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TSCC: "The Demon Hand" Episode Review

I loved the T2 references, going back to when Sarah first broke out and the Governator's "come with me if you want to live" line to the relationship between mother and son from those days. Also, a tribute to Summer's ballerina background! Always a plus to see her dancing, and it seems everything we've seen her in her dance training sneaks in. Thank you, Joss!

This episode was more character development than an action-packed episode, and more for reminding the audience of what happened back in the movieverse. Although there seems to be some continuity problems. I need to go back and rewatch the first two movies but I do know that 1997 was not the year that Sarah escaped from the mental hospital. John was 10 then, and the series begins with them in 1999 before fastforwarding eight years into the future, so if they're going by that timeline that makes John around 13 which he certainly is NOT. I wonder if they've gotten their facts wrong or the timeline is just so screwy they settled for anything at this point. Of course, the series brings forth the mythology from the movies and kind of molds it into their own in this particular medium, but still it would be nice to have something concrete. Then again, T3 wasn't the greatest for continuity either so either the creators aren't sure for factual information or they're just providing their own timeline for the sake of it. Eh, whatever.

I was cringing when that crazy man drugged, stabbed and injected the FBI agent. That's a whole lot of paranoia right there, and even Sarah wasn't that nutty. At first when he was pulling quotes from scripture I thought he was just another religious whacko, which he probably was after what he'd seen, but then cutting open the FBI agent's leg to see if he was robotic? Damn. Then the whole speech about the Arnold!Terminator, his exposure, and still being paranoid over it. Wow, thank God Sarah arrived when she did. "Apology accepted." Hee!

I'm actually very glad that the FBI agent has acknowledged the truth, or do we know if he truly does or not? He's had his share of exposure, and it being revealed that Sarah saved his life from being burned down from the house it's obvious that he has his answers. I just really want him to meet up with Sarah and John and Cameron and finally see with his own eyes that yes, it's all real, and perhaps he can join in on the fight. I don't know how, but he seems so determined to discover the truth, not for his job but more for himself.

I love Cameron more and more. First there was the stare-down with Derek, her acquiring ballet dance techinques (especially the pas de chat, a move I know all too well) then to cold-hardass Terminator. It's interesting the shifting motions of Cameron, besides her oddball behavior she went from leaving innocent people to die at the mercy of hitmen to practicing graceful ballet back at the Connor residence. It's the Yin and Yang of everything beind human is, and she bounced back and forth from that. Like with what Sarah says in the voiceovers, humans make mistakes and have flaws but that's what makes them human, and for that ballet teacher to say -- like ALL my dance instructors have told me time and time again, as well -- dancing is the reflection of the soul. So when Derek was staring at her in petrified-shock, it was because of his disbelief that a machine could adapt to human behavior so flawlessly, especially after committing horrible inhumane acts.

But someone else I read made another point: what if Derek was remembering from what happened back in the basement in the future!episode, where that music came from? Did we ever learn what happened down there, and perhaps that's what he was so speechless about.

John learning about his mother passing on parenthood to someone else, you gotta hand it to Thomas Dekker. Those waterworks were quite realistic, and almost like Hayden Panettiere when she cries it's real and not faked or anything. Just, wow. I can understand his frustration and for him to be kind of angsty about it, while juvenile, you have to understand from his point of view that his mother had been locked away and sometimes it's hard to live day by day knowing that you may never see your child ever again. So for her signing the release form was her way of possibly letting that go -- but immediately changed her mind because, knowing what was coming, she wanted nothing more to be with her son no matter what. It's that kind of parental dedication that you have to appreciate.

Also Sarah's departing monologue words about John no longer seeing her as a saint is very real; how children grow up and start to realize that their parents aren't the Almighty Gods and Goddesses they worshipped, that they aren't perfect and make mistakes. But no matter what, they will always be your parents.

That ending scene with Cameron dancing, though, will always be the most beautiful thing ever. Then again, Summer dancing is always a treat and seeing her demonstrate once again her talent on my screen is fantastic.

Next week is the season finale, already? Didn't this series JUST start? I guess this is the price you pay for starting mid-season, which makes me wonder if there's going to be a second season and if there is, will it interfere with Heroes if it returns this fall? Because I don't want two of my favorite shows competing at the same timeslot, that's just not cool.
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