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04 February 2008 @ 02:22 pm
Heroes Theories: Vol.2 Finale and The Virus  
GASP! A Heroes theories entry? Who'da thunk it? Yeah, I figured since it's been a while and I'd promised I'd write more fandom theories that I'd write one that's been on my mind for some time now. NO Volume 3 spoilers, I'm a spoilerphobe for this fandom.

After rewatching "Powerless" for research purposes a thought entered my mind: What if the Haitian was responsible for shooting Nathan at the conference?

I don't know if this has been discussed before by fans, but I'll give it a go anyway. First of all, we know that the Haitian has an ever-changing alliegences with people ever since last season, and he does have the ability to block other people's powers from around him. Perhaps that is why neither Matt nor Peter could sense someone was planning on shooting him in the middle of the press conference. Also, the Haitian kind of disappeared after helping Bennet locate the rest of the paintings, and it is these disappearances that are kind of interesting. It's the same like S1 when he was there and then he wasn't, particularly during the most vital moments of what's happening. Maybe the Haitian is back to being underneath the Company's wing.

Or perhaps it was Noah Bennet's doing after reluctantly being recruited back into their facility, that's another thought. Especially since Bob came to him for that deal to stop Claire from exposing their secrets, perhaps knowing what Nathan was planning on doing this was his first assignment to reassure them that he was willing to do their bidding once more. Which is kind of poetic irony, Claire's father shooting her father, and losing both in the process.

The only thing I'm wondering about is Angela Petrelli's words in the end. Perhaps she was chatting with Bob since if she were talking with the Haitian she would've spoken French, and she hardly knows or has never had particular friendly contact with HRG. So, I don't know. Again, speculated theories until Volume Three.

Obviously the Company recruited Mohinder not only for his blood and knowledge and moral compass keeping them in line, but also because he possibly has family ties to that organization. It's not news that his blood carries the antibodies to cure the original sample of the virus, but having him work in the same place that possibly experimented on his sister is, whether he knows it or not.

Shanti Suresh was the first to carry the virus, as they've titled it the Shanti Virus due to her being the first victim and carrier of the deadly disease. You've got the wonder how the virus even came to exist or even how Shanti even acquired it. Like, was she already a carrier and the Company decided to experiment on her and accidentally causing a mutation which creates this virus that is lethal? Or was Shanti's power something like Maya's and it was messed with too much from experimentation and thus doomed to ever be cured (making it like Mohinder and Shanti could've been what Maya and Alejandro were, the yin-and-yang of abilities via blood)? I've been going back and forth between the information we've been given about the virus in general -- Bennet said that the Company created the virus, and perhaps they did but only after finding a way to cure Shanti from whatever sickness she had. But then in 1977 Victoria Pratt had said they discovered the virus in Shanti's blood. Perhaps Shanti did have a softcore version of the virus, but again with too many experiments it could've altered it and created another level of mutation after the attempts of curing it.

Though it makes you wonder, how did the Chandra Suresh come into contact with the Company? Or was he even aware that the Company existed and instead was tricked into believing a colleague or someone he knew could help his daughter with her special abilities or find a cure for her because of her "sickness".

Whatever it is, every single individual that's been infected with the virus has been connected with the Company in some form or other. Now Mohinder being there, some think he's being duped but I honestly don't think he is. He believes he can do some good from within their facility and I think he's right, especially since Bob has been bending over backwards to meet his demands. However after "Powerless" in finding out the Company has been purposefully using the virus to experiment on Sylar, thus keeping him alive when assumed dead to the rest of the world, he'll have to really confront Bob about this issue. At least, I'm hoping so. Mohinder has come such a long way from the beginning of the series, and I would like to see him take charge of what the Company is doing in hopes for altering the way their operation works.

But more about the Company later though, because there's much I want to discuss about them.
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Reckless Endangerment to Youth: zuko--hotlotuseyes on February 5th, 2008 12:03 am (UTC)
I think, and I can't find where the thread was because this was all discussed en masse way back when it first aired, that folks at first speculated it was Noah/HRG just because of the dramatic irony of having Claire's foster dad shooting her bio-dad...but it was dismissed because the shooter seemed much too slight of build to be HRG (who's not big, but I think they meant the shooter was less tall and slimmer).

as far as the Haitian...I've always wondered at him. first the company, then HRG, Angela Petrelli, helping Peter, aiding HRG again and then...gone. Oh the one hand I'd think that he was indebted to Mohinder for saving him, so he's be helping him the most, but...I don't know I need to rewatch all the episodes to better track him since the first twelvefew times I watched it to track the progress of Claire/Peter...
Renéerogueslayer452 on February 5th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)
I really like the mysteriousness of the Haitian, and he does seem to change which side he's on depending on the situation, and then just disappears without a trace. We only know so much about him, and most of his background can be explained through the graphic novels (but not everyone reads those). I do want them to explore his character more, than on the other hand I like him being this mysterious figure who is very vague on which side he's playing on. I kind of like the thought of HRG being the one to follow the Company's orders, showing that he's still in the gray area only to protect his family. It's still a possibility.

