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And the Lord says, let there be LOVE!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I know this is not everyone's favorite holiday, but nonetheless it should be acknowledged and celebrated in that I heart every single one of you. Don't feel bitter, embrace and absorb the love around you, and even after the day is over intergrate that love all throughout the year. **hugs all around**

In other news, I've been in a very fanmixing mood lately, in case anyone hasn't noticed. It just sprang onto me all of a sudden, caught me by surprise actually. You know how you hear a song and you think it fits a character from one of your fandoms? My mind works like that, but instead I go for particular story/themes for a fanmix, wherein I find songs that have the right melody and the lyrics to match. Anyway, I am planning on doing at least one for every fandom I am currently in, or contributing to the themes for fanmix. There's one theme this month that I've contemplated on doing, but I haven't had to time aside from the most recent one I just did.

Oh, and there's a BSG friending meme going around, in case any other BSG watchers on my FList wants to find others to share their squee for the show and gear up for S4.
Tags: fanmixes, valentine's day
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