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Fandomosity: BSG, TSCC, Fandom, SPN

It's been a while since I've updated with new news. Since the strike is over many writers have returned to work and the planning of next season's show are underway. That still doesn't mean there isn't any new news going around.

-♠- All Along The Watchtower: New Battlestar Galactica Season 4 promo pictures have been released. Nothing spoilerish, it's just cast/character photos including a group picture. Nevertheless, it is worth looking at especially with some of the duo pics that'll, no doubt, make any fan squee.

-♠- Cyborgs And The Future: Here is an interview with the cast of TSCC regarding the show and how the actors see their characters and the overall feel on working on this franchise. Also, here are some absolutely adorable Summer Glau pictures, Thomas Dekker is also included. She has also been nominated for a Saturn Award (and a mixture of other fandoms/actors too).

-♠- Fannish About Fandom: It's not often you find articles talking about or acknowledging the massive amount of fannish fangirls in fandom, or fandom in general. However this particular article shines light to that, talking about the difference between conventions from yesterday and today, the perception that is fandom and that fangirls are overpowering the fanboys at these venues and gatherings. Interestingly enough it focuses on the Supernatural fandom which does have a huge fangirl following and sometimes even scarily so. The article also presses issues on the "attack of the fangirls", meaning the rampaging that fangirls get within the SPN fandom concerning other females on the show, including the character-hate towards Jo Harvelle, which Samantha Ferris comments on. Anyway, it's a good analysis about the growing number of fangirls in fandom and gives the highlights, both good and bad, that come from it.

In addition to that, I'd like to direct everyone to this nicely-written essay regarding comments about misogyny and racism in SPN. It is primarily about that fandom, but can be contributed to all fandoms because it seems that, most recently, nearly every fandom has been complaining about racism/sexism. Which, in my opinion, is kind of ridiculous, but everyone has their own perception and this is merely pointing out the difference between the wank and what the show is simply portraying.
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