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It's now or never, people.

First of all, anyone that says that the strike is over has got their information backwards. It is NOT OVER, at least not yet. Please don't believe what others are spouting off, especially Michael Eisner says (and I mean, really, you wanna believe Eisner of all people?) The writers are going to meet this weekend to vote on deals and agreements, and then sometime after that will this particular meeting determine the fate of the strike. Again, please do not believe the hype surrounding those who say it is over. It isn't over until someone or reliable sources, like the president of the WGA for example, says it is over; even then, it still won't be all fine and dandy and everything will return the way it was. Just like what Joss Whedon said, there are still bitter feelings and you can't just flip on the emotions like a switch once a deal has been made. Don't give up hope people, just don't believe everything you hear unless it's 100% confirmed straight from the horse's mouth.

I have yet to watch this week's TSCC yet, and I've kind of missed some of House's return. But I have seen some spoilers and, um Wilson is dating Cutthroat Bitch? House/Wilson are nearing canon that it isn't even funny? What kind of magical crack were spiked into the writer's coffee right before the strike took place? Seriously. Oh, and the Jon/Stephen/Conan late night crossover battle: MADE OF WIN.

Loved last night's SPN episode, and what makes everything even better? Is watching Jared and Jensen interviews. They are so adorable. I especially liked the one where Jared is on Ellen, an old taping of the show mind you, but he's retelling his "near death experience" and all that. Cracks me up every time.

You know when I was driving myself crazy when I thought I saw that Mohinder ad? Well, lo and behold! It's an additional project where you can study your dreams, redirecting fans to the Activating Evolution site. I think it's very cute...though making me really craving that Mohinder was someone real so I can contact him and go to his lectures and whatnot and totally would not be a stalker, nope. Hee.
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