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Oh Holy Athena and the Cylon God....

SQUEEEE! Also, DOUBLE SQUEE! The latter has some spoilers, but never the less holy frakking gods!

With all our fandom schedules getting screwed over as a result of the strike, I am thoroughly excited for S4 to premiere. Because it's the final season you know it's going to be explosive, and from the second link proves just how dark the atmosphere is going to be, bigger and different than all the previous seasons as it comes to its conclusion. I've actually watched the new promo over and over like an obsessed little fan that I am, because I can't believe it's almost here, and with the strike on the verge of ending everything seems to be coming full-circle.

I just seem to be having a gleeful day today, I'm just happy and bouncy in general so yeah. Whee.
Tags: battlestar galactica
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