nice, though not really the central point aside from revealing of Ruby's origins. It's sad the "nice" one of the coven had to die, though. She did a heroic thing in the end however, which was nice. I was spoiled with who the demon of the group was, but I liked her portrayal. Evil with a hint of sarcasm, like all demons are. But this should be a lesson to everyone out there: don't get involved with something that you don't know the consequences of, or even the true nature of things. I kinda got The Craft vibe from the coven, such as a group of girls get together and get whatever they wanted by means of a powerful force but it all backfires. So really that demon chick was like the Nancy of the bunch. Just saying, okay!

HIGHLIGHTS: Dean pitying the sacrificed bunny (seriously sweetheart, could you be any more cute?), the conversation between the boys about Sam's change towards their situation, i.e. "shoot now, ask questions later" attitude, Dean versus Ruby, Ruby saving Dean, ALL OF RUBY SCENES OKAY, FEMSLASHINESS!!! Finally some girl/girl implications between Ruby and that other demon chick (and Dean certainly approved of that). Sam going all "FIVE SECONDS....FOUR...." on those witches.

This episode is just, wow. I'm glad to have my fandom back, really I am. I'm about to go stir-crazy without new episodes of my shows, and new SPN is nothing to complain about. I am loving where all this is headed, can't wait for more. And next week we get Bobby! YAY BOBBY! I missed him. *glees*

Once more, Ruby ILU. ♥

One of the main questions after this episode is: Will Dean die become a demon himself one day, or will be he saved?

As a rule in the SPNverse demons lie, and even though Ruby is not your typical demon since she still has her ounce of humanity she is still part of that particular kind. She says to Sam that she's able to save his brother, but in tonight's episode she tells Dean that there is no way of getting out of his deal. This may be a red-herring, because obviously demons lie but the question remains which statement is the lie. Will she be able to save Dean? Probably not by herself, that is why she needs Sam, and without Dean's help in that department nothing will come of it. She may be playing them in that front by not revealing the whole truth, but I do believe she sincerely wants them to win this war. She is merely bending her words slightly to gain their trust. She wanted Sam to trust her so she could get closer to Dean and have him help her prepare Sam for this upcoming demon war.

I also think that in order to save Dean from going to Hell, Sam will have to fulfill his destiny and lead the Demon Army, therefore having the power to reverse the deal. Ruby being there means not only to be his "fallen angel" but rather his fall back person because getting involved in something this huge...he has to learn to NOT lose his humanity. As we're seeing the change in Sam, she even said that he wouldn't be Sam if he didn't like doing the things he has to do against his nature. Ruby is a good balance for him, as she's a perfect example of someone who does have something inside but is not pure bad or evil.

Which makes me love Ruby even more, because we'd begun to believe since the beginning that demons are bad. But this is adding more gray areas to hunting and what exactly they hunt. I sort of assumed there would've been some record somewhere by other hunters about the origins of demons, or some lore based on humans turning into demons and not but possession.

Though this kind of begs another question, supposedly the blood the Yellow-Eyed Demon spilt on baby!Sammy indicated that Sam does have some demon blood in him. How concrete is this and how does it fit into the mythology of how demons are created?

I have other theories to write out, mainly on Sam and his Boy King legacy, Dean, other characters and such, but after this episode it seemed fitting to get this far with them. Anywho, it's good to have Supernatural back. If only for a limited amount of episodes, but still. Yay, the boys are back. Plus Ruby! *squishes them*
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