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Legen -- wait for it -- DARY!

01. From most recent news it appears that the writers and studios are making rapid progress and reports suggest that a settlement may be reached within a week. How legit is this statement and how much are we betting on it? I have no idea, I'm just praying this is true and this isn't another red-herring from unreliable sources. Because seriously not only do I want this strike to end, I want this strike to end with boths sides of the argument coming to a common ground with each other with no loose ends or unpleasantness in the end. I'm sort of waiting for the official word when it IS over with, but this gets me all excited that things are moving along with deals and continue in that direction. *crosses fingers*

02. Sam/Ruby/Dean. My newest OT3. Seriously, Ruby has amazing chemistry with the boys, because she is made of awesome. Don't hate, appreciate, m'kays?

03. Lord help me, I think I may be getting into HIMYM. I blame my sister for this one, the same way I blame her for getting me into NCIS. Barney is HI-LARIOUS to the extreme, just OMG. He is made of awesome too, so many great lines he has that I just love quoting.
Tags: activism, fandom, wga strike of 2007
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