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Ooglie Booglies, Ghoulies, and Voldemort -- oh my!

Happy Halloween

This questionnaire meme was gacked from slytherincesss, which I make several references to throughout this thing.

1. Who would you consider your overall favorite character on the books? Harry, of course! He is the hero of the books after all. We've followed him through the good times and the bad, through his thrilling heroisms and countless adventures -- plus, he's a very likeable character that everyone can relate to, one way or another. Next to him when be Hermione, Draco, Lupin, and Sirius.

2. Do you hate any character in particular and if so why? Well, I don't necessarily hate a fictional character (or anyone, as a matter of fact), but I deeply despise Cho Chang for a number of reasons, and this was before OotP came out. I just never really cared for her, is all. Also, I'm not too keen on Ginny or Ron Weasley. I don't mind them, because Ron is essentially Harry's best friend, I just don't much favor the dude. Ginny, on the other hand, is just flat out annoying.

3. Do you feel Quidditch is an essential part of the story? Absolutely, because it gives my Harry great joy. It's his escape from reality and his only way to feel freedom, away from the craziness that surrounds his daily life. Without Quidditch or flying on his Firebolt he'll be a brooding, sulking mini-Angel....and that would no good. However, do I enjoy reading the play-by-play of Quidditch games in the books? No. Believe me, I already have read the first book a million times and I own Quidditch Through the Ages, so I don't need a replay of how the game is played.

4. Do you have a OTP (one true pairing) in the fandom, and if so what is it and what makes it so special to you? Well, since I have liked the Guns and Handcuffs for the longest time since joining the fandom, I would say Harry/Draco are my number one OTP if I were to choose. It's special because I know that it won't because I know that JKR isn't going in the Babes in Boyland direction....or at least we think she's not. ^_~ Besides, I personally think they're cute together, with or without those handcuffs.

5. Where is questions five? I'm standing on it. Bwahahaha!

6. Do you like/read slash? And femmeslash? Yes, I do read and write slash and femmeslash. Hermione/Female!Blaise and Hermione/Pansy of femmeslash. Harry/Draco and Sirius/Remus of slash. The slashy Weasleycest of Fred/George also intrigues me as well as Ron/Ginny, and until recently I get entranced by Snape/Harry on pure accident. It wasn't intentional, I swear!

7. Do you enjoy het? No. Het is disgustingly repulsive and anyone who likes it shall burn in hell!!! Phssh. Well, duh. Of course I enjoy het. What kind of question was that?

8. Are you member of any lj community that mocks Mary Sue fics like, for example, pottersues or deleterius? Nope. Never joined one. However, I do like visiting those communities and those similar to from time to time, just to have myself a good laugh every now and then. Sometimes some MS fics are laughable while others leave me questioning if those Suethors actually have read the books, or have even gone to the HP Lexicon. Besides, the members of deleterius are hilarious and extremely funny when reporting a bad MS -- I just fear the wankage that sometimes happens on those kinds of communities, hence why I am not joining one anytime soon.

9. Is the Wizarding World a place you would like to live in? Oh, hell yes.

10. Which one of the four Houses (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin) do you identify the most with? I think I identify with every House, to be honest. The loyalty to friendship and bravery as a Gryffindor, the mind of an intellectual and smarts as a Ravenclaw, the calm state-of-mind and peacemaking personality as a Hufflepuff would be, and the manipulating slyness and ambition that lies in a Slytherin personality. So, it's a real toss-up. But to predict honestly, I'd say between Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

11. Have you written any HP fanfic? Yes, but they're secluded in the safety of my home for now. I have been working on an AU fanfic for a few years, and I'm still in the process in revising and rewriting the first chapter. I've been quite busy with this one, you see. I have written several other drabbles and ficlets, I just haven't posted them publicly. Yes, I am rather shy when it comes to this sort of thing.

12. Have you seen the movie adaptations? If so, did they lived up to your expectations? The movies I adore to pieces, and while others are nitpicking the tiny mistakes, whining and complaining how it doesn't live up to their expectations, I am sitting in the theater enjoying every minute of it. I consider these excellent movie adaptations from the books, and will never live it to anyone's expectations of how they actually see the books in their mind's eye -- and if someone is really expecting to see everything written in the books to appear on the big screen, then they had really high expectations for something that is impossible to do. The films are, as somebody else said, visual eye-candy because we already know our vision of what the Potterverse should look like. The films are someone else's vision, and we should respect theirs as someone would respect ours. It won't be perfect, but nothing in this world is.

As I keep saying, if the HP movies were exactly like the books then nobody would want to read the books. They would just want to watch the movies. I would rather have people read the books and create the Wizarding World by what their imagination creates it to be than what someone else's vision was for the movies.