But really, it could be anyone. The Haitian, HRG, or someone else entirely, new or old.
jirucloud on February 12th, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
*GASP!SHOCK* the Haitian responsible??? Hmm... it would make sense... but, he's *always* disappearing... I wonder what his homelife is like ^.^

What were her words at the end, again? *forgotten* its been too long!! Hmm... the Haitian speaks English, too, though... remember he spoke with Claire and such before in English... it would be nice for him to have a deeper storyline though, definitely...

I think that the blood was definitely experimented on to mutate it into what it is... I mean, they said they had a bunch of different strains, right? I don't know, but it seems like maybe the Heroes have smaller and less lethal strains of it in their own bodies that, with experimentation, would become deadly as well...

Exactly... Chandra Suresh always seemed to be the one contacting everyone else, what with that huge thumbtack board he had... and why create the company? Was he one of the founders, again? Who was originally the mastermind and why?

Hmm... I think that Bob will probably come up with some cotton candy story that makes his experimentations on Sylar seem valid... though it will take some twisting? I think its because Sylar might hold a key as he seems to be the most powerful of the Heroes, along with Peter who was also kidnapped, because they both absorb powers instead of just having them. I think that finding out how they work would show the Company how the other Heroes were able to gain their own powers...

yay! I can't wait for more theories!! ♥
Renée: Mohinder. Science.rogueslayer452 on February 12th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
Angela said: "I know, it was unavoidable, you do know that you've now opened Pandora's Box." This was when she was watching the news reporter about Nathan being shot down, and it seemed like she knew it was coming. Whether it could've been the Haitian or someone else is up in the air, though I still say it could be the Haitian because she's in cahoots with him. But then again, Angela has mysterious ties all over the place, so who knows who it could've been. My three guesses are either the Haitian, HRG or Bob.

Which makes things interesting because Angela has been so ultimately gray through the series. She goes between knowing about what's happening to advising her sons and being sympathetic to turning around and being an ice cold bitch.

Hee, I imagine the Haitian's homelife is quite laidback. He's just chilling back and recalling his missions (to a friend or God or someone) like, "you have no idea what Bennet and I did the other day..." XD

Chandra didn't create the Company. Adam Monroe (Kensei) did, he was the one that brought all the originals twelve members together in thinking they could save the world, or so he claimed. I merely think that perhaps someone from the Company knew Chandra and that Shanti was special, but Chandra didn't realize the true workings of the Company. I do wish they'd go back to that or how Shanti's blood was even experimented on, since it was brought up repeatedly in Volume Two. Perhaps another dreamwalk from that Indian boy Mohinder met in S1, remember him? That would be interesting to see, and give him more insight to what the Company does and how he can influence them from being so morally gray as they currently are.

I really like that theory of yours regarding Peter and Sylar. Perhaps they WERE experimenting on them because they can absorb many abilities, and that's what makes them dangerous. That is why they disabled Sylar's abilities and why they made Peter believe he was going to be cured from his. And especially since Peter and Sylar are the same now, with Peter having more control of the abilities he has and using the "telekinetic deathgrip" that Sylar was known for using so well -- maybe Sylar and Peter will team up in Volume Three, because they are more powerful than ever and with Peter not being that naive boy we saw in S1, and from what I read a little while ago that Vol.3 is going to explore the darker side of these abilities, it could make for an interesting turn for these characters and WHY they are so important.

Very intriguing stuff. And now I'm thinking MORE theories just by chatting with you. :D
jirucloud on February 18th, 2008 06:31 am (UTC)
Ahh... I definitely have to wonder at who shot him, though I'm guessing HRG, but not for the Company... for himself. I think he shot Nathan because he is still trying to protect his Claire-bear and thinks that this might get on the good side of the Company as well... hmm... or it was a mission of his from them...

Oh Angela... *shakes head* It will be interesting to get more storyline from her... she's so crazy and always popping up randomly with more crazy! lol

tee! I want to watch that show ^.^ Haitian at Home~~~ how relaxing... especially if it were in Haiti ♥

We definitely need soccer-dream-boy back... whatever happened to that loose plot-mover? lol! I luff the India flashbacks, personally~~

ooh... more darkside than Sylar's main hetero-squeeze, Maya? Should definitely make for some good watching ^.^

Yay!!! Let theories abound!!! ^.^
Renée: Mohinder Suresh.rogueslayer452 on February 18th, 2008 07:02 am (UTC)
That's my other prediction, and probably the most accurate since he is now back with the Company and they don't want their secret getting out, and that could've been his first assignment back on the job. Again, the ensure that he is behind them and will do what they say.

She is quite interesting, indeed. I want to learn more about her, and what her power actually is.

Hee, The Haitian in Haiti Show. Intriguing, and especially since I was looking at screencaps when Mohinder showed up at his place in Haiti in the beginning of the season I was noticing the setup and it looked particularly neat...with canned-wrappers as decorative wallpaper. XD Oh, the things I do on my spare time.....

Actually, the boy DOES return, if only in the recent graphic novel. He also might return in Vol.3, but I'm not sure. But yes, I think there will be more darksidedness to powers being shown. They already tested the water with some characters (e.g. Peter and Matt most emphasised on), so I can't wait what's in store for them and who the other villians are going to be.

Yay! I'll have more soonly. Oh, and have you seen the Mohinder ads floating around? I posted a link about it, and you can participate in his "dream study" on the Activiating Evolution site. ;)