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Rain, Smoke, and Jobs (sort of)

Rainy days! Rainy days! Rainy days!

It's been raining nearly this entire week so far, starting from Sunday to now. Thank goodness because we desperately needed some rain falling over here because last week we had smog. That's right folks, smog.

It was due to two forest fires not in our area, but I guess the wind decided to torture us and change directions and covered our entire sky with smoke. At first I thought it looked like rain clouds because, well, anything dark in the sky is rain clouds to me. However I didn't realize what had happened until later that Thursday afternoon, that and the fact that the sun had an eerily orangey-red glow to it than it's natural yellow brightness. Seriously, it looked more like a streetlight than the actual sun in the sky. So from Thursday-Friday of last week Spare the Air warnings went all over -- unfortunately I had to be outside in that yucky smog. First, I had to walk, then I had to deal with a cigarette smoke scientific experiment lab, and then at home I was cooking potstickers and I completely forgot about them, leaving them to be extremely overcooked and burnt. Three times I dealt with smoke -- atmosphere, experiment, and overdone forgotten food.

So yeah, all this rain is actually doing us a favor and getting rid of all the tiny smoke partials that were left in the air from those hazardous days. It's also doing me a favor because I've been asking for rain ever since the beginning of October -- all right, I've been asking for rain all year around, but considering that there's not enough rain over here I've been deprived of shiny and happy rainy days. And now since it is raining, I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

So I've decided to work at the polls for the upcoming election, which they're paying me and several other students that decide to sign up for the job. All I know is that if I do sign up and I don't go, then I get fined $100. So I'm making absolutely certain that I am getting all the information I need, checking all that needs to be signed, and going on the training days to understand what's going on.

Everything seems to be in check. Plus, rain! *g*

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