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TSCC, Episode Review Catch-Up

So I've been sick, which occurred somewhere last night and continued through most of today. I'm gradually getting better, but there's nothing fun about being sick. Just sleeping and feeling miserable. I had things I wanted to do today but they got delayed, so what can one do while under the weather? I decided that I would catch-up on some Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episodes that I missed.

1.04 "Heavy Metal"

I really liked that they were bringing the fight to the bad!Terminator instead of running, which I agree with John they should stop running and start fighting back. I mean, what good is it for the future messiah of mankind if all he does is run most of his adolescent life? Then again, once they realized it wasn't the Terminator sent to kill him I'm with Sarah that they should stop and assess the situation before striking ahead. But John, being stubborn he is to get the job done in whatever way possible, disobeys both women and tries to finish the plan. Of course it ends badly, and he's trapped inside the truck and transported with both men with guns and another Terminator, while trying to figure out what the fuck he's supposed to do now. Smart move John-boy.

Once again, I love that Sarah and Cameron are working side-by-side. They both kick ass beautifully, and Sarah beating that guy? Awesome. Even more awesome was him underestimating Cameron. We didn't see what occurred between them, but you can only guess because he had this "WTF she's just a tiny girl" look to them driving and him glancing fearfully at her, and Cameron's smirking. Ha!

"Beating up the computer won't do anything." Oh Cameron, I heart you so very much. Her deadpan remarks are hilarious, as well as being too informational or too literal.

I pretty much kind of panicked when John was getting the key from around the other!Terminator's neck while on standby mode. Like, seriously, he was so freaking terrified! I would be too, because you either have to touch him or something will be triggered and I'm like, oh hell no, if I were in that position I would be freaking the fuck out. I'd be looking for an alternative way out or something. But the outcome was ultra cool. I love all Cameron's fight scenes (I pretty much adore Summer, since I'm betting she does almost all her own stunts, because she is awesome). Hee, and John not knowing how to drive a stick.

Cameron walking off the truck's roof right before it falls off the cliff? Awesome.

Also, a minor shoutout to Lee Thompson Young, a.k.a. THE FAMOUS JETT FUCKING JACKSON, YO!

Though he kind of played a character I wouldn't like, because I do want the FBI agent to finally realize the truth about things since I feel bad for him getting lots of flak. He's trying to solve this complicated, dead-end case where he truly believes something is going on whereas others around him think he's nuts. The bad!Terminator is still freaky like whoa, and that whole scene about "stolen identity" was sort of ironic. Heh.

1.05 "Queen's Gambit"

They're setting something up with that mysterious blonde girl John keeps wanting to hang out with. Her behavior seems oddly suspicious, at least that's how she seems to me. From how nobody knows about her and that John's new friend says she's not quite right or something along those lines. Hmmm, interesting.

So Andy repaired The Turk from scratch, making another model that is almost nearly human (what Sarah and others feared, obviously), and he called her up randomly to ask her to join in and watch him play machine-against-machine chess with the newly remodeled Turk. It's kind of cute that Andy seems very confident in showing Sarah his gadgets and all, but from Sarah's expressions there's no denying that she's very uncomfortable with being around the man who may be responsible for creating SkyNet. Especially since he seems so naive and innocent about his creation, thinking it's like the biggest cool thing or whatever. She knows, he doesn't, and it pains her. I like that John knows more about chess and is explaining it to his mom (hell, pretty much anything he's profiecient in is kind of awesome, which shows that he's not just some teenage kid with a messiah complex or whatever; he's knowledgeable in certain aspects -- all he has to do is be just as profiecient in fighting and preparing for a war).

Andy getting killed with inevitable, though it's kind of unfortunate. The connection with Derek Reese, the fourth member of the resistance sent back from the future, was great though. His reaction to the pictures, asking about the blood, and overall his reaction to Sarah Connor when she walked into the prison holding room.

I giggled when Cameron was with the grief counselor. Again, deadpan brilliance. Her snappy remarks even better, and the imitation of the Jumper Girl was fantastic. And Sarah's backup story to follow through with her "strange, ineffective" behavior was right on the money and that disguise was cool too. Hee at the Hispanic dude hitting on Cameron, and John's expression afterwards was priceless.

"I call shotgun." "I call .9 millimeter" LOL OH CAMERON, ILU. Although I'm still wondering whatever happened to Cameron's human-part we saw from the pilot, I am loving her rediscovering what humanity is like. Like Summer said in an interview, she's very childlike and takes things kind of literal and tries to understand her surroundings. She may seem like an oddball, but she'll break you in half with her pinky. And that's why she's so awesome. Yep.

The ending, with Cameron taking the little piece from the Terminator's head, it being revealed that Derek Reese is John's uncle, to John bringing back the man who he considered his surrogate-father to give Derek medical attention. Wow.

1.06 "Dungeons and Dragons"

Flashback (or flashforward?) episode FTW baby! Though this is seriously messing with my head, all hurty with the logical and illogical of the timetraveling and changing the future and whatnot. I think someone pointed out some time ago that if they DO change the future, if they prevent SkyNet from ever existing does this mean that John would never have been born, since Kyle Reese came back from the future and met Sarah Connor and them impregnanted her? Also, would this mean that all of what's happened in the Connor's lives it would all cease to exist? Gah, it's giving me a headache just thinking about it...and I'm sick! My brain cannot handle all these thinky-thoughts right now.

Interesting, but scary, future. Sort of reminded me of Battlestar Galactica, when the Cylons occupied New Caprica. The frightening part is what they were doing to the people they captured, keeping them chained up in a room for Lord knows how long. And what was downstairs with the music? Do we know? Derek seemed ultimately freaked out and famished after he returned from there. Geez. Also, when they announced that the robots were gone and they saw an axe on the floor, was I the only one that thought of Saw? Especially if the Terminators wanted more human parts for their humanoid bodies. Okay, I'm getting morbid now.

Derek calling out on Cameron, that she's a liar and isn't to be trusted is intriguing information. I did like seeing that Cameron had been reprogrammed by future!John's commands, and even some reprogrammed models can gone "wrong" without reason or warning. Huh.

"That's a scary robot but're a really scary robot." But super-duper HOT, don't forget that part.

Cameron's little kept secret about the little gadget piece she stole from the Terminator she flamed up. This cannot be a good sign. So does this mean that Cameron's reprogramming is becoming altered like she said in the flashforward future, or does she have other intentions in mind? Which makes me wonder what happened between her and Derek in that future, other than him overreacting to her being of the Bad Guys even though she was on Their Side. Oooh, and the look she gave in the end was chilling. So the plot thickens.

I'm loving the dynamic of the mother-son relationship between Sarah and John. How she's trying to do her best even though she knows she cannot always be there to protect him, but she'll try to change the outcome of both his and the world's future.
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