13. Do you consider that seeing a certain actor/actress portray a certain book character helped change your perception of said character? I'd say every single actor/actress has helped my perception of how the character should sound, act, and speak, but I must admit neither of them where how I envisioned the characters from the books. But that is because I never really had a clear vision on how a character is suppose to look -- but that's how my mind and imagination work. It wasn't until the first movie, Sorcerer's Stone, when I realized that Daniel was Harry, Emma was Hermione, and Rupert was Ron. All three fit perfectly in their roles and portray the characters wonderfully, and they still do despite hairstyle/clothing changes. I've heard people bash certain actors because they don't portray the characters right anymore, especially on Emma Watson and David Thewlis. Personally, I think Emma's doing a bang-up job playing Hermione, as well as Thewlis with his version of Lupin. All this hate and dislike, if you absolutely must dislike someone in the movies then keep this information to yourself, please. Don't cause havoc just because your dislike for a certain actor/actress in the movies. This fandom doesn't need anymore wank than it already is has. Or must we go back to the Golden Rule? If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all. Okay, must get off my soapbox now, because this is an entirely different rant than what the original question was about.

14. Seriously, who the hell is that weird black kid? ;) Excuse me? Out of all the weird kids in Potterverse, why pick on the black kid? <--- What slytherincesss said. He's just another student in Harry's year and doesn't need a specific identification.

15. Name one pairing that you know *for certain* would never happen in canon but you love it anyway. Harry/Draco for one, and I love it dearly. Also Narcissa/Draco is a new favorite of mine, though very rare in fandom.

16. Name one pairing that will surely happen in canon whether you like it or not. I agree with what slytherincesss had said in hers, I won't know until I've read all seven of the books. Even then I still wouldn't know because the Harry Potter books aren't at all about romance, I would be more concerned over who lives and who dies and which side won the battle rather than who hooks up with who. To be honest I don't really care about romantic entanglement in the books. That's not what they are about and never was. Is it fun to read about in fandom? Yes. Is it essential to the plot of the HP books? No. Fun, but not the point what the original story. Though, our Harry needs some lovin', especially after all he's been through. Our Harry needs some love, dammit!

17. Were the actions that Hermione committed against Umbridge and Marietta unjustified in their severity or were they completely justifiable in the name of security and self defense? I don't have a problem with what Hermione committed. I think it was justified, yes.

18. Has Harry really grown into a self centered and arrogant person as he happens to wonder to himself in OOtP? No, he was just a typical teenager: acting out on his emotions without thinking beforehand and regretting his decisions in the aftermath of his choices. I would've actually become concerned if he didn't act the way he did in OotP. Harry's been through more than anyone could in those 5 years he's been at Hogwarts, discovering more than he can muster, especially after all those years at the Dursley's. In the end, he's now suffering the consequences of his rash decisions, just like most of us have done. Live and learn, and this is an excellent lesson that JKR was trying to teach us -- think before you act, think about the consequences of your decisions and try to think outside the box before you plow ahead and do something you'll regret later. IMHO, Harry needed to blow off some steam after all he's been put through. *hisses angrily at Dumbledore*

19. Are the twins pranksters without any malice or merry bullies? They're both pranksters with bully tendencies, is what I believe. Malice or no malice, they're both bullies without a doubt.

20. Finally, which book is your favorite? Prisoner of Azkaban, following closely right after is Order of the Phoenix, which was a magnificent book of the series thus far.

Tensions are going up for the upcoming election this Tuesday. It's been all over the news and neighbors are placing up their signs up on their front lawn along with their Halloween decorations -- ironic how a Bush/Cheney sign would be right next to a skeleton rising from the ground and tiny ghosts hanging from tree branches above it. But not many Bush supporters celebrate Halloween, at least around my area from their lack of Halloween-esque decorations. It's nice, though, to actually see the smiles on children's faces as they dress up in cute little outfits, with not a care in the world about the election like most of us are.

Only thing about this election is that I am not going to be a poll worker. I realized how much dedication and understanding one has to go through to be able to direct those who want to vote, and it's not something I want to do the entire day. I spent two and a half hours at the training for poll workers and clerks for the election, and I can assure you that it wasn't at all what I excepted it to be. Sure, I suspected that there would be hard work involved, but this year we have a new system lined up, which was very confusing. Even the people who have been a part of the program of poll working for years were confused and puzzled -- they kept asking the same questions over and over, and I still couldn't understand what we had to do.

Plus the hardest part of the whole gig was that everyone, even voluntary student workers, had to be there at 6:00am until 9:00pm. So that would be 15 straight hours at working in one area. I'm sorry, but there is no possible way that I can actually make that happen even if I did decide to take the job. So, I asked for the phone number of the place where I can unvolunteer myself, and they took me off their clerk list. I will not be fined $100 (that was only if you didn't call in to dismiss yourself before the time had come for election day), although I will not be paid the $115 that they had promised all the clerks and workers that have agreed to work on this very important day.

While it would've been nice to get $115 for a full days work at this presidential election, the money just isn't worth it. I'd rather work at a place where I would enjoy doing my job than a place where I would get confused, frustrated, and restless from all the running around and checking the paperwork and such. It just ain't worth it.

Staying at home, dressed up as Inara Serra from Firefly -- well, a registered Companion really. Would go trick or treating, but I'm not entirely motivated. Not exactly an eventful event to go trick or treating anymore around here because of the lack of houses giving out sweets, but it's fun to see what kind of houses in different neighborhoods have the wackiest decorations and lights. But I'll be watching movies and recording the Roseanne Halloween marathon that is on Nick at Nite tonight. So that's enough eventfulness for me right there.

To the rest of you guys out there, have a wonderful and frightening Halloween! Stay safe, take a flashlight while going out, and check your candy before you snack on them. Don't get sick from all them sweets!
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