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SPN: "Jus In Bello" Episode Review

Okay, you seriously DO NOT want to piss Ruby off. You want to be on her good side, and that means no fucking around with things like losing the Colt from right underneath your nose. But more on that later.

I really, really loved this episode. First off, there's Hendrickson who I have to admit is the best recurring enemy-made-friend of the Winchesters. I was very sad that he had to bite the dust in the end, after making amends with the boys and all that, but that's the price you pay I guess. Nevertheless, I'm glad he learned and accepted the truth about the real danger that lurks out there, and the little bonding moment between him and Dean. Interesting how two rivals could have so much in common. Even though during the other episodes with Hendrickson and his sarcastic comments and going out of his way to get Sam and Dean into custody, he was a smooth kind of character. I'm just pissed that Bela would even considering trapping the boys like that, and you could SO see their expressions like "oh crap, not this again!" Heh.

The boys, tending to each other, trying to figure out how they were going to get out of that little predicament. As usual, LOVE their little comments to each other and to Hendrickson in general. Quick thinking on Sam's part with the girl's rosary, and good on them for realizing that Hendrickson was possessed. Loved that whole realization "told ya so" bit there. Of course there's the issue with Sam not telling Dean everything, and it goes beyond just that little piece of information. There's the issue with what the YED showed Sam in his dream, about Mary's possible connection with the YED and him possibly having demon-blood, and now this. It's almost as though Sam doesn't want Dean to know about this because it would make him look different because he is different.

Besides, if they're going in the direction I think they're going in by bringing Lilith into the picture (and believe me, I consulted my own little Encyclopedia of Weirdness to confirm this), the Supernatural mythology just got a whole lot bigger.

Now, onto Ruby. At first I was scared because there's no telling what this show will do to characters who I love and adore, but then she surprised me in a whole new way. Of course she wouldn't stick around to watch the boys get themselves killed or lose the battle, and even if she did she would've ended up being sucked out like all the other demons as well so it was a good thing she didn't stay as long as she did. She wants them to win, she didn't say she would fight beside them for most of their battles. In fact, her being pissed off at them for not going along with her plan makes perfect sense. They are in the big leagues now, inside a DEMON WAR and it's bigger and nastier then anything they've every faced before. Sure, they can ward them off with salt and little tricks here and there, but with a new rising evil on their side? That's not going to be enough.

More to the point, Ruby wants SAM to be making the decisions because he has to become who he was meant to be. While Dean's concerns about the whole "sacrificing someone of virtue" was noble enough, is it worth the lives they lost? Is one life even more valuable than thousands? Even so, in the end it didn't matter because that girl, Nancy, died anyway. They ALL died. So that fight, everything, it was for nothing. Just buying them time to survive and that's it. She actually gave THEM a lecture on how to fight a battle, and with good reason too. So yeah boys, straighten up, because the next time who knows what's out there. Ruby's been in Hell for centuries, so she knows her shit.

Also? Ruby was willing to sacrifice herself to save the boys. If that doesn't convince anyone of her dedication to them, I don't know what will. Damn, I love her.

Though looking further into Ruby, the other demons didn't even try to kill or stop her when she was getting out. This makes me think more about Ruby's place in the demon world; not all the demons like her, some even wanted her dead, but not these ones. Though she had her knife, it was only her against what, thirty demons? This makes for interesting speculation, which I shall make later. Too many thoughts in my head.

I think Bela's working for the Bad Guys. Whether she claims so or not, from her behavior and that statement she made to Dean over the phone it certainly sounds like it. Actually, for a split second when Ruby was saying that the New Big Bad was a "she" I immediately thought Bela. But I think Bela's just one cunning bitch who doesn't understand the shit she's stirring up. Or if she does, she certainly doesn't care.

Though my wish is that Ruby hunts down and kills Bela and returns the Colt to the boys. That would be UBER AWESOME. *le sigh*

There has to be something about the classification of demon-eyes and the levels of which the demons vary from (Red Eyes for deal-making, Yellow Eyes for the Leader, Black Eyes for your standard low-level demon, White Eyes for something else?) I want this to be explored more in the show, or at least mentioned or acknowledged somewhere, because I find this interesting. Also, the different ranges of the powers these demons can have. Ruby seemingly doesn't have any, which is why she uses witchcraft. So there must be something about accepting yourself as a demon or losing all of your humanity that allows you do to all that powerful stuff. Again, this I will theorize later.

AW MAN, NO MORE EPISODES UNTIL LIKE APRIL OR MAY!??!?! I WANT MAH SPN DAMMIT!!!! *shakes fist* At least we ARE getting new episodes though, which is the silver lining to waiting. Heh.
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