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New SPN episode, yay.


Before I get into all that, let me just say that this dream episode rocked. Now if there had been Ruby it would've rocked even more, but the main reason why I loved this episode was because there was BOBBY and there was DEAN versus DREAM!DEMON!DEAN and trippiness and just, whoa. I love the concept of nightmares and dreams -- hell, I'm a big fan of exploring the mysteries of the subconscious and everything else in between. It fits SPN so well. There's much I want to discuss about this episode, or rather give my thoughts on, and I'll do my best to not overanalyze too much. But knowing me and this show, I'll probably end up doing it anyway.

There's Dean and his overall fear of going to Hell, as anyone would be, but there's also that fear of what he'll become as Ruby confirms that he, too, will turn into a demon. I'm going back to in the beginning of this season where everyone was spouting off how Dean wasn't acting like himself and yaddy-yadda, and in hindsight it all makes sense. This entire episode, just like the last one, made sense in regards to Dean's inevitable fate. Now of course Dean isn't just going to admit his emotions like that because, that is not Dean. He's the strong silent type, he bottles everything inside and puts up this tough exterior. It might not be healthy, I mean hell he needs to let out his frustrations somehow before he goes insane, but that's who he is. Though after exploding on his dream!self, saying the things he needs to say to convince himself that yeah, he IS afraid of dying and he IS afraid and DOES NOT deserve to go the Hell. He's finally realizing the price of his deal and as his year draws closer and closer to its end he's starting to really worry. He's like, the master at procrastinating the Big Picture of his situation until it is too late. I also liked that there was him admitting his feelings towards his relationship with his dad, and with John's obsession with hunting. Angsty daddy issues, oh Dean.

I kind of wished we'd gotten more into Dean's dreamworld, aside from his fantasyland of being with Lisa and Ben, of course. I find that kind of heartbreaking though. It was almost like "What Is And What Should Never Be" all over again....the life he secretly wants but never will have. Also that scene in his dream where he thinks lowly of himself? OMG, my poor woobie Dean. You are SO not going to die.

Sam Winchester. It's interesting that Sam knows what'll happen to Dean after he reaches Hell, but doesn't know that Ruby can't save him because it's YOU who has to do the dirty work from the inside out, Sammy! I'm guessing Dean hadn't told Sam what Ruby told him. Hee, at him getting drunk but it was so sad because Sam's trying the best he can but he's starting to lose hope. Not all of it, just some. Still I liked that he was willing to go into Dean's dream to save him if he needed it (and Dean's expression was like "oh shit, what if he finds something out that I don't want him to").

Though Sam's psychic ability was brought up again, which I found interesting. Especially since Sam was unsure himself. Sam said that he'd lost all his psychic abilities after the YED died, but what if that's not really true? Now many of the Special Children's abilities came into play about around the same time, which means it was the YED's doing. But what if there's more to it then that. Like, say, since Sam is supposedly the leader of the demon army shouldn't he have the supernatural psychic abilities to lead them or whatever? Seems plausible, especially when I'm thinking about what Ava said back in AHBL that once you give into what they are the learning process is endless to what they can do. Maybe all Sam has to do is open himself up to that possibility and gain control without losing control. And maybe that's the ticket in order to save Dean.

However, Sam's dream. OMG WTF WAS THAT SHIT?! I seriously hope that Sam doesn't have a thing for Bela. Like, seriously. *brain bleach plz*

Bobby. Oh, Bobby. I've always wondered how he became a hunter, and like he said everyone has their own beginnings to hunting. Unfortunately for most hunters their stories are of the tragic variety, and Bobby's is no exception. His wife was possessed and he had to kill her, but even after all that time he still feels guilty of it because he hadn't really known what else to do. My favorite part though was Dean making him snap out of it, calling him the closest thing he had to a father figure. I thought that was sweet.

Things Made Of Win:

++ The whole nightmare/dreamworld concept, once again in classic SPN style. I loved the creation, the camera angles and movements, the bright colorful worlds and getting trapped inside and confronting your worst nightmare. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

++ Mentioning of Freddy Kreuger is FTW! Being a NOES junkie I was very happy. :D

++ Bobby's backstory, while sad, was still great nonetheless. We get a sense of who Bobby used to be, with the fresh fernished house that looked like any other house that belonged to a happy normal person, and get his take on how he entered the hunting business.

++ Dean's leather jacket, the music he listens to, the Impala -- it was all John's. This was an interesting relevation, awesome yet sad because this means that Dean didn't have anything for himself or anything that was truly his. That's why he wants a family like his imaginary dreamland one, because it would mean that it's his OWN family. Nothing handed down, just his and all his. Poor baby.

++ The mojo root with added hair as ingridents, was anyone else thinking Harry Potter at this point?

++ That Dean versus dream!Dean was so cool. I sense this being the fuel for some Deancest in the SPN fandom. Heh.

++ The ending, with demon!Dean and the snapping of the fingers. HOLY SHIT.

Things Made of Epic Fail:

-- Bela. Fucking Bela. Sam's dream involving Bela (which involved fucking). Bela stealing the fucking Colt. Just, ugh. I admit I was beginning to find her interesting a little, and I'd figured that she probably was getting fond of the boys to help them out, and in this episode I was beginning to think that was true. But in a true player sense, she played them all. Took the fucking Colt. GTFO of my fandom, bitch.

So this just confirms it. Ruby is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than Bela.
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